List of Best 15 Catering Services in Hyderabad

Catering services are needed on various festive occasions, mainly where a large number of guests should be served foods and drinks. It is not possible for common people to provide foods to their guests at a huge feast. Reputed caterers wipe off that tension of their customers. They handle the buying of all food ingredients from the market, cooking of tasty dishes, and elegantly serving the foods and drinks. Hence, it is wise to hire the best catering services in Hyderabad to meet the requirements of the common people.

The following are the best 15 catering services in Hyderabad, as per their previous records of customer satisfaction and the quality of their materials.

1) Best Caterers
2) RK Caterers
3) Elite Caterers
4) Delicious Caterers
5) Prasidh Caterers
6) Vigneshwara Caterers
7) Aleena Caterers
8) Deccan Plate Caterers
9) Rajashree Caterers & Event Managers
10) Yamini Caterers
11) New Vindu Caterers
12) Tasty Spread
13) Sri Shubham Caterers
14) Manna Caterers
15) Krishna Vihana Caterers

catering services in hyderabad

1) Best Caterers

This catering company was founded by G. Ramesh Kumar for providing catering services to wedding ceremonies. Now, this company has numerous clients, including both private and corporate parties. All types of Indian cuisines are available here, among which North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, and Rajasthani dishes are very popular. Customers also admire Chinese and Italian dishes prepared by this catering company. All the foods and drinks are served with the help of the best quality crockery and cutlery.  People appreciate the affordable rates of this catering service and the perfect hygiene maintained in preparing foods.

2) RK Caterers

This is one of the top catering services in Hyderabad in providing the best outdoor catering to customers. Hence, people prefer this catering service for their birthday parties and weddings. Many corporate companies also prefer this caterer for their outdoor events. It is working in this field for more than 5 years, in any location of this city. It can provide several dishes for all meals, prepared in a hygienic condition. Innovative foods of the best quality and modern infrastructure are the key factors for the success of this company.

3) Elite Caterers

This catering company is in operation since 2008 in Hyderabad. It offers catering services suitable to all budgets. It has a highly experienced team of dedicated workers, who make sure to satisfy their clients with the best quality foods and excellent customer service. The menu provided by this caterer includes all types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes comprising Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisines. It caters to all types of functions even outside Hyderabad and also in other neighbouring states. Customers trust the quality of their foods and thus, no tasting session is offered by this caterer.

4) Delicious Caterers

This brand started as a restaurant in Hyderabad and gradually got into the catering business. It mainly offers North Indian, South Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines, gaining expertise in traditional dishes and desserts. Apart from the delicious tastes of foods, the style of serving is also appealing to customers. It can cater up to 1000 guests in any kind of private function or commercial event. It supplies satisfactory quantities of foods to customers as per their given numbers of guests.

5) Prasidh Caterers

It is counted among the best 10 catering services Hyderabad, with a record of more than 14 years in serving people here. It is a certified corporate caterer and event planner since it is founded in 2006. It caters to all birthday parties, cocktail parties, weddings, and corporate events of various ranges. Now, it has a huge client base of more than 500, including many corporate giants of this city. The wonderful tastes of their foods can make any function memorable, which they provide at reasonable rates to their clients.

6) Vigneshwara Caterers

This catering company is located in Sitaphalmandi in Hyderabad, close to BM Birla Science Centre in Adarsh Nagar Hill Fort. It ranks among the topmost caterers of this city. People acclaim its services for the excellent quality of foods, which are well-cooked in a perfectly hygienic condition. The 5-star ratings and reviews of its customers show its popularity among people in this city.

7) Aleena Caterers

This catering company is known for its innovation of new dishes and excellent customer service. The foods provided by this caterer are marked by wonderful tastes, owing to the high-quality ingredients used in making these dishes. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes according to the demands of its clients. It offers catering services at affordable rates, aiming to make the events of its clients memorable with mouth-watering foods and refreshing drinks. The experienced team of this company offers great advice to clients, regarding the selection of menus suiting the nature of their events, the number of guests, and budget.

8) Deccan Plate Caterers

It is a well-known catering service in Hyderabad, which started operations by catering to weddings in this city. Now, it caters to all large and small events, for which people acclaim its consistency of delivering the best quality foods. All the dishes are served with high-quality crockery and cutlery, to leave a good impression on guests at a function. All types of North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Italian dishes can be cooked by the experts associated with this caterer.

9) Rajashree Caterers & Event Managers

This catering company aims to provide foods that please the eyes of the beholders and also satisfy their appetite. It offers all types of North Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, Goan, and South Indian cuisines. The expert team of this caterer ensures to deliver the best quality foods to all clients. The catering capacity of this company ranges between 350 and 500.  Thus, it can cater to all large and small parties, at homes of their clients or in hired venues. Thus, it is widely recommended by its satisfied clients to their friends.

10) Yamini Caterers

This catering service remains open for 24 years on all 7 days of the week. It is also called Telugu Ruchulu, located in LB Nagar in Hyderabad. It can cater to 25 – 100 guests at any social or corporate event. Thus, it is capable of handling the feasts of all small and medium-sized events. It offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that satisfy the taste buds of all guests of its clients.

11) New Vindu Caterers

It is based in Dwarakamai Colony in Neredmet, near Santoshimata Temple.  It remains open from 9 am to 9 pm on all days of the week. This company was started in 2012 and now, it is known among the best catering services in Hyderabad. It offers special vegetarian cuisines for only Brahmin clients, following all their demands of pure food products. Its awesome customer service has earned it a huge client base over the years. It can cater events holding up to 200 guests, providing vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes as per their preferences.

12) Tasty Spread

This caterer has started operating only 4 months ago but it has already risen to fame due to its high-quality services. It offers all kinds of North Indian and South Indian cuisines, including tasty desserts. It has the capacity of catering to a maximum of 500 people now, for which it is perfect for serving foods at all small and large parties. All the foods are cooked by maintaining hygienic conditions.

13) Sri Shubham Caterers

This catering company is based in Safilguda-Malkajgiri in Hyderabad, which is a prime location of the city. It caters not only to local clients of this city but also to people from neighbouring cities. It contains well-trained and experienced staff for providing the best catering services to all clients. It remains open for 24 x 7 hours and accepts orders at any time. It offers all types of foods and drinks at the events of its clients, for which all modes of online payment are acceptable here.

14) Manna Caterers

It was started in Hyderabad more than a year ago.  Its owner Saloman initially catered to weddings. Later, it extended its services to all types of events, including the ones organized by corporate companies. The reputation of this caterer is due to its elegant presentation of foods and drinks with the best quality arrangements. All the foods are prepared and served hygienically, using clean crockery and cutlery.  It’s catering capacity ranges up to 5000, for which it can serve to parties of any size.  Though its vegetarian menu costs Rs 250 and the non-vegetarian menu price is Rs 400, it is flexible to customize the menus as per the requirements of clients.

15) Krishna Vihana Caterers

This is one of the top catering services in Hyderabad, which is based in Chaderghat.  It was started in 2015 and it caters to clients from all parts of this city. It is open round the clock on all days of the week, accepting orders online or over the phone from clients. It can provide catering service for a maximum of 200 people. It has a large client base, owing to its excellent food quality and customer service, in which it never makes any compromise.

There are many other catering services Hyderabad that can provide quality services to all private and corporate events organized by local people. Thus, one can just check online the ratings and customer reviews of all these caterers and select a suitable one for fulfilling the requirement.

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