Facebook: Now Capture 360-Degree Photos with your Fb App

Facebook has rolled out a new feature, which enables the users to capture 360-degree photos using its in-app camera. The update has been rolled out in both iOS and Android, this feature includes the abilities to zoom and tag friends. It also allows tocapture spherical images or 360-degree photos without the help of a third-party application or an extra device. As per reports these 360-degree images or other 360-degree images from any other sources can be used as Cover Photos.

facebook 360 degree photos

Image: applesencia.com
All that users must do is launch the Facebook app and pick the “360 Photo” option at the top of the News Feed. Press the blue button and follow the path from start to end on screen to complete a full spherical image. Users also have an option to select their preferred starting view within the photo. The report also added “Capturing 360-degree using the Facebook camera is designed to be as easy as possible, too, with Facebook employing computer vision to automatically stitch the photo after you rotate your phone to capture it panorama-style.”

Sharing these images is also easy as they can be done from within the app. Users can share their 360 shots directly to their Timeline or upload them to a specific album. Facebook has also added a couple of new features for any spherical shot that users upload such as tag your friends, or use them as cover images. Facebook already started rolling out 360 Photos and other features worldwide.

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