GM Diet for Weight Loss- Try it out to Know the Change

What is GM Diet?

To everyone’s amazement, the GM in the GM Diet stands for General Motors. Yes, the car manufacturer. This diet was planned out in 1985 by the team of General Motors for increasing their workforce’s health and efficiency. This diet plan was followed by all the GM employees on a trial run. The results were fantastic. The employees were able to lose more than 10 kilos of weight in just 7 days. Not only weight loss, the GM diet plan also augmented their efficiency, energy level, and strength. This diet is an uncomplicated routine combination of food and exercises. Here are the complete details about the simple GM diet plan to weight loss.

What are the versions?

The GM diet plan comes in two versions for Indians. There are separate diet plans for the vegetarians and non – vegetarians. Both of these versions follow almost the same kind of exercises. The only major difference lies are in consumption of meat and eggs and the fruits. There is more emphasis on consumption of fruits and liquids in the vegan diet. The consumption focuses on eggs, omelets, and fish and other meat food.

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How does it work?

The GM diet plan to weight loss focuses on the intake of fruits, vegetable, starch, and similar food items. There should be no consumption of alcohol. A major element of this diet is water. It recommends you drink as much water as you can, the more, the better. A minimum of 10 glasses of water is mandatory. The foods mentioned in the GM diet focus on such combination which helps in weight loss while simultaneously increasing efficiency. Low – calorie food and carbohydrate-rich items are usually preferred.

It works by burning your calories and extra fat through the water intake and exercises. It further balances the weight by the consumption of low – calorie foods. But to retain or increase the energy and efficiency level, the diet includes the carbohydrate and protein nourished food. Therefore, the GM diet plan focuses on three major elements – water, low – calorie food (fruits and vegetables), and energy giving food (milk and juices).

GM diet plan

The GM diet plan is stretched over a period of 7 days. It mentions all the foods and fruits for consumption. It also enumerates the exercises to be followed. It contains the names of foods to be avoided along with the preferred substitutes. Here is the comprehensive 7-day GM diet plan to weight loss.

GM diet plan – Day 1

On the first day, you have to drink about 8 to 12 glasses of water. This day requires you to eat many fruits. Kiwi, apples, watermelon, and oranges are some of the better options. There is absolutely no restraint on the quantity of fruits that you eat. Whenever, you feel hungry, you have to go for a fruit instead of your usual junk food.

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There are some foods which have to be avoided on the first day:

  • Fruits – Banana
  • Dairy – Brown rice
  • Vegetables – All the vegetables
  • Protein – Mushroom, lentils, meat, fish, and beans

Watermelons and cantaloupes are fiber – rich fruits. They will keep your stomach full for a longer period.

There are some exercises that are recommended for the first day:

  • Arm circles (10 reps)
  • Wrist circles (10 reps)
  • Neck rotation (10 reps)
  • Ankle, leg, waist rotation (10 reps)

GM diet plan-Day 2

The second day of the GM diet focuses on the intake of vegetables. The best options are carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, and cabbage. For the entire day, you have to eat vegetables and only vegetables. These will give you nutrients for sustaining longer. After having only low carbs on the first day, you can have some carbs with the all – veggie day.

gm diet plan day 2

Some foods to avoid are:

  • Fruits – All the fruits
  • Dairy – Milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt
  • Beverages – Alcohol, coffee, juices, and soda
  • Proteins –Meat, fish, eggs, and beans

You can have some soup if you get bored of eating vegetables. Baked potatoes will also help.

Here are the exercises for day 2:

  • Surya Namaskar
  • Kapalbhati
  • Cobbler pose
  • Rope jumping and rotation activities

Here are the exercises for day 2:

  • Surya Namaskar
  • Kapalbhati
  • Cobbler pose
  • Rope jumping and rotation activities

GM diet plan – Day 3

The third day is a mixture of 1 and 2. It includes both fruits and vegetables in the diet. After eating only fruits and vegetables on the first 2 days, your body will get fully acquainted and adapted to the diet. With both fruits and vegetables, you can replenish your body and taste buds.

gm diet plan day 3            

Some foods to avoid are:

  • Vegetables – Potatoes
  • Fruits – Bananas
  • Proteins, beverages, and dairy products

This day’s diet helps you to burn some calories and lose extra weight.

Some exercises to follow are:

  • Squats (10 reps in 2 sets)
  • Lunges (10 reps in 2 sets)
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Rotation exercises

GM diet plan- Day 4

The fourth day of the GM diet plan focuses on bananas, milk, and water. You have to eat around 8 to 12 bananas. Supplementing it, 4 glasses of milk are recommended. The regular 8 to 12 glasses of water for intake. Bananas are for instant energy and help in digestion as well. You can make a milkshake or a fruit salad to avoid a monotonous diet.

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Some foods to avoid are:

  • Vegetables – Potato
  • Fruits – All fruits except banana
  • Protein – Except milk
  • Fats, beverages, and dairy items

Since bananas give energy, therefore, you can exercise more without the weak feeling.

Some exercises to follow are:

  • Rotation exercises
  • Squats and Pilates
  • Bicycle Crunches (10 reps in 2 sets)
  • Spot jogging

GM diet plan- Day 5

For the fifth day, you have to increase the water intake to 12 to 15 glasses. At least 6 tomatoes should make your diet. Vegetarians can eat brown rice and non-vegetarians can eat chicken or fish. This day focuses on high fiber foods. Therefore, you have to eat heavier food and drink more water.

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Some foods to avoid are:

  • Vegetables – Potato
  • Fruits – Banana
  • Protein – Beef, turkey, and pork
  • Beverages, fats, and dairy items

The fifth day is for expanding your energy level.

Some exercises to follow are:

  • Rotation exercises
  • Kapalbhati
  • Squats and rope jumping

GM diet plan- Day 6

The sixth day of the GM diet again comes to vegetables – cooked and uncooked. You have to eat all veggies, irrespective of the amount, without oil. Vegans can eat brown rice and non-vegans can go for chicken or fish. This day focuses on gaining more and more nutrients with fibers.

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Some foods to avoid are:

  • Vegetables – Potato
  • Fruits – All fruits
  • Fats, beverages, and dairy items

You can substitute some turkey for chicken and quinoa for brown rice to make it more interesting.

Some exercises to follow are:

  • Stairs running and air cycling
  • Sit ups (10 reps of 2 sets)
  • Pushups
  • Breathing and face exercises

GM diet plan- Day 7

The last day for the diet focuses on juices. You have to eat any kind of vegetables and all fruit juices. Eat one bowl of brown rice. Clean all the toxins in the body with these juices. You can have some sprout salad to supplement the juices.

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Some foods to avoid are:

  • Vegetables – potato
  • Fruits – Mango, banana, cherry
  • Fats, beverages, and dairy items

You can keep substituting the fruit juices and vegetables with different items. This routine is for keeping you active all the time.

Some exercises for the day are:

  • Rotation exercises
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Sit ups and air cycling
  • Squats

The next time you think about going on a diet, follow the GM diet plan for better results. You can lose weight and increase your body strength at the same time. Stick to the plan and devote your time effectively for a quick outcome.

In today’s world, everyone wants to be fit and healthy so to stay lively all the time but to live such a fit life, a person needs to be physically healthy and fit. It’s important for an individual to maintain a good health and set realistic health goals that can be achieved without hampering his routine activities.

If you are looking for the ways to lose weight fast, set a realistic goal that can be achieved in real time without feeling stressed and pressurized. GM diet plan is one of the best dietary plans that must be followed to lose weight in a healthy way within a week. GM diet stands for General Motors diet. It was developed by Food and Drug Administration and US Department of Agriculture with General Motors. GM diet plan is one of the best diet plans that helps in improving confidence and working efficiency of an individual.  Below mentioned are some important things that you need to know about GM diet plan to weight loss.

Benefits of GM diet

Although there are countless benefits of GM diet but to be precise, seven days of it offers you following health benefits:

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  • Rapid Weight Loss

One of the best benefits of GM diet is that it helps an individual to lose weight very fast. On an average count, the people who follow GM diet plan lose around 4 to 7 kilogram of weight in their first week. Moreover, such quick weight loss boosts up morale in the individuals and they enthusiastically continue with the further process.

  • Develops sound digestive system

GM diet develops a sound digestive system. As it helps in removal of various kinds of unwanted toxins from an individual’s body. The diet is full of required proteins, vitamins and minerals. The diet includes consumption of a large amount of water, rich fruits good quality veggies. Such a diet helps in cleaning of previous malfunctions in your body system and develops a sound digestive system within just 7 days.

  • Burns extra calories

GM diet supports an individual to burn extra calories by cutting down calorie intake and regular physical exercise. Less calorie intake along with regular physical exercise will help you in losing weight effectively and efficiently.

  • Helps in getting ideal figure

If you are looking for losing weight as soon as possible, then GM diet is one of the best plans to be followed. Moreover, it helps in getting the desired figure within no time.

  • Helps in remaining healthy and fit

Initially, GM diet plan helps in rapid weight loss and if individual follows it on long-term basis, it helps in remaining healthy and fit.

Foods to avoid

General motors diet helps an individual to lose weight rapidly within just 7 days, but there are certain foods that an individual must avoid achieving desired results.

  • Avoid alcohol

In GM diet plan drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Thus, while following the diet plan you must avoid consumption of alcohol to achieve positive results.

  • Avoid high-calorie food

The individual must avoid foods that involve high calories. As GM diet is all about losing weight and if more calories are consumed then it will take more time to shed down the weight. Thus, food which is high in calories like sweet potatoes, cheese, yogurt, bread, rice, eggs, and chicken etc must be avoided.

  • Avoid salad dressing

The individual must avoid the use of sauce for dressing salads typically, one which contains oil and vinegar in it.

  • Avoid oily foods

Basically, eating oily food like popcorn with butter, potato chips, french fries are strictly prohibited. But can use a teaspoon of oil in the food (not more than this).

How will you feel?

To get a delicious fruit you need to sow the seed by digging deep in the soil and nourishing it with an adequate quantity of water every day. Similarly, General motor diet also works in the same way. Initially, you will feel it hard to survive by cut off from your regular diet, but soon you will see positive results. During the mid-phase of 3rd or 4th day you feel tempted by the junk foods that you need to avoid during the diet, you may also feel tired by the exercise schedule. Although you will lose 2-3 pounds of weight daily, but soon all the negative and lethargic feeling regarding GM diet plan will be shattered as soon as you will see the positive result on your body by the end of seven days.

Frequent doubts about GM diet

Q. Can any individual get benefit from GM diet?
A. Anyone can follow GM diet plan, but he or she must consult the doctor before proceeding.

Q. Can a diabetic person follow GM diet plan?
A. No, it is advised for a diabetic or a person suffering from heart problems not to do GM diet.

Q. The result of GM diet will be permanent?
A. Basically, there’s no guarantee for its permanency. To be honest, there no diet plan that assures such permanency.

Q. What to eat after the end of 7 days of GM diet?
A. Eat nutritious food like carrots, spinach, low-fat yogurt, milk, multi-grain bread, drink fresh fruit juices, coconut water.

Q. At what age an individual must do GM diet?
A. It is advised to start GM diet after the age of 18 years.

Q. Does GM diet help to reduce belly fat?
A. Yes, regular exercise along with healthy diet helps in reducing overall body fat including belly fat.

Q. Can a girl during menstruation follow GM diet?
A. Yes, girl during her menstruation can follow GM diet but only after consulting with her doctor.

Q. What fruits and veggies to eat during GM diet?
A. You can eat carrots, tomatoes, green beans, pumpkin, spinach, herbs, broccoli and various other nutritious fruits and veggies.

Q. What food not to eat during GM diet?
A. Foods which are high in calories like sweet potatoes, cheese, yogurt, bread, rice, eggs, and chicken must be avoided.

Q. What are advantages of GM diet?
A. Rapid Weight Loss, develops the sound digestive system, burns extra calories, helps in getting an ideal figure, helps in remaining healthy and fit.

Q. What is the average weight loss during each day?
A. Properly following GM diet helps in reducing 2-3 pounds of weight every day.

In a nutshell, following aforementioned GM diet plan can effectively contribute to weight reduction and maintenance of healthy weight.


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