Now Use Bing Search and get paid by Microsoft

Here is a movie by Microsoft to make people switch to its Bing search engine, Microsoft will now pay users in Britain who use Bing over other search engines like Google Search. In this Rewards scheme, Microsoft will now allow users to earn points for making online purchases and simply searching the web which can then be redeemed for music and movies. “The rewards scheme has been introduced to give something to Microsoft’s current users as well as helping to grab new customers to Bing search and its online store,
bing search rewards

The users have two levels to redeem the points.

Level 1 members can earn reward points for 10 searches per day

Level 2 members can earn reward points for 50 searches per day.

The number of searches used are refreshed each day. The company also said that this rewards scheme will also be launched in France, Germany, and Canada soon.

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