How to do SEO for Gambling Websites and Get First Page Rankings

Gambling is considered as one of the huge industry across the globe which generates billions of dollars every year for the companies who are in to it. Moving from offline business to online has helped the industry to grab more customers. To have strong presence online, companies have started promoting their  business through different sources of digital marketing channels that includes SEO, PPC, SMO, Affilate and Email Marketing.
gambling seo
Among these channels, one of the best source to gain traffic and businessis through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). From my experience of working with different websites of gambling that includes bingo, rummy, poker, casino and slots, below are the list of steps or procedure to be followed to gain rankings for the website.

1) First and foremost is to list out keywords using competitor analysis or using Google Keyword Planner.

2) Once list of keywords are finalized then start the perfect onsite audit for the website.

3) Onsite Audit includes:

a) Title and Meta Description
b) Image optimization
c) Internal links (limit of 100 links per page)
d) External links (Should have external links related to your niche)
e) Content optimization
f) Header Tags(<h1> to <h6>)
g) Google Analytics setup
h) Google Webmaster Console setup
i)  HTML and XML sitemap creation
j)  Speed loading issues( GT Mertics Tool to find the issues)
k) 301 redirects and 404 creation
l) Responsive mode for the website
m) Robots.txt file setup
n) URL optimization
o) Non www to www redirection.

4) Next activity was to go for link building process which is considered as the main factor for ranking the keywords. As you have the list of targeted keywords, segregate them in to low,medium and high volume keywords and target them based on that.

For low volume keyword, you have article written on it in separate page as resource with words of more than 1000 words with interesting facts related to your niche then those keywords will come up with out much link building activity done for it.

Coming to medium and high search volume keywords, it’s more important to have content based on the keywords placed in their specific page and start link building for it to gain rankings.

gambling for seo

How to find backlinks for the website?

Many of them asked me of how to get backlinks data for the website then I suggested them,SEMrush or Majesticseo which are the tools used to download backlinks of the competitors.

Still the duty is not over, next activity is to use Moz tool for listing out DA and PA of the backlink website and at the same time, have TF and CF being listed  from Majesticseo to judge the quality of a backlink before getting the link from it.

Once you have the sheet ready with list of backlinks of the competitors by noting down the metrics to judge the quality, start approaching them using contact us page of the website or using email mentioned mentioned.

In the current trend, most of the high quality websites are not free, so you should allocate budget for getting links for the website. It is more important to understand the concept of “Anchor Text Diversification” to remain on the safer side from getting penalized for over usage of exact match or repeated anchor while linking for backlink.

Very important note is that to get not more than 2 to 3 links from each of the back linking website to get away with penguin penalization. At the same time, acquire limited links for each of the month and increase the count of acquiring backlinks for every quarter (for example, if you have acquired 15 links for this month, continue acquiring the same count of numbers till next quarter and increase the count to 25 after it).

So, above was the process followed by me in acquiring quality backlinks as well as onsite audit which helped to gain ranking in short period of time.

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