List of Best 10 Event Management Companies In Hyderabad

With lots of events happening around us, we need some good event management companies. Nowadays people are lucky that they have some top-notch event management companies at their disposal. These companies usually manage different events such as weddings fundraisers, sporting events, corporate meetings, fashion shows, and much more. Event experts who are associated with event management companies are highly professional individuals and can handle any difficult task with ease.

These event managers have direct link to the suppliers and venues, because of that they get privileged rates and can also negotiate for the best prices since they have a good relation with them. They find the best locations suited for your needs, provide the necessary support services and facilities to achieve every client’s different needs with alternative options as well. A reputed and successful event management company is no doubt involved with several remarkable events, so they know how to make any event successful by involving more audience with the event.

If you are in Hyderabad, then you are going to find some good and reputed event management companies to help you organize any type of event. The whole event management concept requires a team effort and is not based on anyone individual’s effort. So, to organize a memorable event a team has to work unitedly to achieve the highest standards.

Event Management Companies

Top 10 Event Management Companies In Hyderabad :

1) Ethnique Events
2) Alankaran
3) Ideal Events
4) DNA Networks
5) Wizcraft
6) Vajra Events
7) Traditions Events
8) Blitz Events
9) Avant Eventz
10) Shubh Bandhan

All these event management companies have skilled and professional managers who are experienced in conducting any type of events. The ultimate success of all these companies is the clients’ satisfaction, so they provide services by maintaining their customers’ peace of mind.

The following list contains some credible information about the best event management companies in Hyderabad.

 1) Ethnique Events

This is one of the best event management companies in Hyderabad which was founded in 2011. They have an experience of conducting over 600 plus events and they have a family of over 500 of happy customers. Till date they won almost over 80 awards in this field. They also have some giant international companies as their client.

This company is not only creative but also quite innovative and they take care of their customer’s needs. They also make sure to look after every little detail of the events from venue and color scheme to catering. They also have a very friendly and efficient group of people; they organize quality and memorable events for each of their clients. They select unique locations according to the event within your budget. This company is located at Madhapur, Hyderabad.

2) Alankaran

It is one of the most renowned event planners in Hyderabad and it has a presence across all of India. Chaitanya Kulkarni is the founder and CEO of this company, while Chandrika Kulkarni is the creative director. Mr. Kulkarni is post graduate in marketing and has a vast experience in the field of event management.

It is through Chandrika Kulkarni’s creative touch that has made the management of clients and budget much easier. He started this company with a vision of providing ultimate customer satisfaction. They organize events in a unique way according to specifications requested by the client. They organize and design events according to the clients’ objectives, their needs and keeping in mind their budget restraints. This company is located at Gachibowli, Hyderabad.  

 3) Ideal Events

Quite a popular choice among many people, this company too provides some of the best event management services in Hyderabad. This company brings in something fresh to the platform and provides some ageless events to their clients. They are backed by some versatile and experienced group of people who can arrange any type of event, from roadshows to anniversaries or any important corporate meetings, they can manage seamlessly.

The team which manages the events are enthusiastic and dynami professionals who bring grandeur and magnificence with their creative mind in every event. The location of the company is Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

4) DNA Networks

Established in the year 1987, they are one of the leading event planners in India. They bring some innovative ideas in managing any kind of event.

Being one of India’s most renowned and dependable international event organizers, they are also famous for their excellent management in myriad kinds of events all across South-East Asia. They are also one of the finest organizers who meet their goals to bring ingenious ideas which have brought them international success. They make every clients’ dream a startling reality. They are located at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

5) Wizcraft

Wizcraft is considered to be one of India’s leading communication and entertainment companies for its notable experiences in conducting events across India. From the year 1988, they were considered to be a pioneer in brand activation, television program, exhibition, etc.

They have multiple offices across all of India. Wizcraft is also known for its execution in nationally acclaimed events such as Iffa, Gima awards, and Lifa Utsavam. The legacy of this company is built on their execution in achieving clients’ dreams into true. Their head office is located at Madhapur, Hyderabad.

6) Vajra Events

Vajra is one of the unique and finest event planners in Hyderabad, founded in the year 2012. They study every clients’ needs and objectives before executing any kind of event. The services which they provide include birthday parties, school and college fests, celebrity management, fashion shows, etc.

They have a very passionate and hard-working group of people which makes them one of the most popular event management companies in Hyderabad. They keep in mind the need of every events no matter how big or small it is. It is their team coordination in organizing events and parties which has brought them recognition in the event management sector. Their office address is Punjagutta, Hyderabad.

7) Traditions Events

Traditions is considered as one the leading and innovative event management companies in India with an experience of conducting over 4000 plus events in a span of fewer than 15 years. Their head office is located in Hyderabad but they have branch offices in 5 leading cities in India which include Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Vijayawada.

They have a core team of 42 event managers, each of them has experience of 4-8 years. Their use of modern types of equipment in executing events is also quite noteworthy. The event managers of this company understand the needs of small businesses environments, since small corporate sectors have different needs as compared to larger businesses. Their head office is located at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

8) Blitz Events

Blitz events have quite a wide network of offices across all India, they ensure their commitment to each of their customers. They provide quality services through their professional staff to every client’s event memorable throughout their lifetime. Because of their long association with the trade fair industry, they enjoy a good and healthy relation with trade bodies, associates, and several government departments.

They provide services in product launches, seminars, corporate events, and event planners. Their vision is to make sure that people are connected on a global scale. It is through their entertainment, music and creativity that they want to influence the world in a positive manner. Their head office is located at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

9) Avant Eventz

It is one of the few renowned full-scale theme-based event planners in Hyderabad. They are also the top theme-based event organizing companies in India. Avant also offers some unique management services to their clients such as destination management, conference management, etc.

They have a group of loyal, creative, and skillful event managers who executes memorable events. It is also an international event management company; they also operate in UAE. Handling clients who have big businesses such as Google, Dr. Reddy’s, Nikon, Canon, etc. is no easy task and Avant Eventz have proven their proficiency time and again. Their office is located at Madhapur, Hyderabad.

10) Shubh Bandhan

Shubh Bandhan is one of the few and leading wedding organizers in Hyderabad, India. They provide a wide variety of services for a wedding as well as for birthday parties. The company has a young and talented group of event managers, they help their clients in every aspect of a wedding ceremony.

The most important thing in a wedding ceremony is choosing the right venue, here they will help the client to choose the correct venue by analyzing the clients’ needs. This is the one-stop destination they will help the client in every aspect of a wedding ceremony from catering, lighting, decoration, etc. their office is located at Green Valley, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

So, these are the top 10 event management companies in Hyderabad. All these companies have a group of experienced and talented event managers, who will help you in every aspect of an event or a program. They all have an experience of executing multiple high-profile events or occasions not only in Hyderabad but all over India. If you contact any of these event planners you can be rest assured that you will get utmost help in executing any of your events successfully.

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