How to Hide your IP Address

What is an IP Address?

Since the arrival of the Internet, one phrase is making rounds all over the world for so many reasons. It is “IP Address’. It means “Internet Protocol” which is a unique identifier of every computer on the internet network. This unique address helps in to locate the exact location of a particular computer or laptop and also being used as an interface identification for a network. The IP address helps us to send and receive data or information to and from machines in a specific network.

The importance of unique IP address can be understood from the fact that those who can’t bear the expense of setting up their own server use a dedicated server having one IP address through which they can get an instant access to hundreds of websites running on the same server. However, there are some potential dangers when you are accessing a website on the same IP address that is being shared by many more websites.

Often a times, a few netizens indulge in shady activities and you will also bear the brunt as you are on the same IP address that is being shared by other websites as well. But there are some result-proven methods that can help you to hide your IP address. By implementing some of these ways, you can enhance your privacy and security, access the blocked content on YouTube in some regions or prevent any misuse of your confidential information.

Different ways to Hide your IP Address

Make use of VPN service:

This is one of the best ways to hide your IP address. You can get a VPN software. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it helps in giving you a new IP address to hide your original one. It can be set up within a few minutes. You can get an instant access to restricted content on online websites without sharing your original location or IP.

All you need to do is to sign up on any VPN application or software to get a unique and new IP address. The entire information and traffic from your laptop or computer routes through the new IP address that you get from the VPN software. The best part is that the data exchange through this method will be completely secure and you can instantly get an access to the dark websites.

Make use of Proxy:

It is yet another method to hide your original IP address. However, it is bit slower than VPN but quite impressive. You can find out plethora of proxy servers that can be used to hide your IP address and you can freely surf without sharing your identity. Proxy means that you are accessing online data through an agent or inter mediator which transmits the information from the destination site to you and vice versa. The only drawback is that many proxy servers tend to slow down your internet speed and your computer becomes prone to viruses. Thus one has to be very careful while using proxy method to protect real IP address.

Make use of TOR browser:

It is also a very effective way to hide your original IP address while browsing data online. It stands for “The Onion Router”. It is basically a free service provider which gives you an instant connection to the freely operated network of servers and gives you a fresh IP just like VPN client. It is also known as a TOR Browser just like very popular browsers such as Chrome. It is very much compatible to all prominent operating systems including Mac, Windows and Linux. It is a full proof and heavy-duty encrypted process that actually layer your data with advanced security and privacy security.

Make use of Public Wifi network:

Now this may seem weird to you but if your main purpose is to hide your original IP then you can make use of this method. Nowadays, getting a public IP address is very easy. You can sit down at the coffee shop, mall or any popular hangout zone that offers free WiFi connectivity. You can easily get connected to their IP address. However, it is really vulnerable to use public WiFi as it comes with a set of dangers.

You are completely as the risk of various online attacks, hacking and other shady malpractices. But if you take a few safety measure then you can easily use public WiFi by hiding your IP address. You can connect through VPN network by installing the VPN application. One of the prominent application is CyberGhost and you can find out many more on the Internet.

Make use of your smart phone’s data: It is yet another effective and instant method to hide your original IP address. The smart phone data works in a different manner and has a different IP address. In some urgent situations you can use this process of hiding your IP address.

Unplug your modem:

This is the easiest way to push the process of an IP change provided by your internet service provider. You just need to unhook your modem and reconnect it after a short while. After a while you will be given a new IP address. However it has certain limitations. It works only on dynamic IPs. And another limitation is that you have to stay out of internet for a good number of hours in order to change your IP address.

Contact your Internet Service Provider:

This is the last way out to change your IP address. If you don’t want to do hard work then simply make a call to your ISP and ask him to assign you a new IP address. In case he uses a dynamic IP address, then he will quickly change it.

So, these are the effective, quick and flexible methods of hiding your IP address or change it to a new one in some time. This is also one of the important steps that will help you to safeguard yourself and your data from the online threats.

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