List of 15 Best Saree Shops In Hyderabad

Sarees are one of the most iconic national costumes for all Indian women. As there are varieties of styles and fabrics, sarees could be worn by any woman on any type of occasion. If you are living in India, you have to encounter numerous occasions where you have to wear a saree. So following is the list of top saree shops in Hyderabad that provide a wide range of varieties, from bridal to party wear or even famous Pochampally from Telangana and even Benaras and Chanderi as well.

With intricate embellishments, regal silhouettes, beautifully crafted handloom sarees along with the magnificent South Silks, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular places in India to buy sarees from. The entire paradigm of fashion has been transformed by the creative designers who are self-taught and have paved the way when it comes to beautifully woven silk sarees.

Hyderabad is quite famous for its bridal Kanjeevaram sarees; it is available in all new and even old saree shops as well. That is why it is seen that the bride and the girls who accompany her during the wedding day show off their Kanjeevaram sarees to the guests and their friends with quite exaggerated gestures. Apart from Kanjeevarams, there are also many other traditional South Indian sarees as well, like Chettinad, Ponchampally, Kornad, Dharmavaram etc, which are also quite famous in Hyderabad.

List Of 15 Best Saree Shops In Hyderabad

1) Charminar Madina Market- Famous Wholesale Saree Market

Before going to a particular saree shop in Hyderabad, visit the wholesale saree market of Hyderabad in the Charminar Madina Market area. The shops here are not only for buying bulk orders, but people can also buy from here and also they have a plethora of options along with the rate being quite cheaper than the regular saree shops. As Kanjeevaram is one of the famous sarees in Hyderabad, you can buy one to your liking, at quite a reasonable rate.

2) Rangoli

Rangoli is one of the best designer bridal saree shops in Hyderabad. It is one of the best chain stores in Hyderbad as it has three stores all over Hyderabad and in all three outlets, you can find sarees which are suitable for each and every type of occasion. Like other saree shops, Rangoli too is quite famous for its collection of bridal sarees, cocktail sarees and even lehenga style sarees as well. The shop remains open on all seven days from 10.30 AM to 8.00 PM.

3) Gaurang Shah

Gaurang Shah is famous for its Kanchipuram sarees because of their originality and how well it preserves India’s ethnicity. The colour choices of their sarees are quite unique and bright and also mixes quite well with the modern designs and also they make some outstanding Kanjeevarams as well.

As it is quite famous in Hyderabad, Gaurang Shah does not need any introduction. They are known for manufacturing some masterpieces and each of their sarees has its own story behind making it. Each and every sari of them are hand-knitted and also they are made under strict supervision. Their Kanjeevarams are worn by celebrities as well like Sridevi, Rekha and many other celebrities. Also, if you are planning to buy any kind of bridal wear, this is one of the best places you can do so.

4) Nalli

If you are searching for a pure South Indian Store, Nalli is one of the best among them. The store is quite large and beautiful and has a variety of options in traditional clothes. Nalli has quite a long price range. Here, the price of the sarees starts from rupees 500 only and goes all the way to 50,000 rupees. Also, you can find different types of sarees according to your choices such as Kanchipuram, Benarasi, Silk and Tussar sarees as well.

Previously this store was the biggest Kanjeevaram saree store in Hyderabad and also Kanjeevaram was the first choice of the brides as well during their wedding. This is an 85-year-old saree store and the unique choice of colours and traditional designs make it one of the best  Kanjeevaram saree stores in Hyderabad. Here you can find other wedding outfits as well like Silk sarees, Dupattas, Suits, etc.

5) Radhika Attire

Radhika Attire is a small yet humble, but quite a famous boutique shop in Banjara Hills. They usually do not make linen and cotton sarees, mainly their sarees are made from the materials such as netting, georgette, and velvet. The designs of their sarees are quite unique as their designs are inspired mainly by North India. Almost all of their sarees have unique designs or materials like frills and belts.

6) Sai Kanchi

Sai Kanchi is one of the best Kanchipuram saree stores in Hyderabad as it has a variety of collections of bright and colourful Kanchipuram sarees. The store is a two-story building with well-designed interiors and unique designs located at the City Centre in Banjara Hills.

7) Neeru’s Emporio

This is among the best saree shops in Hyderabad, but the price of their sarees is on the expensive side. Most of their sarees contain a unique drape style and most of the collections are Lycra sarees. They also have satin and georgette sarees in their collection as well. Their sarees are mainly for elegant occasions such as receptions or weddings.

8) Kala Kunj Saree Vatika

Kala Kunj is a famous saree store that has an array of exclusive collections of sarees. This shop is quite famous among the young generation girls because apart from sarees they have a beautiful collection of tops and pants for girls as well. They have a total of four branches all around Hyderabad. Apart from bridal sarees, you can find lehengas and half sarees as well.

9) Woman’s World

As the name suggests, along with all kinds of sarees, here you can find a variety of tops and dresses as well. Their designs are quite unique as they are quite fashionable, trendy with a mix of traditional essence as well that is why women of all ages love their dresses and sarees. Their staff is quite friendly and also know well about their products. That is why they can act as your guide while shopping for sarees. Women’s World is famous for its silk sarees.

10) Mandir

Mandir is located just beside the Sai Kanchi saree store in Hyderabad. They are known for their luxurious and costly Patri Sarees. Along with Patri sarees, here you can find designer georgette and half sarees as well. Their sarees are mainly for wedding and reception purposes.

11) Kanchipuram Varamahalaxmi Silks

Before opening their store in Hyderabad, Varamahalaxmi Silks were quite famous in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The main reason behind becoming famous is that their silk comes directly from the “lands of Kanjeevarams”. That is why all three branches gained popularity within some months of opening their business in Hyderabad. Slowly they become quite famous bridal saree stores in Hyderabad within a few months. That is why it is a must-visit store during bridal shopping.

Recently they have opened two new stores in Hyderabad with a huge collection of quality silk sarees. Apart from traditional silk sarees, here you can find other kinds of silk sarees as well like Banaras silk, Arani Silk, Kanchipuram Silk, and much more. Therefore it becomes a one-stop destination for shopping along with mom, aunt, and other female family members as well.

12) Brisah And Kalanjali

These are two different saree stores but made by two sisters and they are a part of the Ramoji Rao Industry. They have a wide variety of designer sarees and clothes in their store. Kalanjali is famous for its collection of ethnic wear while Brisah has a wonderful designer clothes collection. Both stores also have a great collection of Kanjeevaram bridal sarees as well.

Kalanjali is a part of Ramoji Group, which is a production house and also they have film studios as well. The store was inaugurated in the year 1922 and now you can buy their Kanjeevaram sarees and other clothes online as well. On their site, at the women’s collection, you can find hand-painted artworks as well.

Kalanjali is famous for its silk sarees, but you can also find linen, cotton, georgette, chiffon and much more. In their wide variety of saree collections, you can find bright and colourful ikat, Sambalpur, Kota, etc sarees too. Kalanjali has two stores in Hyderabad, one in Shebilee Hills and another one in Seifabad.

13) Bhargavi Store

This store is founded by a famous designer Bhargavi Kunam, located at Banjara Hills and here you can find a wide variety of lehengas and sarees. The design of the store is quite distinct and the choice of colours is quite bold and vibrant that’s why it attracts most of its customers. Kanjeevaram sarees are the most demanded clothes of this store and you can find them in different shades and designs.

14) Sri Mungalal Silk And Sarees

This store’s name is quite connected with the city’s history as it has a history of more than 50 years. This is quite an old store and here you can find all types of sarees in different colours, designs, and materials as well. If you ask your grandmother about this store, she can also tell you about this store as it is one of the most famous and top-selling saree shops in Hyderabad to date. The store is mainly famous for its cotton and Kota sarees.

15) Trisha Trend

This is among the few designer boutiques in Hyderabad that has gained so much popularity among the people within a decade of establishing the store. The store has plenty of options in sarees to choose from, from Kanjeevaram to even half sarees as well. After this immense popularity they have gained over the years, recently they have opened their second outlet at Jubilee Hills.

Apart from designer sarees they also have an immense and beautiful collection of other designer clothes as well like ghagras, tunics, half sarees, salwar suits, and the list just goes on. This is one of the best designer boutiques in Hyderabad where you can buy your bridal costumes as well.

These are the top 15 saree stores in Hyderabad, you can choose any one of them and also be rest assured that you will get the best product that you can buy now.  As our earth is becoming polluted day by day, selecting faux silk, hemp fabric or even upcycled materials will be a good option.

But you don’t have to worry at all as all these stores have these products as well keeping rising pollution in mind. So it is better to try one of these stores before buying your next saree and you can also be surprised that sometimes these stores offer some discounts as well on their products. So check before starting your shopping, it can save you some money as well.

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