How to deal or overcome duplicate content in SEO

Duplicate content is one of the major issue for SEO guys to be handled and if it is not sorted out in right way then it would hamper the performance of the pages which are duplicate. Through this article, you would be knowing of “How to deal or overcome duplicate content in SEO”

What is duplicate content in SEO?

If you are having same content in different pages of the website then it is called as duplicate content.

Steps to be followed for Duplicate Content:

Check for which of the page should be primary before taking any measure to overcome the issue by checking which of page is receiving more traffic among the pages.

Tools to be used to identify Duplicate Content issue:

It is really tough to identify the issues, so we should use different tools to pull out duplicate content issues that includes screaming frog,semrush,seoprofiler, content king and others

How to overcome or deal with Duplicate Content:

Below are the options you can choose to over come the duplicate content issue:

1) You can opt for 301 redirect which is a permanent redirect from main page to the duplicate page of the content.
2) You can use canonical tag as shown below :
<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

Duplicate Content Best Practices:

Duplicate content mean that having same content in different pages of the website or having thin content is other impact on the website. So, one has to very careful while preparing content for the website and below are list of best practices :

1) Prepare unique content for each of the page of the website.
2) Ensure that spun content is not part of any of the pages.
3) Do not stuff more keywords in to the content.

Examples of  Duplicate Content:

1) URL Variants: URL parameter is one of the reason for having duplicate content issue for the website. Below are the examples of URLs:

The main URL : and the other duplicate URL :

2) https vs http/www vs nonwww: Google considers https and http as two versions of the website and in the similar way www and nonwww as two versions which lead to duplication of content, below are the list of examples:
https vs https: vs
www vs nonwww:  vs

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