How to Add Beneficiary using HDFC Netbanking to Transfer Funds to Other Banks

Through this post we are helping people to understand the process of adding beneficiary to the HDFC Bank to transfer funds.

Below is the process has step by step of how to add beneficiary through HDFC Netbanking to transfer funds to other banks.

First of all, you have to login to HDFC netbanking using the URL

HDFC login
Once you have logged in, you will see the below options in your account

HDFC Account options

From the above options choose “Fund Transfer” option and after which choose “Enquire” option  and then select “View/Delete List of Beneficiaries” as shown in the below screen shot

Funds Transfer–>Enquire–>View/Delete list of Beneficiaries

HDFC add beneficiaries

After clicking on “View/Delete List of Beneficiaries”, you will directed to the screen as shown below:

HDFC Beneficiaries option

From above screen that appears in you account, you have different options of adding beneficiaries as mentioned below, from which you have choose second option/block:

1) Transfer within the bank
2) Transfer to other bank
3) Transfer to ECMS account
4) Foreign outward Remittance

As in this article, we are trying to make you understand of how to add beneficiary to transfer amount to other bank. so choose the second option i.e. Transfer to other bank by clicking on the “View” Button which will list out already added members and at the end of the list, you have option named “Add New” which has to be chosen, as shown in the below screen

Choose View—> Add New


Add New Beneficiary

When you click on “Add New” button, below screen will be shown, from which choose the second option named “Transfer to other bank” and click on “Go” button

HDFC Transfer Fund

Once you click on the “Go” button then below screen is shown which has the beneficiary fields to be filled :

HDFC Add Beneficiaries Fields

Once you have filled the fields then use “Add” button to add the beneficiary to your account as shown in the above screen, after which you will be getting OTP to confirm the addition of the user to your account for money transfer. ‘

After 30 minutes, you will get confirmation about the addition of the user after which you can start transferring money.

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