Top 15 of Best Music Websites to Download Free Music

Music plays a vital role in making us feel happy and elated. It brings immense amount of joy and pleasure when our favourite music plays in the background while driving car or working in office or home. Music actually carries a lot of emotions and feelings that we can’t write or express. A good song sometimes becomes a messenger for us to convey our emotions or feelings to the one we love the most.

It also helps in relieving stress and worries of day to day life. It transports us to another tangent and to a peaceful space. Thus, it is inseparable and plays a great role for all of us, and also makes this world a better place to live. However, sometimes finding your favourite song or album becomes very difficult.

And when while searching for your favourite song you land up on wrong sites where you are exposed to a lot of viruses and security threats. Thus, we bring to you top 15 music download websites that offer a versatile range of music from all across the popular genres without giving you any kind of nightmare.

Below are the list of music websites using which one can download free music:

1) fm
2) Audio Archive
3) Noisetrade
4) Musopen
5) Soundcloud
6) Jamendo
7) Soundclick
8) Audiomack
9) Datpiff
10) Freemusicarchive
11) Freesound
12) MP3juices
13) Reverbnation
14) Purevolume
15) CCTrax

  • fm

It is one of the most popular and most-sought after free music download sites on the web today. The site not only offers an option of streaming music online but also gives you a service of downloading music for free. One can create a playlist and can access over 100 million musical reproductions on any device or smart phone.

  • Audio Archive

It is also an excellent online platform to download best and free music round the clock. It is also one of the most famous music download websites. It offers both, an option of streaming music online and downloading music for free. The site offers over 4 million audio recordings that one can stream online or download for free.

  • NoiseTrade

It is yet another amazing site where you can find the songs that are being loaded by the artists themselves. Thus, it’s purely legal and safe site to download music round the clock from all across the genres.

  • Musopen

If you love to listen to classical music then this site is meant for you. The site offers a huge collection of classical music for all the listeners. Those who are into music such as teachers, musicians or classical music fans must visit this site for it’s amazing musical collection.

  • Soundcloud

This is the most popular music download sites and has millions of subscribers. In fact, it has artists with their verified accounts who consistently upload their musical pieces and productions here. Anyone can download their musical pieces to get views and downloads. It is 100% safe and legal website with unlimited music collection.

  • Jamendo

It is yet another incredible online space where you can access legal and free music to stream and download. It is meant for all aspiring musicians and artists who want to publish their work on an online platform. Also, it is an amazing place to download free music. Along with that, you can share the content publicly or privately on social networks.

  • Soundclick

If you are into social networking site then this website will help you to connect to your favourite artists on social networking sites and vice versa. This website offers an amazing platform for all artists, musicians and YouTubers who love to download music. It also gives an access to unlimited music content round the clock.

  • Audiomack

Audiomack is also a great platform for music lovers. Here, one can stream and download legal music round the clock right through any device or smart phone. It offers seamless online streaming service online and also offers useful information about the artist you are listening to online. You can also find organized genres so that users can access their music without facing any trouble. With wonderful technical tools and features to make the overall experience very interesting.

  • Datpiff

If you are a hip hop or rap lover then it will improve your experience and listening to manifolds. It will give you millions of songs on rap and hip hop artists that exist in the industry without giving any lag while streaming or downloading. You can get your hands on authentic compilations of well-known artists in the genre. You can also download it’s App from PlayStore or iTunes for free.

  • FreeMusicArchive

It is yet another amazing free music download website that gives you safest and fastest music download and streaming service in an MP3 format. With best audio quality it offers a versatile and unlimited musical genres to enhance your overall musical experience to manifolds. Apart from that, this website is also directed by the most popular WFMU radio station.

  • FreeSound

It truly justifies it’s name for giving free and best music to all music fanatics. It works on each opinion or comment given by users in order to improve the musical experience of the users. Here one can’t only find good number of songs from popular artists all across the world but also essential information about them simultaneously. The best part is that one create instant account details without facing any kind of technical glitches.

  • MP3Juices

If you are a frequent music download lover in MP3 format then this website is a paradise for you. It is compatible with Android and Ios and one can download millions of songs from all genres. In fact you can also convert YouTube videos into MP3 files and save them on your playlists in smart phones to listen.

  • ReverbNation

It is one of the most popular free music download websites where you can find out plenty of artists from all genres. It has hosted artists like Imagine Dragons, Alabama Shakes and many more ever since it came into existence. You can find out variety of genres and download them on desktop and smart phones. You can also send them a blank CD to get your favourite songs on it right from team of ReverbNation. The best part is that the website also offers artists a chance to donate 50% of their songs profit to charities.

  • PureVolume

It is not only meant for music listeners but also for all those aspiring artists who are about to start their career in music. You can learn, download music, share your views with the artists and listen to the world music to enhance your knowledge.

  • CCTrax

It is also one of the best and legal music download websites where you can search for music through license, genre, label or artist. The site offers an extensive collection of music from across all prominent genres including EDM, techno, ambient etc.

As finding a website to download or stream free and best music is quite a daunting task nowadays, these websites will surely help you to a great extent. Each website has a great reputation and don’t have any kind of malicious files to damage your device. On top of that, you can get best audio quality and lag-free navigation that further help to make your overall experience enjoyable. So get ready to download your favourite music on any of these websites legally and freely.

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