List of Top 15 Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad for your Eye Treatment

There is no greater gift of God than a vision that is a gateway to this amazing world. Being in this world without vision can be cruel. However, with people following fast-faced lifestyle and uneven dietary habits, around 50% of the population including kids and youngsters are leading towards a future fraught with various eye-sight-related issues. Everyone facing eye issues is in dire need of good eye hospitals.

Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs, has some world-class eye hospitals. The hospitals are furnished with art technology, superior eye equipment for early diagnosis. Plus, they have qualified surgical and medical teams to treat eye issues. The top eye hospitals in Hyderabad also have the best ophthalmologists.

eye hospitals in hyderabad
Here is a list of the best eye hospitals in Hyderabad offering an exceptional experience to its patients:

1) L V Prasad Eye Hospital
2) Shreya Eye Care Center
3) Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital
4) Center for Sight
5) Sri Shankar Netralaya Eye Hospital
6) Max Vision Eye Hospital
7) Challa Eye Care Hospital
8) Vasan Eye Care
9) Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital
10) Apollo Eye Care Centre
11) Win Vision Eye Hospitals
12) Dr. P Siva Reddy Eye Hospital
13) Sree Netralaya Eye Hospital and Laser Center
14) Drishti Eye Hospital
15) Clear Vision Eye Hospital

1) L V Prasad Eye Hospital

This is a comprehensive eye facility hospital in Hyderabad. The hospital is the main center for the prevention of blindness in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

The hospital is known to have a stem cell research facility. This eye hospital is known for offering various eye services to the patients such as LASIK laser eye, cataract surgery, cornea, glaucoma treatment, retina services, pediatric ophthalmology, and much more. This hospital established in 1987 is located in Banjara Hills and have different consultation fee for different eye care services.

2) Shreya Eye Care Center

Shreya Eye Care Center is serving the people of Hyderabad for more than 10years now. The hospital is equipped with amazing staff, the latest technology, and experienced industry surgeons. Every eye ailment can easily be diagnosed by a team of doctors.

The famous ophthalmologists of this hospital can customize treatment plans as per the patient’s convenience. Some of its offered services are oculoplasty and ocular oncology, retina and uvea services, cataract, glaucoma, etc. It is located at Begumpet.

3) Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

The hospital is renowned for its exceptional eye care services. It has various branches in Hyderabad. Whether the patient has an eye infection or major eye issue, its doctor employs best practices to offer exemplary patient care and treatment.

They also offer their eye care services in more than 11 countries. The services offered by this hospital are retina, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, uvea, laser correction, etc. Their cost of appointment varies according to the services offered.

4) Center for Sight

The hospital was established in 2002 and is one of the leading eye hospitals in the city. The hospital was first lead by Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev, a highly renowned Ophthalmologists of India.

Center for Sight’s main aim is to focus on patient-centric values, compassion towards patients, amazing healthcare services, the efficiency of care, etc. This is the reason that this hospital is on the list of best eye hospitals. With a team of 145 doctors, the hospital offers services such as cornea services, glaucoma, oculoplasty, and ocular oncology, lasik and refractive surgery, smile, low vision aids, etc. The hospital is in Banjara Hills.

5) Sri Shankar Netralaya Eye Hospital

This is one of the best eye hospitals in Hyderabad which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified ophthalmic care. The hospital is well-known for its 20 years of amazing eye care as well as visual correction services. It functions to protect, preserve, as well as restore.

They have amazing eye care modern technology for surgical procedures. Some of the best services offered by this hospital are LASIK surgeries, squint surgeries, pediatric ophthalmology services, glaucoma, YAG laser, cornea, anterior segment examinations, and much more. The hospital is located at Dilsukhnagar and its consultant fee is Rs.300.

6) Max Vision Eye Hospital

It was established in 1991 and is known for offering the best eye care facilities. The hospital has international standards with innovative and comprehensive services.

They offer their eye services with FDA-approved technologies. The services offered by them are cataract, glaucoma, retina, corneal problems, refractive problems, etc. It is located at Somajiguda with other branches in Santosh Nagar, A.S Rao Nagar, Moosarambagh, Begumpet, etc. Its visiting or consultant fee depends on the doctor and treatment you choose.

7) Challa Eye Care Hospital

This is one of the best cataract hospitals in Hyderabad. Dr. Ravi Prasad Challa offers excellent services to its patients. The team of doctors is known for their experience and humbleness towards patients.

Also, the hospital offers the chance to see through the operation room. Some of the services offered by this hospital are sub 1mm Phaco surgery, lens implantation surgeries, co-axial microincision cataract surgeries, etc. It is located at Banjara Hills.

8) Vasan Eye Care

This eye care hospital has more than 10 branches in Hyderabad. The hospital is renowned for its eye surgeries and other treatments. It has a special team of trained and experienced doctors who fulfill the needs of patients.

The hospital has more than 40 various eye specialties for its patients. Their list of services includes vision rehabilitation services, neuro-ophthalmology, refractive surgeries, oculoplasty services, and much more. Their appointment fee depends on the eye services you choose.

9) Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital

– this is one of the leading chains of Hyderabad eye hospitals. The hospital has around 550-bed capacity and offers its services to various neighboring states. The hospital got its name after the freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu. It offer special treatments to poor and underprivileged people in Hyderabad.

The hospital is always highlighted for offering free-of-cost eye services to its patients. They offer special eye services like glaucoma treatment, quick eye checkups, eye cancer treatment, cataract treatment, etc. It is located at Mehdipatnam road, Humayun Nagar.

10) Apollo Eye Care Centre

– the name of this eye care hospital is enough for its patients. It is known for comprehensive patient care. The hospital is renowned for offering treatments for various eye ailments and rehabilitation. Its surgical team is known the best in Hyderabad and all over India.

The eye care service offered by Apollo is retinal and corneal diseases, eye rehabilitation, lens exchange, pediatric eye problems, cataract surgeries, etc. It is located in Jubilee Hills with a nominal appointment fee.

11) Win Vision Eye Hospitals

– since 2014 Win Vision is offering amazing ophthalmology services and medicines to its patients. Its USP is its superior quality of eye care facilities. The hospital has some of the finest machinery to treat its patients.

The team of doctors of Will Vision believes in following ethical practices which satisfies their patients. Some of the services offered by this hospital are myopia control, cornea, squint, cataract, LASIK/permanent contact lens, retinopathy screening, eye examination, and much more.

12) P Siva Reddy Eye Hospital

– this eye hospital in Hyderabad is the finest Cataract and LASIK surgical center. It is renowned for its 65 years of expertise, dedicated team, and complete setup of modern equipment’s.

The hospital holds a strong legacy and its founder was awarded Padma Bhushan. Some of the services offered by this eye hospital are fundus fluorescein angiography, eye surgery, cataract surgery, anterior segment surgery, Avastin injections, and much more. The consultation fee of this hospital is Rs.300. It is located in Himayat Nagar.

13) Sree Netralaya Eye Hospital and Laser Center

– this hospital is located at Dilshukhnagar and Kothapet. The location of this hospital makes it the best eye care hospital in Hyderabad. It is an ISO-certified hospital offering ophthalmic care. The team of doctors at this hospital is highly skilled and experienced. T

hey give top priority to the comfort and convenience of patients. Some of the ophthalmology services offered by this hospital are glaucoma services, laser refractive surgeries, daycare surgery, corneal topography, and much more. Its consultant fee varies from service to service.

14) Drishti Eye Hospital

– the hospital is known for encouraging eye care among communities. It is well-known for its ophthalmology services. Drishti Eye Hospital has some of the top-notch surgeons to offer excellent eye treatments to patients. The hospital keeps it simple for the patient by offering same-day appointments and the chance of walk-in treatments.

Some of the services offered by this hospital are corneal topography, cataract surgery, glaucoma services, pediatric ophthalmology services, quick eye checkup, and much more. The hospital is located at Yella reddy guda road, Srinagar Colony. Also, their appointment fee varies according to the opted services.

15) Clear Vision Eye Hospital

– this is one of the best eye hospitals in Hyderabad with central location of Himayat Nagar. The hospital caters to all sorts of eye care needs at very reasonable prices. Clear Vision hospital is open to patients 24/7 which makes it different from others.

Its top-notch equipment’s and modern facilities offer a great benefit to the patients. The USP of this hospital is its eye surgeons that deal with every eye issue. They offer the best eye services like cataracts, LASIK surgeries, regular eye checkups, and much more.


Taking care of your eyes shouldn’t be neglected. A lot of people deal with eye issues regularly and are unable to get treated because of a lack of good eye care hospitals. The above-mentioned list of top eye hospitals in Hyderabad offers various eye treatments and services at a simple consultation fee. Therefore, visiting them at the right time will keep your eyes healthy.

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