List of Top 15 Homeopathy Hospitals In Hyderabad for your Treatment

Not everyone believes in allopathic treatment. Some people believe in alternate treatments that have no harmful side effects. One such method is homeopathy that is known to be a holistic treatment, which is effective and moderate on the patient. It’s been decades since people are following and trusting homeopathy medicines to treat different diseases and health issues as they are considered safe.

If you are in Hyderabad, you can be glad as there are a lot of homeopathy doctors in the city to treat you for varied problems including metabolic, genetic, emotional, hormonal, immunological issues. In this article, we will give you details of various homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad where you can visit and get yourself or your loved one treated.

Homeopathy Hospitals In Hyderabad

Here is some valid information regarding the best homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad.

1) Ramanthapur Homeopathic Hospital
2) Sagar Homeo Clinic
3) Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy
4) Dr. Ravi Kiran
5) Surecare Homepathy
6) Positive Homepathy
7) Dr. Manoj
8) Star homeopathy
9) Dr. Anubha’s Homeopathic Clinic
10) Spiritual Homeopathy
11) Dr. Rajashekhar
12) Dr. Vira
13) Dr. Nanduri’s Homeopathic Clinic
14) Government Homeopathic Hospital
15) Delphis

homeopathy hospitals in hyderabad

1) Ramanthapur Homeopathic Hospital

It is a government hospital that is also known by the name Dharmakiran government hospital. The best aspect about the hospital is they offer free treatment to the patients. In addition to this, the homeopathy medicines provided here are also given at zero cost. It is located amidst the lush greenery and the premises are neat and clean.

The doctors here provide treatments for skin issues, joint paints, hair issues, arthritis, asthma, and sinus, among a few. It is a well-known hospital for the poor and needy as they do not charge anything but offer the best treatment.

2) Sagar Homeo Clinic

It is known to be the best homeopathy centers in the city that offers holistic and special treatment. The homeo clinic is well known in Hyderabad as it is founded years ago and the doctors are experienced and treats the patients in the best form.

The patients are treated for warts, hair loss, piles, fungal infection, acidity, ENT issues, skin pigmentation issue, constipation, sterility, impotency, menstrual disorders, backache, and other issues. The treatments are cost-effective and the care offered provides 95% positive results for the patients. You can find the clinic in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. A lot of patients who have been here and got treated have praised the doctors of Sagar.

3) Batra’s Homeopathy

Dr. Batra has a lot of branches in Hyderabad and Secunderabad and is known to be highly qualified homeopathy centre. They have international standards and offer dedicated treatment to the patients, hence they are regarded as best homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad.

They offer best quality medicines and are focused on stress management, obesity, women’s health, child’s health, sexual health, and allergies. In addition to this, the doctors at Dr. Batra’s also offer treatment to eczema, leucorrhea, acne, asthma, autism, hyperthyroidism, constipation,  and urinary tract infections, to name a few.

4) Ravi Kiran

The doctor’s homeopathic clinic in Hyderabad is located in Kukatpally. Dr. Ravi Kiran is a qualified, young, and talented doctor who ensures that his patients are healthy and are treated in the best manner. The patients coming here are satisfied with the medicines and holistic treatment. The clinic is recognized at the national level too and is known to offer standardized treatment for the patients.

5) Surecare Homepathy

Located in Srinagar colony, Surecare Homeopathy clinic is known for 90% success rate. Dr. Rajasekhar os Surecare hospital is known to diagnose the condition and treat it accordingly. A lot of patients have expressed their opinions and praised the doctor. Also, the doctor offers satisfactory treatments to all the conditions.

Some of the issues that are taken care by the doctors of this homeopathic hospital include anxiety, acne, kidney stones, gout, migraine, alopecia areata, gastritis, eczema, diabetes, PCOD, and a lot more. As per the patients, the doctor is a good listener and patiently handles the patients.

6) Positive Homepathy

It is one of the top homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad and is known to have experienced and skilled doctors. The main doctor here is Dr. T. Kiran Kumar who makes sure that every patient coming to the hospital is provided the best care with the medicines and treatment.

The doctors at the clinic can treat asthma, acidity, lung-related diseases, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, constipation, dental issues, vertigo, women problems, skin related issues, and many more. The patients say that the doctors here are professional and offer the best solutions to the patients.

7) Dr. Manoj

The doctor’s homeopathy clinic is located in Banjara Hills, and uses a unique approach to treat the patients. The doctors here are well experienced, and Dr. Manoj has over 30 years of experience in treating the patients and offers them overall help. The best thing about the doctor here is that the patients can experience the results pretty fast and show their satisfaction in less time. Medicines, proper healing, and mental peace are offered here by the doctors to treat the patients.

8) Star homeopathy

It is one of the well known homeopathic hospitals in Hyderabad that is quite famous throughout southern part of India. There are a lot of homeo doctors in the hospital who can diagnose the condition in the best way and provide medicines that can treat the disease in no time. These doctors use advanced ways as approach and treat various chronic conditions such as anxiety, skin allergies, knee pain, hair issues, depressions, asthma, fissure, depression, joint paints, hormonal imbalance, and more.

9) Anubha’s Homeopathic Clinic

It is one of the popular homeopathic chains in Hyderabad with the highly qualified homeo doctors. The homeopathic clinic in Hyderabad is increasing in popularity due to its cost effective and holistic treatment for the patients. They offer treatments for various diseases and chronic conditions including eczema, allergies, kidney stones, gout and gastritis, sexual issues, diabetes, and a lot more. All the doctors here are professionals and take the best care of the patients, leaving them happy with the results.

10) Spiritual Homeopathy

It is considered one of the top homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad and it is situated in Dilsukhnagar. It is a leading health care hospital that offers gentle yet effective treatment. The doctors here diagnose the patient by asking them questions and through the medical examinations, and identify the main cause. Based on the results, they provide medicines and treat the patients. Some of the problems that have a solution at this place include thyroid, skin problems, hair loss, and arthritis.

11) Dr. Rajashekhar

The clinic is located in Srinagar colony and makes sure that every patient stepping here gets the best care. Dr. Rajashekar Bogadi is the head of the homeopathy clinic and is certified and trained in homeo. He offers personalized treatment to every patient based on the symptoms and medical examination.

The clinic has all kinds of advanced equipment and so the doctor provides the best solutions to the patients. The clinic focuses on lifestyle, nutrition, and consultation, so that the patients coming here get the complete care and are at peace of mind.

12) Dr.Vira

This homeopathic clinic is located in Madhapur and has a team of professional and certified doctors who take the best care of the patients coming here, irrespective of the problem they have. Science and spirituality are the parameters being focused upon by the doctors here, and so the solutions offer quick and positive results.

All the medicines and treatments provided here are free from chemicals, toxins, and are also non addictive for the patients. The conventional therapy offered here makes sure that the patients are happy with the approach and treatment of Dr. Vira and their medical issue is solved without spending much time.

13) Nanduri’s Homeopathic Clinic

Another best homeopathic hospital in Hyderabad list is this one that is located in Gachibowli. The doctor is patient, friendly, and helpful, and offer treatment for every minor to major issue including allergies, hair and skin problems, joint pain and related issues, sexual issues, digestion issues, and a lot more.

14) Government Homeopathic Hospital

It is a government hospital for homeopathic treatment that is situated in Khilwat, Hyderabad. Some of the health issues that are taken care of are arthritis, hair problems, lung related issues, sexual problems, constipation, headaches, women problems, to name a few.

All the doctors here are experienced and know how to deal with the patients calmly. The medicines provided here treat the patients in no time and so the patients coming here are all happy with the results.

15) Delphis

This hospital focuses on a lot of aspects including counselling, psychology, nutrition counselling, homeopathy, and more to offer a complete holistic treatment for the patients. The main doctor here is Dr. N. Srinivasa Rao who is experienced and offers dedicated treatments and services to the patients.

These were the top 15 homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad, each of them has a team of qualified doctors who make sure that the patients are treated in the best way. You can again check the background and visit the doctor for consultation. You can consult any homeopathy doctor from the above list and be rest assured of the results. However, give time to the treatment and do not expect too quick results.



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