How to Connect Wireless Printer to Laptop

Why use of wireless printers?

If you consider the current trend, people prefer to buy wireless printers over wired ones. With changing technology and times, wireless gadgets and devices have become a new rage in the world of technology. A printer is one of the important office gadgets that is being used quite often. In fact, it is being used on a daily basis for everyday printing. Modern wireless printers give a hassle-free printing without requiring wires.

The printers actually make use of your Wi-Fi connection to print from laptop. It empowers you to print your documents from any room without connecting wires. This is why, modern printer manufacturers have brought in a wide range of wireless printers for office and home usage.

Wireless means without wires and it works right through it Internet connection. If you are using it at home, then you have to connect it to your home network, whereas if you are in office then you have to make use of office network. However, there is a proper procedure to connect wireless printer to laptop. There are some important steps that one should follow in order to connect their laptops to wireless printer without going wrong.

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Steps to connect wireless printer to Wi-Fi

Before connecting your wireless printer to the laptop, you first need to connect wireless printer to your Wi-Fi because wireless printers work on Wi-Fi network

First of all, you have to go to your widows ‘Start’ button and choose ‘Control Panel’. There you can find out ‘Printers’ icon. Just click on that and go to the wireless-setup settings. Here you have to select the wireless SSID of the Wi-Fi network. Now put the Wi-Fi network password. If it’s done correctly, the wireless light on your printer turns on and now it’s using the Wi-Fi network.

However, if you find any problems while connecting your wireless printer to the Wi-Fi then follow the steps given below

The first step is to connect your printer to the laptop with the given cable. If the prints are coming out then your printer is not compatible with wireless Wi-Fi connection.

Secondly, if you are unable to connect your wireless printer to your Wi-Fi then move your printer to some other room in order to get better connectivity. You can also check the printer’s strength for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Thirdly, if you find continuous connectivity issue, then restart your Wi-Fi router and printer in order to get it started again.

Fourthly, sometimes the firmware on the printer is not updated. Thus, make sure to update it if it’s not updated.

How to connect wireless printer to laptop

Once you have configured the internet access through Wi-Fi on your wireless printer and it starts working, it’s time to connect a printer to a laptop wirelessly.

First of all, turn on your wireless printer.

Secondly open the Windows search bar and type ‘printer’

Thirdly, click on the printers and scanners

Fourthly, once you get the drop down menu, click on ‘add a printer’ button.

Fifthly, you will get to see your printer and select your printer. Once you see your printer, select it and click on add a device.

Now windows will take some time to add your printer and set up some important drivers. It might also ask you to install some additional software from Microsoft appstore to connect your wireless printer to the laptop.

Once the entire setup completes, the laptop will start printing successfully from your laptop without using any wire or USB cable.

What should you do if Windows fail to recognize your printer?

Sometimes, Windows fail to recognize your wireless printer. In such cases you have to follow the following steps

Go to the ‘add a printer’ option that you can get in ‘Printers and scanners’ option.

Here you need to click on ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’.

Now click on ‘add a Bluetooth, wireless or network discoverable printer’

Select the wireless printer now and once you are finished close it.

Benefits of printing wireless from your laptop

Once your wireless printer is connected to the wireless network of your home or office. You can perform printing documents within a certain range from any room. You don’t even need to be worried about connectivity. Just make sure that your printer is on and has enough papers in the tray to get the prints of the documents.

The major benefit of wireless printer is that one can not only take the prints from the laptop but also from the smart phones. If your phone has a print option then you can take the print from your phone while connecting it to the wireless printer.

Another benefit is that it offers a complete networking to your laptops, smart phones or computers. One can easily connect multiple users at the same time through Wi-Fi connectivity and everyone gets an access to the printer in a real time.

It is a revolutionary gadget that has cut down the cost of installing a printer and wires that cost a good amount of money. Every time you want to add a new user you have to get a separate plug and wire for him in order to connect him to the printer. However, in wireless printer one doesn’t need to do that and connect wirelessly.

With the wireless printers, one can do the internet printing directly without downloading the documents in the laptop or smart phone storage. With this revolutionary device, your documents can be printed directly from the Cloud without going into the internal storage.

Many modern wireless printers are multifunctional and can be used for not only printing but also for scanning, copying and fax. One can perform all three on wireless printers from laptop, smart phones or computers.

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