Google For Jobs Launched, Now Search and Apply for Jobs at One Go

The Search giant Google launched a new job search feature in its search pages which is known as ‘Google for Jobs’, that helps you in your Job hunts across any major platforms. Google says that those companies which have their job listings on places like LinkedIn, Monster and Facebook are eligible to appear on the search results as well. Google will also be adding new job listings filters in coming days.

Google say that this initiative is focused on helping both job seekers and employers at the same time. This feature doesn’t come as a separate app or website, but is directly integrated to Google Search.
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The main motive to introduce this feature is to make job hunting more convenient for an employee, eliminating duplicate posts that you might encounter when searching through various job listing websites. This new feature is available in English on both Google search for desktop and mobile. All you should do is type on search like jobs near me which will give you a list based on your location, or search based on the position you want. The search results page will then display its new widget, that lets you compare through listings that match your specifications. From here you can refine the results by location, industry, employer, and even part-time or full-time.

Google say that once you find a job you’re interested and click on it, Google will redirect you to that specific job hunt site, so you can send in your application. When the same listing is on multiple sites, Google will send you to the one with the most complete post. Thisinitiative will also make the platforms to provide better descriptions, in order to rate themselves a higher priority, thereby benefiting the person looking for a job.For employers to add their job listings to Google for Jobs, they need to add Job Posting structured data to their website, which Google has detailed in this post. Websites which have over 100,000 job postings can make changes by using the High Change Rate feature on Google for Jobs.

Now, this new feature Google for Jobs looks to provide a much cleaner platform for job searches. From now the long list of jobs will decrease to one or two genuine matches according to your specifications. Hopefully, the filters on Google for Jobs will help in bringing the required job listing in the Search results.

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