Nintendo is coming up with two new Pokemon games this year

All the Pokemon lovers here’s an exciting news for you. Following the global popularity of Pokemon Go, which was launched in 2016, the Pokemon Company announced that they are going to launch two new Pokemon games, yes you heard it right. This came after Nintendo recently launched its latest console the Nintendo Switch. And now the company has announced that it will be merging the two together by bringing a Pokemon game to the Switch later this year.

Nintendo Pokemon Games

The first game that the company revealed is called Pokemon Quest. This game is developed by a Japanese game maker, Game Freak. It’s a role-playing game (RPG), which is set in a place called Tumblecube Island. In this player can search for treasure and train Pokemon. This game features a cubic aesthetic that reminds us of Minecraft. Currently, Pokemon Quest is available for the Nintendo Switch, but the iOS and Android versions of this game is said to be launched later this year.

The second game is titled as Pokémon Let’s Go, this game comes in two versions, named Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Evee. This game is also developed by Game Freak. In this game players can catch 151 Pokémon using motion gestures with the Switch’s controllers, or with a separate accessory called the Pokeball Plus (it is a Pokeball joystick). However, Pokemon Let’s Go game is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. This game supports single-player and multi-player modes and is compatible with current Pokemon Go game, though it is not yet clear how these two games overlap. Currently, Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Evee are not launched for public, as per the company it will go on sale in November 16.

The Company also said that it would launch a core series Pokémon RPG (role-playing game) in 2019, though at present there is no much details shared about this upcoming game.

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