Sri Reddy accuses Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram for using her and leaks few pictures for proof

Lately, Tollywood actress Sri Reddy has grabbed attention due to her stripping act in front of the Movie Artists Association (MAA) office. She did the stripping act in order to protest against casting couch in the industry. She was even asked to vacate her house for this bold act, but the actress maintains to claim that she’s innocent and was a victim.

Recently in an interview to a leading news channel, “Suresh Babu’s son cheated me so badly. Studio belongs to the government and it is meant help and support people. He took me to the studio and f**ked (me) so badly.”

Earlier in an interview she said, “I am a victim. One of the producers’ sons used me in the studio. Studio belongs to the government; they have assigned the property to the guy. Why is the government giving studios?” She also added, “He used to take me to the studio and he used to f**k me. He is the son of a top producer who is ruling the Telugu film industry. He used to force sex (on me). He would ask me to come to the studio and I said I will go only to talk, not for any sexual act. But after going there, he used to force (me to have) sex,” she had added stating that she would also leak images of the person who did that to her.
sreereddy abiram leaked photos

As per her recent statement, the popular producer’s son who cheated her happens to be Suresh Babu’s son and actor Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram Daggubati. She also leaked few intimate photos of her and Abhiram, which looks like he did touch her inappropriately.

After the bold protest by the actress on Saturday, the Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) decided to ban Sri Reddy and refused to give her membership. They claimed that Sri Reddy had not filled her forms properly while she claimed that it was because of her protests against casting couch.

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