How to Use Google for Reverse Phone Lookup


Nowadays, Google has become the most used search engine all across the world where people search literally for everything. It has become a round the clock friend for all of us. People all over the world are using Google to find out every little detail about places, products, people, cities, weather, wildlife, governments etc. It is hard to stay without using the search engine. It has literally simplified our lives to a great extent. Recently, people all across the world have started using it to find out people and their phone numbers.

It is capable enough to give potential details about people and the phone numbers associated with them. If one find a problem while getting details about the phone number and it’s owner then he can simply come down to Google to get the best results. It is also used for phone number look up and one can easily find out all the relevant details related to the phone number.

If you want to know anyone’s phone number then you can easily get from the search engine by putting some details of that person. Google is really an incredible source to get essential information especially phone numbers for any person, business, company and any university or college. However, it is very important to know at least a few things about a person or company before you start the search for the number.

How to find out someone’s phone number using Google?

To find out someone’s phone number or details associated with that particular phone number, Google has an easiest process to follow.

Step 1: First of all you need to go to

Step 2: After that you need to enter the name of the concerned person/company/university/business or their address details, state, zip or city in order to get results quickly and accurately. Make sure to put the right details in order to minimize your search.

Step 3: Once you have put the details then click on the ‘submit’ or ‘search’ button in order to process your details. Once you get the results then review them if they are in accordance with your information.

How to use Google to do a Free Phone Number Search?

With a little more information and legwork, one can easily search a phone number for free using Google search engine. However, it no longer has an official phonebook search feature. There are certain tips that one has to keep in mind while searching phone number of any person, company, university etc. for free over Google.

The first method is to put a person’s or company’s name in the search tab to get multiple results. But make sure to put the correct name and in quotes with first and last name in order to get best and specific results. In this way, you can get relevant results along with the phone numbers as well.

The second effective way to search a phone number of a person or company or business over Google is to enter a ZIP code along with the name of the person or company or business. Make sure that the ZIP code is correct. Once you enter the details, Google will show the results along with the URLs that you can open for further information.

The third effective way to search phone numbers for businesses is to put the detail especially the business name along with the ZIP code in the search bar. If you don’t know the exact name of the business then put details of type of business in order to get the relevant results. For that, Google will use local listings including maps, reviews and contact information in order to take you to the required results.

If that also doesn’t work out for you then you can also use another way by putting business type along with the city or specific area. Although business numbers are always listed on Google and Maps and one can easily get them. Google uses different sources to give you accurate information.

How to find Reverse Number Lookup?

Reverse number lookup is the process where you can get the information about any individual or company or business. It comes into the picture when you are failed to get information on Google. This process involves individual’s phone number, email address, name, address etc. There are many reversed search tools that you can find out the Internet.

Google is the most prominent search engine for reverse number lookup. It literally means that you are going to search something on the basis of some piece of information. It can be used with a text or image. And a reverse number lookup means that you are searching using a phone number instead of name or address.

The most common reason to do reverse number lookup is when you really don’t know who owns it. For an instance, we use TrueCaller application in our smart phones to get the information about the number and who owns it.

It can easily be done through Google by typing a phone number along with the area code. Once you put the phone number with an area code, you will get multiple results as Google brings the phone numbers from various sources in order to help you. You just need to click the tab to go the URL to seek the correct information. However, business phone numbers are easily come out on Google right in the bookmark description. In this way you can easily retrieve the details of the person associated with the phone number. And to get accurate results, try to modify your search by putting only name or numbers or zip code etc.

So by using these tips and techniques, one can easily use Google phone number lookup to find out the phone numbers associated with a particular business, organization or institution without making much effort.

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