Top 10 SEO Offsite Techniques to gain Rankings in 2016

Offsite activities are nothing building more of backlinks for the website to gain rankings as well as traffic for the website. If it is a new website, it is always advisable to build limited backlinks to avoid from the radar of Google updates.  I have explored more of different backlinking activity and have come up with below mentioned techniques that really worked for my gambling and other category of clients:

off page seo techniques

Top 10 SEO offsite techniques that you gain backlinks for your website in 2016

1) Guest Blogging: This activity is considered as one of the top ones among the 10 of the techniques that really helped to gain rankings in the short period of time.  To do this activity, you need to use tools like Ahrefs or Majestic SEO to download the backlinks of your competitors, once the list is ready, it is more important to have DA(domain authority) and PA(Page Authority) for each of the backlink website to understand quality, based on which we can have final list of backlinks data.

Next step is to approach the webmasters of backlink websites through contact us form or else shoot an email directly to them using the email id mentioned in the contact us page. Most of the top quality websites will have high DA and PA, so for having the link in those websites is not for free certainly you have to buy link from them by paying the deal amount that you had agreed with them.  Ensure the article topic and anchor text should be given from our end to the webmaster of the website,, based on which they will make link live.

2) Social Bookmarking: This is activity helps you to drive traffic for the website but ensure that you choose top quality websites based on DA and PA.  Choose the URL that you want to promote and create an account in the list of social bookmarking activity to submit the URL.

3) Forum Submission: This is other source of offsite activity that can really drive traffic for the website. Forum activity involves creating of account and participating regularly on different threads to gain trust, after which you can enable signature option in the profile to get backlink for the website.  Once you have got the backlink from a forum then you can leave that forum or else disable signature option to again become the contributor.

The main draw back with do follow signature option is that, if you participate in more of the threads then you have more of the backlink from each of the thread which is considered as spamming activity.

4) Directory Submission: Though this activity is not considered much as part of the offsite submission but it worked for me because I have chosen only niche category of directory submission website and acquired backlinks from it, here also please ensure to get backlinks from high DA and PA websites.

5) Question  and Answers: This source helps you to drive traffic and acts as backlink for the website. In these websites you can be as contributor for the questions posted by different users and based on your rating, profile visits would increase from which possibility of clicks for your website increases.

6) Video Submission: If you have separate wing for video creation then you can do wonders to drive traffic for your website with the videos created based on your theme. Its more important to understand the story board of the video first and then start creating the video, after which submitting the same in the different video sharing websites to drive traffic as well as getting backlink for ranking.


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