List of Best 10 Kerala Restaurants in Hyderabad

Kerala, no doubt, is known for its distinctive cuisine which is unique from the cuisines of other states of India. One can truly see the diversity of Kerala’s agricultural products and prominent factors like culture and religion in its cuisine. What makes Kerala food unique is its simple use of ingredients like curry leaves, coconut, mustard seeds, asafetida, rice, chilies, etc. This is the reason that Kerala‘s restaurants are able to offer homegrown food as one of their main attractions.

No wonder, the charm, and taste of Kerala cuisine has spread like wildfire. And people from other states and cities crave Kerala’s famous dishes like puttu, sadhyas, kappa, etc. Hyderabad is one city that is not only famous for its Hyderabadi food but also Kerala cuisine. Over the years, Hyderabad has become the hotspot of multi-cuisine restaurants. So, to give the feel of been in Kerala and experience their cuisines, you can visit best Kerala restaurants in Hyderabad.

kerala restaurants in hyderabad

Here is a list of the best 10 Kerala restaurants in Hyderabad which will blow your mind with their authentic Kerala taste and warmth:

1) Akson Restaurant
2) Ohriuppu
3) Kerala Kitchen
4) Simply South
5) Pepper Treats
6) MacchiJaal
7) Kayal Kerala Restaurant
8) Lakshmi Kerala Mess
9) Pathemari Kerala Restaurant
10) Alleppey Restaurant

1) Akson Restaurant

This Kerala restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad. One will never see an empty table any time. The food and the ambiance of the restaurant are phenomenal. Every dish offered at this restaurant is freshly prepared and served with love and warmth.

The best dishes from Akson restaurant are parottas, appam, egg curry, fish curry, chicken fry, etc. They also have proper Kerala meals which will satisfy your hunger pangs at once. Anyone who is Malayali and is craving for some good and authentic food than visiting Akson can sort things. The restaurant is located opposite Model House, Punjagutta. Its average cost is Rs.500/-. Moreover, Akson serves typical Kerala biryani.

2) Ohriuppu

Ohris is renowned in Hyderabad. Their journey is incredible and is highly loved by people. The restaurant is known for its authentic Kerala dishes which will leave you craving for more and more. The blend of spices and fresh ingredients defines the standards of the restaurant.

Also, the ambiance and the hospitality of the restaurant are top-notch. No one will find the ambiance of this place boring. The famous dishes from OhriUppu are elaneerpayasam, appam, royyalaiguru, etc. Its average cost for two people is Rs.1100/-. The restaurant, Ohri Uppu is located in Banjara Hills.

3) Kerala Kitchen

there are very few Kerala restaurants that offer the option of home delivery. If you are in no mood to visit a restaurant then ordering from Kerala Kitchen is the best option. However, people who would love to visit this restaurant will enjoy the beautiful ambiance of this restaurant.

The place has a very chill and calming ambiance and is perfect for friends and family. Kerala Kitchen offers some of the delectable Kerala dishes like egg curry, fish curry, parottas, sadhyas, kappa, etc. In addition to Kerala cuisine, the restaurant also serves mouth-watering North Indian dishes. The restaurant is located at QZ plaza, near harsha Toyota, Kondapur. The average cost of Kerala Kitchen is Rs.500/-.

4) Simply South

Simply South is a restaurants chain in Hyderabad that is renowned for its regional South Indian cuisine. The restaurant makes sure that the people are able to get an authentic taste of South Indian food with a blend of authentic South Indian spices. Simply south has a budget-friendly menu along with some lip-smacking dishes.

Also, the ambiance of the restaurant is very soothing, traditional, and perfect for family and friends. Some of the best dishes from this restaurant are tomato saar, chettinad chicken, stew, chapavepudu, veg thali, and much more. The restaurant is located at 258, road 82, film Nagar, Jubilee Hills. The cost for two people is Rs.1100/-.

5) Pepper Treats

Another highly loved Kerala restaurant in Hyderabad is Pepper Treats. The restaurant is located on plot no. 64, 102, 1st floor, Mahathi chambers, APHB colony, Gachibowli. The beauty of this Kerala restaurant lies in its simplicity. People visiting the restaurant love the ambiance of this place which is soothing and relaxing.

The restaurant has emphasized the authenticity of Kerala food. This is the reason that the restaurant is somehow successful in bringing the real taste of Kerala to Hyderabad. Some of the loved Kerala dishes from Pepper treats are coconut pudding, curry, chicken, beef roast, etc. The average cost of this restaurant is Rs.650/-. Also, its visiting time is noon till 10 pm.

6) MacchiJaal

Another one of the famous Kerala restaurants in Hyderabad is MacchiJaal. The restaurant not only serves delectable Kerala cuisine but also Mangalorean, Goan, and Malwani cuisine. It is situated in QZ plaza, 4th floor, opposite vaishnovi Honda, Kothaguda. The restaurant prepares its Kerala dishes with authentic Kerala mixes and fresh ingredients. Due to this, people are able to get the real taste of Kerala.

Also, the ambiance of the place is very nice for both family and friends. One can visit the restaurant with a group of people to enjoy finger-licking good Kerala food. The restaurant’s famous dishes are chappaavepudu, kodi fry, fish fry, mutton, and much more. Its average cost for two people is Rs.1000/-.

7) Kayal Kerala Restaurant

Kayal Kerala restaurant is one of the go-to places for the people of Hyderabad. The authentic Kerala food served by this restaurant is out-of-the-world. There is no comparison of its lip-smacking Kerala dishes such as beef curry, prawns puttu, erachiputtu, Kerala porotta, appam, egg biryani, kappa biryani, Kadala curry, and much more.

The restaurant also offers delivery services to the people of Hyderabad. Its ambiance is very soothing, relaxing, and comfortable. Anyone visiting this restaurant won’t feel like they are visiting it for the first time. The visiting time for this restaurant is from 12 noon till 11.30 pm. The location of Kayal Kerala restaurant is Aphb colony, Andhra Pradesh Housing Board Phase 4, Indira Nagar, Gachibowli, and its average cost for two people is Rs.500/-.

8) Lakshmi Kerala Mess

There is no brainer in guessing why Lakshmi Kerala mess is considered as one of the best place in Hyderabad. People of Hyderabad have been loving the authentic Kerala food from the Lakshmi Kerala mess for years now. The restaurant is not that spacious which is why it is suggested to book a table before visiting. Moreover, the ambiance of this restaurant defines simplicity and comfort.

One won’t feel uneasy or odd at this restaurant. The owner of this restaurant is Sunil who is very friendly and takes care of your experience. Some of the best Kerala dishes from Lakshmi Kerala mess are Kerala fish curry, fried rice, prawns ulathiyathu, Kerala chicken curry, mathi fry, paladapayasam, and much more. The restaurant is located at Balangar.

9) Pathemari Kerala Restaurant

If you want to enjoy Kerala dishes in Hyderabad at reasonable prices then Pathemari Kerala restaurant is the best place for you. The restaurant serves mouthwatering Kerala food with a blend of spices and fresh ingredients. Apart from Kerala dishes, the restaurant also serves finger-licking good biryani and South Indian dishes.

One visiting the restaurant will find its ambiance very Kerala-like and also won’t feel disappointed with its service. The place is also famous for its friendly and understanding staff. One can visit Pathemari Kerala restaurant with their friends and family from 9 am onwards. Some of its delightful Kerala dishes are kizhiporotta, chicken fry, beef biryani, egg curry, puttu, kappa, kanj, ghee rice, ayala, and much more. The location of this place is a public garden road, near Nampally metro station, Nampally.

10) Alleppey Restaurant

This restaurant is renowned for its South Indian and Kerala dishes. Alleppey restaurant offers both dining and delivery options. This restaurant in Hyderabad also offers customizable food which makes it unique and loved by the people of Hyderabad.

The ambiance of the place is quite simple and easy-going. One can visit this place with their friends and family to enjoy some quality time while enjoying lip-smacking Kerala food. The average cost of Alleppey restaurant is RS.200. Some of the best dishes of this restaurant are Kerala meals, Kappa biryani, chicken curry, appam, paratha, beef curry, beef biryani, carrot puttu, beef puttu, fish curry, etc. Alleppey restaurant is located at Gachibowli.


It is hard to find authentic Kerala restaurants in city like Hyderabad. Not every restaurant is able to fulfill the attributes of Kerala dishes like the right useof spices, strong flavors, and simple preparation methods. Unlike any other South Indian dishes, Kerala dishes are mostly non-vegetarian and involves seafood with a blend of spices like cinnamon, cumin, clove, asafetida, etc.

The above-mentioned list of top Kerala restaurants in Hyderabad delivers authentic, delectable Kerala dishes. Every dish served by these restaurants will leave your taste buds doing a happy dance. Moreover, these Kerala restaurants in Hyderabad are reasonable and do complete justice to the real taste of Kerala. Therefore, visiting these Kerala restaurants will make you feel happy and satisfied.

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