List of 10 Best Tamil Restaurants in Hyderabad

Is there any person who doesn’t love Tamil cuisine? Almost everyone who has ever been to Tamil Nadu loves the simplicity and flavorsome dishes of Tamil cuisine. No wonder, the glorious Tamil food is backed with ancient culture, traditions, community history, as well as external influences. There are many Tamil dishes that have a special place in the hearts of the people. Due to this reason, the people who have tasted Tamil cuisine always crave more.

However, people living in other states like Hyderabad who want to have Tamil cuisine don’t necessarily need to visit Tamil Nadu. Hyderabad has a lot to offer other than its famed biryani. The regional cuisine of Hyderabad stunningly blends the long-standing tradition of Telugu cuisine that continues to mesmerize the people.

Since many restaurants in the city serve Tamil cuisine, it becomes a mammoth task to search for the best Tamil restaurants in Hyderabad. To make things simpler, we have brought you the most popular Tamil restaurants in the city of Nawabs:

1) Chutneys
2) Simply South
3) Udupi’s Upahar
4) Dakshin
5) Minerva Coffee Shop
6) Okra
7) House of Dosa
8) Sri Siddhi Udup Tiffins
9) The Spicy Venue
10) Kshetra Vegetarian Restaurant

1) Chutneys –this is one of the best Tamil restaurants that serve mouth watering Tamil dishes. It has ample seating arrangement as well as pleasant seating arrangement. Chutneys are famous for serving every lip-smacking Tamil delicacy in banana leaves. This is the main attraction of this restaurant. Whether you want freshly made Tamil breakfast or lunch and dinner, Chutneys serves it all. It is one of the few restaurants in Hyderabad which serves 24/7 to relish delightful food. The restaurant has its branches in Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Hitech City, as well as L.B Nagar. You can visit it from 7 am to 11 pm.

Cost – the cost of two people is Rs.800

Best known for–Chutneys is best known for its delicious Tamil dishes such as Guntur idli, ghee Karam dosa, uttapam, filtered coffee, and pesarattu.

2) Simply South – if you are in search of a Tamil restaurant with buffet services then Simply South is the best choice. The restaurant also has the option of a la carte menu. Every dish prepared at the restaurant is done with perfection. The appetizing food and amazing ambiance of this restaurant captivates Hyderabadis. Simply South has two branches in Hyderabad, one in Film Nagar and the other one in Hitech City. One can enjoy the delectable Tamil food at Simply South from 12 pm to 3.30 pm and from 7 pm till 11 pm.

Cost–the cost for two people is Rs.1000

Best known for–some of the best dishes at Simply South are tomato pappu, bisi bela bhath, palleturu mamsam, rasam, dosa, etc. The restaurant also serves Andhra, Kerala, as well as Mangalorean cuisine.

3) Udupi’s Upahar–this is one of the best Tamil restaurants in Hyderabad. The affordable prices and flavor some dishes of this restaurant make it a crowd puller. It has a spacious and easy seating arrangement which is best suitable for both family and friends. The restaurant only serves vegetarian Tamil dishes and is loved by all. It has various branches in Hyderabad such as in Gachibowli, Madhapur, Manikonda, as well as Kondapur. The visiting timings of Udupi’s Upahar are from 7 am to 10.30 pm. If you are visiting Hyderabad then having a meal at Udupi’s Upahar is a must.

Cost –the cost for two people is Rs.400

Best known for –this restaurant is best known for some of its dishes such as Mysore masala dosa, butter pesarattu, sambar idli, onion rava dosa, tomato onion uttapam, and much more.

4) Dakshin– Dakshin located at ITC Kakatiya is a fine dining restaurant in Hyderabad that is famous for its scrumptious Tamil food. The restaurant offers a stunning ambiance with elegant décor, an exciting menu, as well as live music. Dakshin offers an exceptional dining experience that you will never forget. One can delight their taste buds by either opting for thali at Dakshin or individual Tamil dishes. The visiting timings of this restaurant are from 12.30 pm to 2.45 pm and from 7.30 pm till 11.45 pm.

Cost – the cost for two people is Rs.3500

Best known for–some of the mouthwatering Tamil dishes at Dakshin are banana dosa, brinjal curry, rasam, payasam, gunta pongadam, masala prawn, and much more.

5) Minerva Coffee Shop–this is one of the best Tamil restaurants in Hyderabad for thalis. The restaurant is three decades old in Hyderabad and is satisfying people with its finger-licking food. Minerva Coffee Shop is always crowded with its loyal customers and one can hardly find a place to sit during lunch and dinner time. Apart from Tamil cuisine, the restaurant also serves North Indian as well as Chinese dishes. To enjoy a hearty meal, one can easily find this restaurant in Madhapur, Tirupati Jubilee Hills, Vijayawada, Himayat Nagar, as well as Amarpeet. Its visiting hours are from 7 am till 10.30 pm.

Cost – the cost for two people is Rs.400

Best known for–you can try its dishes like vada, paper dosa, Mysore bhajji, onion uttappam, etc.

6) Okra – this is an all-day dining restaurant in Hyderabad. The elaborative menu and amazing ambiance of Okra makes it a favorite of all. The restaurant is also famous for serving appetizing continental, Chinese, as well as other Indian dishes. However, Tamil delicacies are the star of Okra’s menu. The restaurant has sophisticated interiors as well as quick service which make it perfect to spend some quality time with friends and family. Okra is located at Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre.

Cost –the cost for two people is Rs.3000

Best known for–it is best known for its delectable gongura mamsam, shahi tukda, dosa, rasam, idli, and much more.

7) House of Dosa–are you craving for mouth watering dosa? House of Dosa is the best place to visit in Hyderabad. The restaurant offers an array of dosas in the city which is hard to find anywhere else. You name the type of dosa and they have it. The restaurant has a very soothing ambiance and spacious seating arrangement. Visiting House of Dosa with your friends and family won’t be regretful. The place is located opposite Lucid Diagnostics, Banjara Hills. Their visiting timings are from 12 pm to 3.30 pm and 7 pm till 10.45 pm.

Cost – the cost for two people is Rs.300

Best known for–House of Dosa is best known for its dishes such as erra karam dosa, Nutella dosa, udakapettina karam dosa, ghee karam dosa, and much more.

8) Sri Siddhi Udup Tiffins–this is a casual dining restaurant that has a special place in the hearts of Hyderabadis. The restaurant has a very simple, comfortable, and clean ambiance. One can even call it one quick restaurant to feast on scrumptious Tamil food. If you are hungry and are confused about where to go, Sri Siddhi Udup Tiffins is the best place for you. The restaurant is located at Paradise circle road, behind Hotel Aditya. It’s visiting hours from 7 am till 10.30 pm. This restaurant’s delightful dishes won’t disappoint you.

Cost– the cost for two people is Rs.150

Best known for–their best-known dishes are butter masala dosa, onion rava dosa, MLA dosa, curd rice, and a lot more.

9) The Spicy Venue – The Spicy Venue is one of the most loved restaurants in Hyderabad. Its gorgeous interiors and amazing service make you feel special. The restaurant is famous for its lip-smacking dishes which will make you feel in heaven and leave you completely satisfied. Anyone who wishes to have the best quality time with their friends and family can visit The Spicy Venue. They have a great variety of Tamil food as well as North Indian and Chinese dishes. The restaurant is located at Jubilee Hills and its visiting timings are from 12 pm to 3.30 pm and 7 pm till 10.45 pm.

Cost –the cost for two is Rs.1000

Best known for– they are best known for dishes such as mamsam lguru, curd rice, Apricot delight, pulusu, palleturi kodi pulao, and much more.

10) Kshetra Vegetarian Restaurant – this restaurant is famous for its vegetarian food and nominal prices. The ambiance of the restaurant is very spacious and welcoming. Whether you are visiting this restaurant with family or friends, it is a perfect choice. Its outdoor seating arrangement will win your heart. The restaurant serves Indian, Chinese, as well as continental dishes. But its Tamil dishes are great crowd pullers. The place is located at Somajiguda with visiting timings from 7.30 am till 11 pm.

Cost – the cost for two people is Rs.800

Best known for–it is famous for its dishes like rice pongal, dosa, upma, rasam, utappam, and much more.


Whether you are visiting Hyderabad for work or vacation, visiting top Tamil restaurants in Hyderabad should be on your priority list. The Tamil restaurants mentioned above have something special about them. The mouth-watering freshly prepared dishes, their simplicity, ambiance, and prices, etc. will make your experience worthwhile. Moreover, all these restaurants in Hyderabad remind everyone that Hyderabad is a city that serves the true taste of the Tamil region.

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