Instagram’s new dashboard: Now IG will allow you to check how much time you spend in the App

Instagram has finally made their promise that was made in August in action by delivering its latest feature. Both Instagram and its parent company Facebook promised back in August that they would introduce these tools in response to calls about the addictive nature of social media. Now, the popular image uploading social network will give users a dashboard option, in which they can see how much time they’re spending on the App. Additionally, user can limit their usage by adding a time limit in this new feature and an gives an option to temporarily mute push notifications.

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In order to access your dashboard, you have to tap the hamburger icon, the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of your profile page. Now, tap Your Activity option, which is newly included in the menu. Your dashboard will appear, and it will show you the time you’ve spent in the app over the last week, along with an estimate of the average time spent every day. You can also set a daily time limit for the app. However, if you cross the time limit that you set, Instagram will alert you with a notification. The dashboard also has a feature that lets you choose which notifications you want to receive, and also lets you mute push notifications.

Previously, Giants like Apple and Google have introduced similar dashboards into iOS and Android so that users can take more control of how they use apps. However, Instagram’s parent company Facebook is also expected to follow the similar step by launching a similar feature, but no official announcements have been made yet.

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