Hike ID: Now, users can Chat Without Sharing Their Mobile Number

How to Chat Without Sharing the Mobile Number using Hike ID

India’s local messaging app Hike Messenger launched “Hike ID” which is a unique identity that will let the users chat on Hike without sharing their mobile number. Hike ID is an identity that removes the need for sharing your phone number so that your privacy is guarded, and makes searching for contacts easier.

hike messenger chat

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In a survey from most of the Hike users, 69 percent of them said they’d like to talk to people without sharing their phone numbers first and over 72 percent said they want to skip the process of saving someone’s number before talking to them. Therefore, Hike ID will help the users keep their phone numbers private, while allow an easy messaging and calling options. Which means, it is easy to search for someone by just using their “Hike ID”, so the user will no longer needs to go through the process of saving a friend’s number before being able to send him or her a message.

This feature will be rolled out first for Android user, starting next week. However, for iOS users it will roll out later. The company is also planning to add more services like cab bookings, bus, train, movie tickets and pay bills in 2018.

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