Skin Care hospitals in Hitech City for your Skin Problems

Gone are the days when people used to focus only on the health of their body organs. They never pondered upon the idea of maintaining the health of their skin. But with more awareness and realization, many people have learned that just like other parts or organs of our body, our skin too needs attention and medical care. To make a good impression in this 21st century, it is highly essential to maintain external appearances.

Also, the changing environment with the skin being exposed to pollution, direct UV rays makes it prone to skin cancer and other issues. Therefore, a professional medical advice can keep your skin healthy and plumped. Regular check-ups from a dermatologist can protect your skin in many ways. However, it is a daunting task to find a reliable and renowned dermatologist in Hyderabad.


To save you from the hassle of finding the best skin care hospitals in Hitech City, here is a brief list of the top skin care hospitals offering the best treatments in Hitech City, Hyderabad:

1) Sasha –Luxe Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center – Sasha is one highly renowned skin Care hospitals Hitech City, Hyderabad. The skin care treatments and services offered by this hospital are face lift, anti-aging treatment, facial aesthetics, scar treatment, PRP treatment, laser hair removal, hair regrowth, hair replacement, skin whiting, skin tightening, laser therapy, etc.

The team of doctors at Sasha is highly acknowledged for their work. Dr. Sanjay Sakhamuri and Dr. Navya Chowdary are the main dermatologists at Sasha. The wide range of services and treatments offered by this skin care hospital makes it best in Hitech city
2) Yashoda Hospital – this hospital is located in the heart of the city offering the best dermatology services. Yashoda hospital has some of the best dermatologists in the city which offer a variety of skin condition treatments like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, skin rash, skin ulcer, skin allergy, etc.

The hospital believes in treating skin diseases with aesthetic dermatology procedures. There is a team of six dermatology doctors at Yashoda hospital named Dr. Vennela Rajamouli, Dr. Gowri, Dr. Pavithra Vani Patalay, etc. You can even get solutions to skin treatments like eczema treatment, anti-aging treatment, dermatosurgery, etc. The USP of Yashoda hospital is its team of dermatologists.

3) Care hospital – Care hospital is located in the silicon hub of Hyderabad with modern medical facilities. The hospital offers excellent patient care with amazing dermatology services. The main dermatology treatment offered at Care Hospital is hair transplantation. It is done by using FUT and FUE methods. Dr. Bala Naga Sindhura Kambhampati is the main head of dermatology in the hospital. Apart from this, there are other dermatology treatments offered in this hospital.

4) Arshi skin and hair clinic – Arshi is a dermatology and cosmetology clinic in Hitech City. The clinic has almost every technique available for patients seeking skin and hair care facilities. The doctors in the clinic are known to have experience of more than 8 to 9 years. The few techniques used by dermatologists in this skin care clinic are permanent acne solutions, hair loss treatment, PRP hair transplantation, fractional laser, skin rash treatment, laser hair removal, fractional skin rejuvenation, etc. There is a total of 73 techniques offered at the Arshi skin and hair clinic.

5) Anceta – the skin and orthopaedic specialty care – this is a skin and orthopaedic clinic in Hyderabad. The team of doctors here has experience of more than 10 to 11 years. Dr. Sharvya G and Dr. Nitish Bhan handle most of the patients. Some of the famous and satisfactory skin services available at this skin acre clinic are scar treatment, thread lifting, acne and pimple treatment, botox injections, tattoo removal, sun spots, etc. Also, the infrastructure of the clinic is nice and has a clean environment. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology machines and tools to offer satisfactory skin treatments to the patients.

6) Oliva Skin and hair clinic – if you are in search of world-class facilities at a skin clinic with the latest technology then Oliva skin and hair clinic is the best choice.This is one of the most trusted clinics in the city that offers effective solutions for your dermatology conditions.

Some of the skin treatments offered by Oliva skin and hair clinic are anti-aging treatment, mole removal, hair fall treatment, medical vitiligo treatment, and much more. They have the best team of doctors and certified therapists. Dr. Deepa Sirikonda is a highly renowned skin and hair specialist in this clinic. The clinic is one stop for all your skin issues.

7) Ambrosia clinic – Ambrosia skin clinic is highly famous in Hyderabad. Dr. Priti Shukla is one of the renowned doctors of this clinic. The clinic is open the entire week which makes it easy for the patients to have easy visits. Ambrosia offers skin treatments like laser resurfacing, mesolipolysis, liposuction, blepharoplasty, face lift, abdominoplasty, mucogingival surgery, reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation, and much more. Patients can always book an appointment before visiting the clinic.

8)Saya skin and hair clinic – This is comprehensive dermatology as well as a cosmetology clinic. The Saya skin and hair clinic is known for its amazing services and high technology machines and tools. The team of doctors at this clinic is highly professional and has years of experience which totally works in the favor of the patients.

Some of the skin treatments offered at this clinic are anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and other cosmetic procedures. Dr. N H K Reddy who is an internationally qualified dermatologist from UK and USA established this clinic. There are other skin professionals available at this clinic. The environment of the clinic is very nice and clean which is a bonus.

9) Vernon skin and hair clinic – another famous skin care clinic in Hyderabad is Vernon skin and hair clinic. The clinic offers some of the best skin care treatments to its patients. It is equipped with the latest technology machines and tools. The team of dermatologists in this clinic includes Dr. Brahmananda Reddy with experience of 9 years and Dr. Asritha Reddy with experience of 4 years.You can get skin services at Vernon such as fractional laser, laser surgery, skin disease treatment, skin check-ups, skin peeling, skin polishing, skin rash treatments, bacterial skin infection treatment, botox injections, anti-aging treatment, skin rejuvenation, and much more. The clinic also offers online consultation for patients who cannot visit the clinic.

10) Sowmya skin care clinic – this is one of the best-known skin clinics in Hitech city, Hyderabad. The clinic is known to have updated technology and machines which can help the patients to get proper and satisfying skin treatments.

Also, it has laser technology which is great for getting the best cure for skin issues.Some of the best skin services offered at Sowmya skin care clinic are anti-aging treatment, sun spots, hyper pigmentation treatment, stretch marks treatment, allergy treatment, age spots, pimple treatment, scar treatment, wart removal, and much more. Dr. Ravi Chandra V is the backbone of this clinic with 19 years of experience.

11) Kaya skin clinic – this clinic is highly renowned in the city. Kaya skin clinic as a dermatology clinic offers some of the best skin treatments. The infrastructure of the clinic is nicely built and offers supreme comfort to the patients. It offers skin treatments and services like surgical removal, common skin treatment, laser skin rejuvenation, skin polishing, acne and pimple treatment, skin peeling, skin tag, and much more. Some of the experienced doctors at this clinic are Dr. Geeta Madhuri and Dr. Deepti Yadav with years of experience. Kaya skin clinic also offers video consultations for the comfort and convenience of the patients.

Why visiting a skin care hospital is necessary?

Hitech City is filled with some of the best skin care hospitals and clinics. However, people are still hesitant to visit a skin care hospital. The common skin care issues like blemishes, wrinkles, and acne can be controlled at home but if it gets severe then there is a need to visit skin care hospitals.

The dermatologist is specialized in treating, skin, hair, and nails issues. Plus, one cannot find the solution to issues like eczema, psoriasis, aging, skin cancer, rosacea, etc. sitting at home. The advanced technology machines and tools offer a better cure than any other random solution. So, if you are facing any skin infections or uneven skin issues then it is mandatory to connect to the best skin care hospitals in Hitech City, Hyderabad.


When it comes to skin, everyone deserves nothing but the best worldwide and professional treatment and care. The Hitech City, Hyderabad has some of the top-notch dermatologists and skin care hospitals/clinics in the country. The skin care hospitals Hitech city is well-equipped with technological advanced tools and machines that offer the best skin care treatment. Visiting these skin care hospitals/clinics offer a supreme experience to the patients. The above-mentioned list of top skin care hospitals in Hitech city ensures comfort and superb skin treatments to its patients.

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