Best Tourist places to visit in South India- Explore for a Great Holiday Vacation

India is one of the most beautiful places that anyone could ever visit. Not only people from our own country, but also from all over the world flock down in great numbers to view the beauties our motherland has to offer. Tourist places in South India provide vast opportunities for sight-seeing and having a nice vacation.  Here are a few places to visit in South India that will blow your mind away by their exotic beauty.


This is one of the ideal tourist places in South India for all those who have an adventurous streak rooted deep inside them. The place offers various activities like kayaking for all those who have an interest in sports. Also, the quiet backwaters of this location are extremely suitable for all those who wish to try their hand at fishing.

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Activities like river rafting, rope walking can also be tried. Along with this, for those who are looking for a quiet vacation, trips are arranged to the jungle by the adventure camps at Bheemeshwari. They provide night time lodging and bonfire activities where one can enjoy the serene beauty and revel in the magnificence of the flora and fauna. The jungle offers a variety of birds that are exclusively found only in the South, which is a visual treat. Indeed, this is one of the first places to visit in South India.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Nothing can overshadow the beauty of this group of islands. They are an unusual form of heaven itself. Though widely known for their exquisite beauty, these groups of the island are a form of the beehive for the adventure enthusiasts. Snorkeling which is a type of underwater activity is done only in a few places in the world.

andaman and nicobar islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the few tourist places in South India, where this activity is available. People from all over the world visit this place to experience underwater walking and witness the unprecedented beauty and calmness of the ocean world. The flora and fauna along with the serene calmness that the waters offer is a life changing experience. One can also experience scuba diving here.


Widely famous on the list of places to visit in South India is the small and sweet hill station of Coorg. It is the perfect vacation spot for all those who need to unwind themselves and want to take a break from their hectic schedule and enjoy life. The hill station offers activities such as waterfall rappelling.

coorg trip
Along with this is the additional peace and quiet of the fairyland-like hill station. Also known as the Scotland of the South, this forms one of the best tourist places in South India.

Pondicherry (Puducherry)

pondicherry tour trip

On the list of places to visit in South India is this small town which has gained its fame through its myriad beaches, houses inspired by French architecture and serene environment. There are a number of churches of the colonial era that add to the beauty of this place. This is one of the tourist places in South India, which is frequently haunted by travelers due to its awesome and mind blowing beaches.


This is another hill station of South India that will take your breath away. The place is popularly known for the production of tea. The hill tops located close to each other provide the perfect opportunity for trekking for the amateur adventurer.

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Also, the lush green forests and streams, lakes will make you feel like you have entered an entire world altogether. The beauty of Munnar gives you the true essence of being one with nature. Along with the picturesque details that Munnar offers, there is also a very special sandalwood forest that has claimed its place on the list of tourist places in South India.


ooty tour trip

One of the most romantic places to visit in South India is Ooty. The small hill station is very famous for the magnificence of the Nilgiri hills. The toy trains, the tea gardens and the awesome view that is offered after small treks up to the peaks are what makes Ooty the best of what South India has to offer.


This is the place that beckons to the youth of India. Youngsters find this place appealing due to the various party places that adorn the city at every corner. Along with this, the place has also turned into a focal point of job opportunities, which also attracts people from all over the world. But, apart from these points, people also visit Bangalore due to the beautiful weather that the city offers.

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In spite of becoming one of the major cities that harbors a host of various information technology industries, this city has miraculously managed to maintain a charming and buoyant weather throughout the year. On the list of places to visit in South India, Bangalore is also known as The Silicon Valley of growing India.

Wildlife Sanctuary at Nagarhole

nagarhole wildlife sanctuary

For all those who love to spend time in reconnecting with nature, this is the best place in Karnataka that will take your breath away. It is a scenic place with ample opportunities to view some exclusive animals like the tiger, Indian bison, barking deer, mongoose, wild elephant, mouse deer and many more surprises.

Jog waterfalls, Karnataka

The beauty of this place has garnered its high places on the list of tourist places in South India. The gushing water, its exotic beauty, and the surrounding scenery are some of the things that will enchant you at the Jog waterfalls.

jogwater falls

To add to the beauty of this serene and majestic place is the active wildlife and greenery that we observe around the waterfalls. These waterfalls are actually named as the Shimoga falls, but have become popular as the Jog waterfalls.


Among the places to visit in South India are the ruins which recreate history in Hampi. This magical kingdom of Vijaynagar is now declared as a world heritage site.

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Of all the places the South of India is a storehouse of treasures. The quiet backwaters, the serene beauty, and the tranquil wildlife form the perfect vacation for people who are looking forward to relaxing and have a good time. To have a peaceful vacation, pick your choice in the South of India.

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