WhatsApp Launches Share Live Location feature to Android & iOS Users

The Facebook-owned messaging platform,WhatsApp recently launched a new featurefor both Android and iOS users. With this feature, WhatsApp users will not only be able to share their current location with their friends but also let your friend track you in real-time. Explaining the key thought behind this live location sharing feature WhatsApp note, “Whether you’re meeting up with friends, letting loved ones know you’re safe, or sharing your commute.” WhatsApp further notes that the live location feature “is a simple and secure way to let people know where you are.”
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The WhatsApp Live Location sharing feature is not permanent and you will have the option to share your real-time location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours with either an individual or group. If you wish to share the live location with a group, all the members present in the group will be able to see your location and real-time movement.There is also an option whereyou can stop sharing your real-time location at any time you want.The Facebook-owned messaging platform claimed that the new live location sharing feature is end-to-end encrypted, which means the location that you share will be between you and the contact you share with and no one else can access the information.

If you ask how is it different from the current location sharing on WhatsApp? On the current WhatsApp location sharing feature, you have the flexibility to choose the location and share it. But with Live Location sharing, the exact location of the smartphone will be broadcasted as it is. And the same will be tracked and shared with the person or group. You will have no control on the Live location stream unless you decide to turn it off. In Snapchat, users are even shown as to whether they are driving or walking.

Now Let’s see how it work?

Open the WhatsApp app and open a chat with the person or group you want to share your live location with. Touch the attach button and click on Location. Now, there will a map on the top half of the screen, while the second half will show ‘Share live location option’ followed by the nearest places option (Make your phones GPS setting is enabled). You can set a time, so choose for how long you want to share (minimum time is 15 min) and tap send. Each person in the chat will be able to see your real-time location on a map. And if more than one person shares their Live Location in the group, all locations will be visible on the same map.There’s also a ‘Stop sharing’ option. With this, you can stop sharing your live location whenever you want.

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