Kasaba Row: Mammootty Finally Breaks his Silence about the Issue Surrounding Parvathy

The controversy started when Parvathy called out the misogynistic dialogues in Malayalam Superstar Mammootty’s film Kasaba at a panel discussion in the International Film Festival of Kerala. She had said that it was disappointing to see an actor par excellence in a scene that insults women. Soon after this comment, Parvathy was trolled mercilessly and started receiving rape and death threats on all social media platforms. Following which, she filed a complaint with the Ernakulam cybercrime cell who are working on the case.

Mammootty parvathy row

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Mammootty chose to stay silent for nearly three weeks regarding this issue. Meanwhile, two arrests have been made in the issue based on the complaint lodged by Parvathy, the cybercrime officials are still working towards nabbing those abusers who have threatened the actress. It was only after that, Mammootty finally decided to talk about the issue. In an interview he said, “I don’t want to get involved in any controversy. But, I want to take part in those debates that are meaningful. I have not assigned anyone to reply on my behalf or react to any issue pertaining to me.” He further revealed that Parvathy had brought the whole issue to his attention and that he had talked to her and advised her not to take it seriously. He added that he wouldn’t encourage his fans to threaten anyone. He also gave a reason for not reacting on the issue before, that he was out of the country due to which he couldn’t react. Mammootty stressed on the fact that freedom of opinion is as important as well as freedom of expression. However, he still hasn’t reacted on the actual comment which started all this, about the misogynistic dialogues in his film Kasaba.

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