Now Reply to a Photo or Story on Instagram in an Interesting & Creative Way

The popular social networking application Instagram is getting better with each passing day. With millions of followers and users all across the world, the application is enjoying so much love and appreciation from all age groups. Now the application is all set to introduce a brand new feature wherein one can reply to a photo or story in a very creative and interesting manner. If you are having a private conversation on Instagram and somebody sends you a photo or video, the application will make you to play around with the original picture enabling you to reply in a very interesting way. It will also help you to keep the context of the conversation intact.

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On the other hand, if you receive a picture or video, you will get a reply button in the conversation thread. Tapping on this button will turn the original picture into a sticker in the top right corner enabling you to reply in the context of the conversation without losing the picture. Users can also move and tilt the sticker or draw around it. In case you are replying to a video, the app will keep the screenshot of the first frame. The best part is that users can still play around with photos or videos in a new reply mode. They can use filter options or creative tools.

The new reply mode is beyond to direct messages. If somebody is watching a story, he can also send a text by tapping on reply button or send pictures or videos by tapping on the camera icon at the bottom. In nutshell, it keeps the context of the conversation alive while replying to any story, picture of video.

The new feature will also clear up DM confusion as sticker of the responding object will automatically show up in reply keeping the context alive. This brand new feature will surely rock the world of avid Instagrammers.

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