Global Best Food Recipes-You Should Really Try Out to Love It

Are you a foodie? Do you like to treat your taste buds with all the flavours available in the world?Here is a world cuisine platter for you!

global recepies

Food is not only a necessity of our body but food is a part of every celebration and every occasion.When we are happy, we eat. When we are sad, we eat. When we celebrate, we eat. The first thing that pops up in our mind to plan any party is menu. In fact, food becomes the parameter for success of any event. If food is good, party is good. Food is predominantly the yardstick to gauge the success of any evet, gathering, party or occasion.
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We all love to pamper out taste buds. Many moms use food to bribe children to make them do any task they despise like organizing their room, keeping toys back in the place, etc. It’s a widely-accepted fact that a happy stomach is a sign of content heart.

Every continent, every country, every state, every city and every household exudes a different flavour. Now, it’s not feasible for everyone to travel worldwide to indulge in the unique taste. Well! With the boon of internet, you can try out new cuisines everyday within the comfortable walls of your home.

Presenting you the global best food recipes. Celebrate international dishes with us on the culinary adventure.

1. Nutella Banana Dorayaki
Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese dish and Nutella banana dorayaki is quite popular among kids. To prepare dorayaki, a sweet red bean paste goes between two pancakes. The
sandwich also contains Nutella and banana slices between two orange mocha pancakes.

Nutella Banana Dorayaki                                            Image:
2. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
Vietnamese rice paper rolls are perfect for parties, snacks or as lunch box meals for kids. The stuffing could be anything of your choice so, you can make it healthy with asparagus,
lettuce, pea pods, mango, chicken, etc. The rice paper rolls are easy to carry anywhere.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls                                             Image:
3. Croque Monsieur Croissant Sandwiches
This dish is a combination of two famous French delicacies Croque Monsieur and Croissant. This open-faced grilled cheese and ham sandwich is favourite among all age groups.
Croque Monsieur Croissant Sandwiches                                   
4. Gyros
Gyros is a Greek dish pronounced either as “ji-roh” or “yeer-oh” which is a yummy lamb
sandwich made with cool Tzatziki sauce. It makes a perfect dinner plate.

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5. Udon Noodle Soup
Japanese cuisine usually uses a thick noodle called Udon especially in soups. Udon Noodle
soup is prepared with chicken broth and thick noodle is submerged into it with mushrooms.
udon noodle soup                                            Image:
6. Pumpkin Pierogies
Pierogies, as most of you know, is a dish from Eastern Europe. It is very similar to Italian
raviolis with just a slight difference of stuffing. Italian raviolis are stuffed with sauce whereas pierogies are stuffed with cheese or potatoes or vegetables. In pumpkin pierogies, the pumpkin puree goes in as stuffing.

Pumpkin Pierogies                                            Image:
7. Sosatie
Yummy South African barbecue, sosatie, is traditionally made with pre-marinated pieces of pork and lamb. It can also be made with pork and chicken.

Sosatie                                            Image:
8. Pad Thai
Pad Thai is a popular Thai street food and is often grabbed as takeout. The dish is rolled out with tasty noodles and healthy bean sprouts.
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9. Maple Syrup Tarts
Maple syrup tart is a famous Canadian dessert. The delicious butter tarts are filled with
maple syrup to conjure that unique taste.

Maple Syrup Tarts                                             Image:
10. Piadina
Italian piadina is quite similar to pizza. However, piadina is grilled instead of baking and its
crust doesn’t rise. The toppings for piadina have no limits and the base blends with any

piadina                                             Image:
11. Parsnip chips with Avocado and Spinach Dip
Parsnip are a better switch to potatoes. It becomes tastier when turned into chips and is
combined with healthy avocado and spinach dip.

Parsnip chips with Avocado and Spinach Dip                                            Image:
12. Spicy Roasted Beet Hummus
Try roasting beets to preserve the taste. This simple but colourful hummus is an easy
outcome of ingredients combined in food processor.

Spicy Roasted Beet Hummus                                                         Image:
13. California Roll Salad
California roll salad is sushi rice salad combined with cucumber, avocado and scallions.
Surimi can also be included in the salad but the salad tastes good even without surimi.

California Roll Salad                                   
14. Lobster rolls
Warm, toasty, buttered rolls are key. If you can’t find New England-style buns, trim 1/4″
from both sides of standard hot dog buns to remove the crust and expose more surface
Lobster rolls                                            Image:
15. Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp cocktail is made with roasted fresh tomatoes instead of the traditional ketchup to
brighten it up. The resulting sauce is more like a gazpacho than the typical country club-style cocktail sauce. The cocktail can be assembled a couple of hours ahead of time, but not too far in advance, as the shrimp becomes rubbery if left in the lime juice for too long. To make this shrimp cocktail into easy party fare, spoon it onto small store-bought tostadas, garnish with a little cilantro, and serve.

Shrimp Cocktail                                            Image:
16. Almond Flan
Flan is one of the most traditional desserts in the entire Hispanic-influenced world — from Spain and Portugal to Cuba and Puerto Rico, all the way to Mexico and Central and South America. It comes in a variety of flavors and textures, depending on the local tastes and agricultural products of each different region It’s very dense and creamy, balanced by a crunchy almond crust on the bottom.

Almond Flan                                                 Image:
17. Bavarian Sausage Hot Pot
Germans like to layer meats and vegetables in a pot and leave them to cook. Not all their hot pots are all-day affairs, however. This one, a hearty main dish, is ready to serve in half an hour. Most of its liquid cooks away, so this is actually a mélange of broth-poached
vegetables and sausage.

Bavarian Sausage Hot Pot                                                  Image:
18. Warm Lemon Rosemary Olives
Be inspired by Mediterranean tradition by serving these baked olives flavored with
rosemary, lemon and red pepper – an easy appetizer recipe for entertaining.

Warm Lemon Rosemary Olives                                  

19. Grilled Angel Food Cake Kabobs
Cake cubes, strawberries and peach slices arranged on skewers for grilled kabobs and served with Yoplait® Light yogurt – a distinctive dessert.
Grilled Angel Food Cake Kabobs                                            Image:
Enjoy the delicacies from around the world!


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