Google Motion Stills App Brings AR Stickers to All Android Smartphone’s; Find out How

Google is bringing AR stickers to all its Android Smartphone’s. The Motion Stills app is getting updated to v2.0, where users will be able to add AR stickers into videos. The Motion Stills app was first launched by Google in June 2016 for iOS users. The app allows users to turn Live Photos into stabilized GIFs and looping videos. Later, Google released the app for Android users in July 2017. Meanwhile, when the AR stickers support was first introduced on the Google Pixel 2, users got the ability to insert AR versions of characters from popular movies or TV shows directly into pictures and videos.
Google motion stills

However, now any Smartphone running Android 5.1 or later can use this feature by downloading the updated Motion Stills app from Google Play Store.

Now, let us take a quick look at how to use this new feature by Google.

Firstly, you need to download the Motion Stills app from the Google Play store. If you are already using it, make sure you update the latest v2.0 version of the app. After installing the app in order to Add AR stickers in Motion Stills, open the app, tap on AR, and then select AR character you want to add in your photo. However, there aren’t many choices of AR objects available at the moment. You are currently limited to options like Dinosaur, Gingerbread, Alien, Robot, Chicken, and Globe. Once you choose an appropriate AR character of choice, the app will ask you to select a surface for the character to be placed onto.

You can resize the character by pinching with your fingers. Now tap on the recording button to capture the footage. Once you’re done, tap on the same button to save the video. Later,you can also  edit the captured footage and share it. To do that, select the gallery box on the lower corner and choose the footage you wish to edit. You can remove the background sound by tapping on the speaker icon. Also, you can change the clip’s playback speed. Once the clip is edited, select the share button on the right-hand side of the screen. The clip can be shared as a GIF or a video. If you dislike the recorded clip, you can simply delete it by selecting the trash icon in the lower right corner.

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