TRAI’s New Apps to Monitor Call Quality, Spam & Measure Data Speed

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) with anaimon improving the customers experience launched three apps including TRAI MyCall that enables subscribers to rate the quality of a phone call.These apps help mainly for mobile users to experience their voice call quality and help TRAIby giving feedback so that the telecom service providers can provide quality service. MyCall Android app will help mobile users to rate the call quality in real time,after a call ends, a pop-up will appear requesting the user to rate the call based on their experience from one star to five stars, five being the highest. End of every call, app will also ask whether users are outside, inside or while traveling, and the frequency of the rating can be controlled by users. Users can also provide additional details such as noise or audio delay and mark a call drop, if they believe that is how the call got terminated.

TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

The govt and the regulator have refused to lower their guard on the issue of call drops, and have kept a close watch on call quality through some steps like drive tests and automated call system. The authority will publish the user’s ratings of every telecom companies in TRAI website regularly. This will help the telecom service providers to improve their call quality.

TRAI also rolled out updatesof two apps MySpeed app and Do-not-disturb 2.0 app.

MySpeed app will come with automated testing of 3G/4G data speeds free of charge and will allow customers to send the results to the regulator. TRAI’s new version of the Do-not-disturb app comes with new features like an intelligent spam detection engine and updates about action taken on complaints within the app.The app will identify SPAM senders and warns them from sending further messages.

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