WhatsApp ‘Pinned Chat’ feature rolled out for Android Users

WhatsApp Facebook owned popular social messaging app has finally introduces its much-awaited feature‘pinned chats’ for all its Android users. The feature was rolled outearlier this month to Android beta users. and now the update is available on Google Play Store.

This pin chat feature in WhatsApp allows users to pin your favourite chats on top of the app from rest of the conversations.Users can only pin up to three chats on WhatsApp which includes both group chats and individual chats.

whatsapp pinned chat                                          Image: Pinterest

How to pin a Chat on WhatsApp?

Well, it is simple. All you have do to pin a chat on the app is to long hold the chat you want to pin and tap on the pin icon which appears along with delete, archive and mute option.

How to Un-pin a Chat on WhatsApp?

Well, unpinning a chat is as simple as pinning a chat. All you need to do is long hold the pinned chat and tap on un-pinicon which appears on top of the app.

WhatsApp has released this feature only for Android users and there’s no information on when they will release the update for iPhone users. But an update for iOS shouldn’t be far behind. Till then, the Android users can pin their most important chats on the top and avoid messing up their conversations.

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