List of Best 15 Astrologers in Hyderabad

The study of celestial bodies including the stars and planets is known as astrology. It explains the relation between the positions of celestial bodies and the events on the earth. According to the Hindu astrological system, a person’s birth time shapes the futuristic events and incidents of their life.

Astrology is also called as the science of light or Jyotish. The person who studies astrology is known as an astrologer. Hindus wish to start any auspicious event of their life and perform rituals as explained by their astrologers as they believe astrology. Even when experiencing problems, they seek their astrologer’s advice.

If you are looking for the best astrologers in Hyderabad, we bring you the well-known ones in this post.

1) Vishwanatha Saraswathi
2) Shri Kummasani
3) Dr. Manish Rawat
4) Shri Vivek Anand
5) Dr. Kartick Chakraborty
6) Astro Bhaskaraiah
7) P N Rao
8) Srinivas Siddhanthi
9) Shri Pradeep Bansal
10) Shri Sahul
11) Santhi Sudha Patri
12) Sridhar Sharma
13) Sri Brahmasri P V
14) C S Rao
15) Prashant Navander

astrologers in hyderabad

1) Vishwanatha Saraswathi

When you wish to get your horoscopes read or know about astrology, you can visit Sri Vishwanatha Saraswathi. He is known for his extensive knowledge in astrology and would give you suggestions in various fields including medical astrology, career development, educational astrology, and financial astrology. You can visit him in Secunderabad or even contact through phone call. For more information on this astrologer, you can visit their website – You can know about his background, experience, services, and a lot more about him.

2) Shri Kummasani

This astrologer has more than a decade’s experience in the field of Vedic astrology. He had an interest in astrology since childhood, and so he started studying it right from a young age from his grandfather, who was also a well-known astrologer. He comes with precise predictions and gives logical advices to the people. He can read the birth charts accurately and help you solve issues with respect to finances, career, relationship, marriage, and health.

3) Manish Rawat

You can visit Dr. Manish Rawat in Masab Tank. He is a popular astrologer who also holds a PhD in Shani Grah. Dr. Rawat is known for his knowledge in different sectors of astrology including vedic treatment, vastu, palmistry, and numerology. When you go to him with your problems related to marriage, finance, health, or career—you will be delighted to find solution from Dr. Manish Rawat. You can contact him through email or phone call, or visit his website to know more information about him and his services.

4) Shri Vivek Anand

After pursuing a degree in Information Technology, Vivek Anand shifted his career choice and completed a diploma course in astrology. He got an inspiration from Shri K. G. Krishnamachari, who was his grandfather and an expert in astrology. He has experience and expertise in vastu, jamakkol aaroodam, numerology, prasnam, and prashara method. He resides in Ameerpet and is available at his office and also through phone call. When you go to him with your problems, you will be surprised to find him helping you resolve them through simple tactics.

5) Kartick Chakraborty

He is a famous astrologer who is known for his services in palmistry, vastu, vedic astrology, gemstones, tantric, and numerology. He has more than a decade’s experience and offers permanent solutions. Whether you are suffering from setbacks in your career, marriage, relationship, health, or business, you can find prompt and logical solutions from Dr. Kartick Charaborty. He is also experienced in palm chakra, finger chakra, and thumb chakra reading and is known for his 99% accuracy.

6) Astro Bhaskaraiah

Shri Bhaskaraiah is a well-known astrologer who has extensive knowledge and is known for in depth research. He reads horoscopes in a detailed way and comes up with logical reasoning. He provides you easy solutions to deal with problems related to marriage, relationship, education, career, health, finance, and other major aspects of life. This astrologer is experienced in different subjects such as astrology, gemology, vaastu shastra, and astronomy. If there are any defects in vastu or other aspects of your life, he will explain you what to do and what not to do to rectify the problems. The astrologer stays in Hyderabad and can be easily contacted for the queries.

7) P N Rao

Pandit P N Rao is one of the best astrologers in Hyderabad because he offers 99% precise predictions by reading your horoscopes.  He is an expert who can read your face, hands, and birth kundalis to figure out what is wrong in your life and why. Based on his readings, he provides the best solutions that can help you bring your life on the track.  This astrologer holds expertise in fingerprint palmistry, nadi astrology, palm leaf reading, and vedic astrology. You can check out his website for more details and find his contact details here as well.

8) Srinivas Siddhanthi

With over two decades of experience in astrology, Srinivas Siddhanthi is a known astrologer in Hyderabad. He is basically from the Prakasam District but he is known in various Telugu districts. He follows a Telugu Panchang and is specialized in various fields including astrology, vasthu, dosham, and a lot of other things. He even speaks on various TV programs and has his own YouTube channel where he keeps giving insights into the world of astrology. You can call him and book an appointment with the astrologer so that you can resolve your queries and have a smooth life.

9) Shri Pradeep Bansal

He is a numerologist, life coach, vastu consultant and also a reiki healer with more than 30 years of experience. Shri Pradeep Bansal is famous astrologer in Hyderabad and has experience in vasthu, numerology, and astrology. The astrologer also comes on different TV programs and makes videos on explaining various aspects of astrology. His write ups are published on popular newspapers such as Hindi Milap and Deccan Chronicle. He is well acclaimed in crystal therapy, varshfal, aroma and tarot reading as well.

10) Shri Sahul

If you are looking for a traditional astrologer, you could take the services of Shri Sahul. He reads the birth chart of an individual in detail and analyzes the positions of planets and the celestial bodies to predict the past and future events. He also figures out what is going wrong in your life and comes up with favorable solutions. Besides studying the astrology, he also performs puja such as Chandi puja, Rudra Homam, Maha Ganapathi Homan, Saraswathi Homam, Maha Mrutyunjaya Homam, and Maha Lakshmi Homam.

11) Santhi Sudha Patri

She is a learned astrologer who speaks Hindi, Telugu, and English and showers optimism on all individuals. The young astrologer has studied various streams including vedic astrology, prasanna, and remedial astrology and offers correct suggestions to the people. She predicts as per knowledge and wisdom and comes up with easy to do remedies that have often made people successful in different areas. All you need to do is trust her for what she says, and you will be soon on a positive path.

12) Sridhar Sharma

If you are looking for an astrologer who can help you solve multiple issues, then Sridhar Sharma is known to be the best astrologer in Hyderabad. He had interest in astrology since childhood and so he started learning it from his father, who is a vedic pandit – Sri Valluri Narsaiah Sharma. You can avail services of mangal dosh analysis, finance, predictions of horoscopes, marriage compatibility, vastu suggestions, and even match making. He provides easy solutions and people can lead a smooth life.

13) Sri Brahmasri P V

This astrologer of Hyderabad is in the astrology services since the last 20 years and is known to have helped hundreds of people. He offers multiple services to the people who are in trouble. Some of its well known services are birth connections, match making, marriage, business and travel issues, finances, and predictions related to muhurats. He is basically from Warangal but offers his services in Hyderabad as well.

14) C S Rao

Mr. Rao has completed his degree in M. A in Astrology and has gained extensive knowledge in vedic astrology, western system, K P system, and also ashtavarg. He has around 30 years of experience and have helped a lot of clients who come to him. Some of the popular services he offers are solutions of career, finances, marriages, health and wealth, and investment as well. He even offers you vastu services, palmistry, and even astrology services. You can easily contact him and get solutions of your life problems.

15) Prashant Navander

It is quite easy to consult this astrologer who basically deals in marriage counseling and solutions. He even offers kundali making, match making, vedic horoscope reading, lal kitab darpan, janam patrika, and even remedial horoscope. You can meet him and even call him to find your answers. Even people from other cities can call him and talk to him.

These were the top and who are experienced and even have the expertise in various streams of astrology. It is also easy to reach them out and talk to them about your apprehensions in your life. If there are major hurdles, they provide you solutions or remedies as well. So, look no further and contact any of them right away.

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