How To Do Keyword Research or Analysis for SEO

For SEO project to start with  it is more important to do keyword research or analysis to find out right keywords for the project otherwise it does not make sense in starting off with. Keyword research or analysis activity helps in listing out different types of keywords for the project, based on which you set keyword for each of the page of the website.

It is very difficult to target single, two and three phrase keywords at the starting of the project but with keyword research you can list down long tail keywords which can be ranked in short period of time and helps in driving traffic for the website.

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How do you Judge the value of the keyword:

1) The main important thing that you should understand is that whether the keyword is relevant to your industry or not, apart from that, it is important to analyze whether searchers will be able to locate your website for the keywords you have set for the pages in your website.

2) Do competitor analysis as well as create sample account google adwords account to list of main targeted keywords for your business. To analyze competitor keywords, you have to just type relevant keyword in google or bing and from the ads that appear on the top and bottom of the google search to list down competitors from them you can explore keywords for your website.

Resources for Keyword Research or Analysis:

There are many resources through which you can do keyword research to list down targeted keywords for the websites and details of it are mentioned below:

1) Competitor Analysis: As I mentioned above, find the relevant keyword to search for in Google or Bing to find competitor list from them you list out targeted keywords for the website.
2) Google Adwords Keyword Planner: This is a Google Adwords option through which you can get the list of the keywords for the website, for which you need to create an account in Google Adwords and under tools option, you can find option named “Keyword Planner” using which you can list out keywords.
3) Google Trends: This is another tool through which you get the trends of keywords over a period of time based on which you can take a call whether that particular keyword is apt for the business or not.

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