List of Best 10 Kulcha Places In Hyderabad

When you add some water, a hint of salt with maida and add some yeast upon it, you will get a delicious kulcha. This yeast bread is from the northern part of the country and relished with chole or the chickpeas curry. But because of its taste, this is not only loved by the north Indians but also enjoyed by people from all over the country. As this dish is quite famous, people who stay in the Charminar city can have it at the best kulcha places in Hyderabad.

To know about the best kulcha places in Hyderabad, continue reading the post. Here you will find the 10 best kulcha places in Hyderabad.

1) Hungry Paaji
2) The Kulcha Kulture
3) Delhi Famous Chola Kulcha
4) Sardarji’s Chaats And More
5) Parathas And More
6) Shalimar Tiffin And Snacks
7) Foodery
8) Dildaar
9) Jaggi Di Parathe
10) Santosh Dhaba

1) Hungry Paaji: This is one of the new food joints located at the centre of the city —Himayatnagar. You can find lots of Punjabi dishes and different varieties of kulchas on their menu that you will love to try. The restaurant will approximate cost you rupees 700 for two people. The Hungry Paaji is located at a very convenient location, just opposite of the Himayatnagar Westside, but still if you have any query regarding price or table availability or something else you can contact them on this number 7093091313.

2) The Kulcha Kulture: This is one of the old and renowned restaurants in Hyderabad and it is quite famous for offering the best authentic north Indian kulchas to their customers for almost a decade. It is located at Vittal Rao Nagar, Madhapur. This restaurant offers some great combos all over the year and it is also quite reasonable in pricing. The dining arrangements are quite basic but the ambience is great. It cost around rupees 400 for two people approximately. If you have any query, you can contact them on this number 9030000622.

3) Delhi Famous Chola Kulcha: This restaurant is located at quite an accessible and convenient place and it is quite famous among the Hyderabadis for some authentic and good kulcha for years. The restaurant is always crowded as it is quite budget-friendly and their service and the quality of the food is well up to the mark. The food usually cost around rupees 350 for two people. Apart from kulchas, they also have some other delicious North Indian dishes on their menu. It is at the centre of Madhapur, Hyderabad but if you have any query regarding timing or anything else you, can contact them on this number 7893214619.

4) Sardarji’s Chaats And More: This restaurant is quite famous around the city for its variety of Punjabi cuisines available on its menu. The food joint does not have a good ambience or seating comfort but it will provide with some tasty kulchas that you will love to eat and it is not that expensive as well, and will approximately cost you around rupees 400 for two people. Sardarji’s Chaats is located just beside the Gachibowli HDFC Bank and you can also contact them on this number 9642357335.

5) Parathas And More: With excellent wooden flooring and dining arrangements, Parathas and More provides some excellent kulchas in the city with a wide variety of drinks to make your meal complete. The foods that they provide are excellent and not that costly, approximately rupees 500 for two people. The staff in this restaurant are quite friendly as well. It is located at the centre of Gachibowli- Miyapur Road and also you can contact them on this number if you want to book your table 9959100889.

6) Shalimar Tiffin And Snacks: This place is not only renowned for its good food but is also a perfect place to hang out and chill with friends. The names of the foods in their menu are quite unique and the taste is also great, costing rupees 250 only for two people approximately. The staff are quite entertaining and friendly. They are not only good in kulchas but their burgers are also quite yummy in taste because they incorporate a desi flavour in all their foods. It is located just opposite the City Light Hotel and you can contact them as well on this number 9849844241.

7) Foodery: This restaurant makes its fame and name for the delicious foods they put out to their customers. Their food is quite minimalistic but they have some extraordinary taste. The place is quite new and they make an impression on their customers because of their good staff behavior, great ambience and of course the mouth-watering kulchas that they offer. The restaurant is not expensive, it approximate cost rupees 500 for two people. It is located at Khanamet, Madhapur and you can also contact them on this phone number 9711045022.

8) Dildaar: Dildaar is famous for its Punjabi cuisine. You can find a wide variety of parathas on their menu but the must-try item on their menu is kulcha, both chole kulche and Amritsari kulche are mandatory to try if you go to this restaurant. The place is not that spacious but the ambience is quite bright and well-lit and also has a touch of North Indian style in their decor. It is located in the centre of the city of Madhapur and they also have good customer service, you can contact them on 9441966466. The price of their food is a bit expensive, rupees 800 for two people approximately.

9) Jaggi Di Parathe: This food joint is quite famous for its kulcha in Hyderabad. The place is not that spacious and it is crowded almost all the time, that is why you have to make struggle to get a table for yourself. The staff behaviour and the hospitality is quite remarkable. Their food not only tastes good but they also prepare the foods by maintaining hygiene, and the price of their food items are quite reasonable. Jaggi Di Parathe is located at Jaihind Enclave, Madhapur and the contact number of this place is 9574078310.

10) Santosh Dhaba: This is a vegetarian restaurant located at Abids, Hyderabad. They are quite an old restaurant and they provide some good kulchas to their customers. They have other vegetarian dishes as well on their menu, you can try them as they are also good in taste. The price of their food items is not high, it costs approximate rupees 500 for two people. The seating arrangements and the ambience is quite decent and their staff is quietly friendly and prompt in their work. They are open from 11 am to 10 pm and you can contact them on 914066778887.

So, these are some of the best kulcha places in Hyderabad. They are quite reputed and famous for delivering some of the best kulchas for years to each of their customers. You can try any one of these restaurants and you will not be disappointed by any of their aspects. If you have been struggling to prepare kulchas at home and not satisfied with what you have made, worry not as you can step into any of these places and relish the best of kulchas in the city of pearls. You can even order at times when you are unable to move out of your comfort zone

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