Pokemon Go makes a comeback with its New Interesting Update

The popular game inspired by a cartoon series known as Pokemon Go which was the early mega-hyped game but all those crazes got faded after few months of its launch. Still there are still 65 million active players, but the game has got bored for many and even the very first Pokemon Go master has quit the game for lack of new worlds to conquer. As Pokemon Go approaches its one-year anniversary got a huge new update, bringing some major changes to the game’s multiplayer battles.

Pokemon Go’sDeveloper’s Niantic has been adding new features to the game, apart from a whole bunch of new Pokemon. This has made the game a lot less repetitive, and fixed most of the issues that plagued Pokemon Go at launch.Here’s everything you need to know about the latest updates of Pokemon Go.
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After this update, Pokemon placed at gyms will lose motivation, and lose combat power, the longer they’re placed at a gym. If motivation hits zero, the Pokemon is automatically kicked out. But there is a way to restore Motivation that is by feeding berries to each Pokemon at the gym in regular intervals.

Another feature adds up by this new update is Raid Battles, this will give you the chance to take down a highly overpowered Pokemon and win very cool in-game goodies. It also gives Niantic a chance to increase the game’s revenues, and gives players an exciting mode to play with.

Pokemon Go is majorly about finding and catching Pokemon, but gym battles have also been an important part of the game. Raid battles will take gym battles to a new level. Every few hours throughout the day, a massive egg appears over select gyms. When it hatches, a highly overpowered Pokemon appears at the gym. Pokemon Go raid battles involve defeating these overpoweredPokemon and that is not going to happen with one player in most cases. This Raid system feels like the developers trying to distribute legendary Pokemonlike the rarest of the rare by forcing 20 players to work together just to catch a Mewtwo or Articunowhich makes interesting for the players.

How Does Raid Battle works?

First to Join Pokemon Go Raid Battles the trainers need to reach at least level 20. This might change soon as the game developers first made raids available to players over level 35 and slowly brought it to minimum level of 20.Just walk to the nearest gym where there’s a raid battle. Were you will need a Raid Pass or a Premium Raid Pass to join a raid battle. You get a Raid Pass by spinning the photo disc at the top of a gym. You can only get one Raid Pass per day for free. After that, you need to Pay for a Premium Raid Pass from the shop, which costs 100 Poke coins, which you can earn while playing the game, or you can purchase these for Rs. 30. Up to 20 people can join one raid.

You can join a group privately to ensure that you and your friends are the only ones in your group or if your friends are not nearby you’ll automatically be matched with other players nearby. Other than the rare Pokemon’s, Raid rewards include Golden Razz Berries, Fast and Charged Technical Machines (TM), and Rare Candy. Technical Machines allow you to change your Pokemon’s attacks.

Fast TM will let you change the fast attack and Charged TM will let you change the Charged attack. Rare Candy can be used to evolve any Pokemon.You also get Premier Balls, a type of Poke ball that’s required if you want to catch a overpowered Pokemon you defeat in raids. You can’t catch raid bosses with any other type of Poke ball, but you can use regular Razz Berries to make this easier.

These neat little features give a reason to play more Pokemon Go. But there are lots of little things that we wish they would fix. But more than ever, it feels like the first step into something bigger and there’s room for so much more.

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