Instagram’s New Update: Now You Can Hide Photos From Your Instagram Profile

The mysterious people behind Instagram have finally heard your voices in the apps review section. The eyes may be a gateway to the soul, but the feeds on the social media accounts can be more transparent. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media apps all give people the opportunity to share their lives with the world and present themselves with a specific image which can be seen in the future when you use the app. Few of those images can be embarrassing or few images u might delete again and again unless you get the filtering right.


Instagram has now rolled out a new update which comes with an archive feature that will help you to remove images from your feed without just deleting them. If you have any embarrassing pictures you can hide them without just losing them completely.

If you are the person who was waiting for this feature all you need to do to gain the archive option is to upgrade to Instagram 10.25, and you’ll find the feature in the main menu. Just select an image, hit Archive, and it will be removed from your feed and move to a private folder which only you can access. If you ever change your mind about a photo you’ve archived, you can use the ‘Show on Profile’ option to make it public once again.

Here is the process how you use the new feature:

  • Click the three dots at the top of your photo, then tap the sparkly new ‘Archive’ option.
  • The photo will disappear from your feed and show up in your ‘Archive’ folder. View your archives via the little clock icon at the top right corner of your profile.
  • If you decide that the photo must be live on your feed, tap the three dots again, select ‘Show on Profile’ and the picture will be back on your feed.

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