Top 10 Zumba Classes In Hyderabad – Where You Can Reach Your Fitness Standards!

Zumba is a fitness program that is increasing in popularity among the masses. It is a high energy workout that basically involves dance movements. It is helpful in weight loss, improves strength, enhances balances, and teaches coordination. The fitness program requires no equipment or any special training.

One needs to be free and enjoy the movements and just keep moving. Any person who is looking forward to enjoy a healthy and energetic session, irrespective of the age, fitness level, and gender can participate in zumba on their favorite songs.

If you are in Hyderabad, and are looking for zumba classes in Hyderabad, then this article can help you out. There are different kinds of zumba classes offered at different places, you need to get clarity on what is being provided and then enroll yourself based on what your requirements are.

1) Cult Fitness
2) Aerobicize Zumba Fitness Studio
3) JL Fitness 
4) Gold’s Gym
5) Kalpataa Fitness Studio
6) 1Life Fitness
7) Burn And Blast Fitness Studio
8) Functional 55
9) Fit Lean Fitness
10) Fitness Freak Studio

Zumba classes in hyderabad

1) Cult Fitness

There are a lot of branches of Cult in Hyderabad where zumba classes are offered by the fitness experts. It is a popular fitness studio where you can burn your calories by moving on interesting and upbeat dance numbers. There are different sessions held here based on the fitness level of the people.

You can pick the classes based on your expertise and needs. The best thing of Cult is that they have zumba classes for children too. You can either go for monthly package, half yearly package, or yearly package. The prices range from 10,000 to 25,000 rupees. Once you step here, you can be rest assured about your fitness. But make sure to attend the classes regularly.

2) Aerobicize Zumba Fitness Studio

This fitness studio has different branches in Hyderabad – in Nallakunta and Himayatnagar. The studio will offer personal training sessions, live cirtual sessions, and also body assessments. It is a popular place for zumba classes in Hyderabad as the experts give a smashing workout session to the clients.

Besides zumba, they also provide MMA, pilates, yoga, functional training, and a lot of other fitness exercises. If you are unable to go the fitness studio, do not worry, they also offer zoom classes for the zumba enthusiasts. They even come up with deals, so keep checking their website for them. They take care of all safety precautions, so you can be rest assured and focus on your workout.

3) JL Fitness

It is located in Barkatpura, Hyderabad and offers different zumba classes. They charge reasonable prices on different packages, such as basic, premium plan, and advanced plans.

The fitness studio is advanced with all kinds of equipment for the people. The zumba classes are taken by the professionals of the fitness industry, and they make sure that their clients get the best of them. Pick the classes based on your requirements and make sure you attend them regularly for your best interest.

4) Gold’s Gym

It is counted one of the popular gyms in the city, as they have professionals with years of experience who provide different kinds of fitness programs. The gym has branches all over the country.

If you wish to enroll in the zumba class, you can first take up a free class, and enroll if you like the session. They have personal training program, group programs, and even corporate memberships for the people interested.

5) Kalpataa Fitness Studio

The studio is located in Himayatnagar, and offers best zumba classes. There are teachers for yoga and other fitness programs as well. It is a premium gym that provides regular classes on all days. The classes focus on different aspects of fitness including weight gain and loss, strengthening, body toning, and more – clients can pick any session based on their fitness needs.

Once you reserve your plan as per your schedule, you can enjoy your hassle free zumba sessions from the best people of the city. There are monthly, quarterly, and yearly zumba plans, you can pick any plan that you think fits the best for you. The professionals here say that, to reach your fitness goals, you need to focus on diet along with regular zumba classes.

6) 1Life Fitness

The studio of fitness gym is located in the Financial district of Hyderabad. They have a 9000 sq ft studio and are ready to offer a demo or a free session to the clients. The gym is known to have world class facilities with certified trainers who charge different zumba class packages at affordable rates.

You can find packages from Rs 3,000 to 15,000. With their zumba classes, you can strengthen your body, improve stamina, and after the sessions, you can enjoy spa and showers too. Fix your fitness goals initially by consulting your expert professional, and make sure you are following it religiously to achieve your targets. The gym also sanitizes frequently and makes sure that the entire place is safe for the clients.

7) Burn And Blast Fitness Studio

The studio is located in Dilsukhnagar and has gained popularity among the masses. They have weekly and weekend classes, with daily 1 hour classes. There are different levels of zumba classes offered here including high intensity, merengue, latin rhythm cumbia, and reggaeton.

You can pick any level and type of classes based on your requirements. If you are looking for online classes, then this studio will offer virtual classes as well. However, you need to book the dates for your classes before they get filled. You can even take monthly or yearly package, based on your requirements. Make sure you book your packages soon before they get filled. There are professionals who will help you with your fitness goals.

8) Functional 55

It is a professional gym located in Malakpet offering the best zumba classes in Hyderabad. The trainers in this gym are trained and certified experts that help you achieve fitness goals in time. The zumba classes are taught by the experts after performing thorough research and studies.

Once you regularly perform zumba with the professionals, you will experience the results in about 8 to 12 weeks. You can perform zumba and strengthen your muscles and body, weight loss and weight gain, and overall fitness. You can take up classes on weekends and weekdays as per your personal requirements and daily schedules.

9) Fit Lean Fitness

The fitness centre is located in Manikonda, which is now gaining popularity among the masses in the so-called new city. It is a well equipped gym that offers different levels of zumba classes based on low to high intensity levels.

The instructors here are well trained and also qualified to give the best zumba sessions to all the people who are interested to improve their fitness standards. If you are in and around Gachibowli or Hi Tech city looking for the best teachers to help you with zumba, then Fit Lean Fitness studio is where you need to enroll yourself. You can take up any package as per your needs and budget considerations.

10) Fitness Freak Studio

This fitness studio is well known in Banjara Hills, people from Banjara and Jubilee Hills rely on their instructors. That’s because there are experienced trainers here over 15 to 20 years of experience and they make sure every client coming to the studio leaves with a satisfied soul. High intensity training, zumba sessions, and aerobics are taught here regularly.

Besides, there are other modern functional training programs including kick boxing, circuit training, cross fit, and other too. You can consult with the trainer before you enroll yourself and get all your doubts cleared about zumba classes. There are regular classes available for you, get yourself enrolled and make it a point to perform regularly and improve your fitness standards.

The listed above were the top 10 fitness studios of Hyderabad that provide zumba sessions from the experts. Every trainer offering zumba classes in these fitness places are qualified, trained, and hold years of experience in the training field.

However, before you enroll in zumba, you should know what kind zumba classes are being offered and which one do you wish to get into. For instance, if you are a beginner, then enroll yourself in basic package where you are taught low intensity zumba. However, if you are already learning and performing zumba since years, then do get into a high intensity zumba class so that you keep improving on yourself.

In addition to this, do make sure that wherever and whenever you join, keep going regularly and keep continuing. The day you stop, you might lose interest and that would keep you delaying. Be it zumba classes or any other fitness program, you should perform regularly and keep maintaining it. Even if you miss out on any day, make sure you do not skip again and cover it up. Also, do not eat full before your zumba sessions as you might not be able to perform well. So, pick the centre that is nearby your place so it is convenient for you to go regularly.

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