Alert! After ‘Judy’, A New Malware ‘Xavier’ hits 800 Google Play Store Apps & leaks User Information

Once again, an alert for all the android users by a global cyber security firm named Trend Micro, which has announced that it has detected a new Android malware named as ‘Xavier’ that has effected more than 800 applications in Google Play Store. It is said that this Trojan Android malware has been downloaded millions of times till now.This comes after a malware called ‘Judy’ which hit millions of Android phones, making its way through Google Play Store.According to cyber security firm Check Point, dozens of malicious apps have been downloaded millions of times. Some of the malware-affected apps have been discovered residing on Google Play for several years.Judy is one such case which shows how an open and free mobile operating system (OS) can be exploited by malicious app developers.
xavier malware android
This new malware Xavier, steals and leaks a user’s information silently.Trend Micro said in a statement “These applications range from utility apps such as photo manipulators to wallpaper and ringtone changers. We also provide multi-layered mobile security solutions to protect users from this threat.”

According to the data from its Mobile App Reputation Service, the team found that Xavier’s stealing and leaking capabilities are hard to detect because of a self-protect mechanism by using some methods such as string encryption, internet data encryption and emulator detection.It also has the capability to download and execute other malicious codes from a remote server, which might be an even more dangerous aspect of the malware.

However, in order to avoid these new malwares, Nilesh Jain the Country Manager (India and Saarc) of Trend Micro said, “The easiest way to avoid a cunning malware like ‘Xavier’ is to not download and install applications from an unknown source even if they are from legitimate app stores like Google Play Store.”

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