Best Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad at Affordable Prices

Modern times and technology have brought a revolution in every sphere of life. With new trends and concepts the life is becoming easier, better and more productive with each passing day. Like there was a time when people had to choose corporate offices to do their work or work from the comfort of their home.

Many companies are still reluctant to hire freelancers, hence one has to join a corporate office. And those who are into freelancing have to work from home or pay the rent for their office. But recently a brand new concept of Coworking space has brought the much needed revolution in the working sector.

Coworking space is basically a brand new concept where workers from different companies and businesses share an office space in order to save money, add comfort and convenience by using common infrastructure including equipment etc. This revolutionary concept also helps in cultivating community chemistry and healthy social interaction to expand vision, mind horizon and productivity. There are multiple benefits of coworking spaces.

First of all, coworking spaces help in boosting productivity. It doesn’t have a corporate office vibe but still it looks professional and creative. Without having a particular dress code and official formalities, one can enjoy working in such space which will eventually enhance the productivity to manifolds.

Secondly, one gets an opportunity to build connections which will further help in bolstering business. You will get to meet new people from different businesses and companies to share your thoughts and discuss about your business.

Thirdly, it is a very cost effective way to focus on your work and enhance your business productivity. Working from your own office is very expensive and from home could be very monotonous. But from coworking space it will be an enjoyable experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

Fourthly, it offers optimum level of flexibility without any restrictions. Many small business owners or freelancers can’t afford to have fixed rent agreement tenure or give hefty advance amounts the owners. For them, coworking space is a boon as it offers flexible membership options starting from a month. One can also pick the schedule or particular hours to work without paying for an entire day.

Knowing the popularity and utmost convenience of coworking spaces, Hyderabad, one of the most popular business cities in India, offers some of the best and funkiest coworking spaces that we are going to explore. Let’s take a quick look at some of the popular and prominent ones that have made a huge rage among working people, freelancers and self-employed.

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  • Jxtapose

It is one of the most enchanting coworking spaces in Hyderabad. The space offers artistic ambience and can be used for regular sitting, events, meetup and creative programs. It is a great place for all creative minds such as content writers, artists, creators, curators and rest of the creative people. It has a separate conference room, a working space, a mini amphitheatre for special conferences and screenings and an open pantry. The best part is that walls of this coworking space showcases creative artistic work by local artists.

  • Rent a desk

It is yet another beautiful coworking space in Hyderabad which has four branches in the city. It is a perfect space for all freelancers and small business start-ups. If you are the one who looks for a upbeat coworking space at an affordable price and state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure, then Rent a Desk is surely meant for you. It has wooden setting and an exposed brick walls followed by beautiful conference room, creative posters, meeting lounges and coffee shops to give a very cosy and comfortable ambience to all workers.

  • Coworking 24

If you love to work around spectacular views or cherish rooftop amphitheatre setting then this place will be nothing short of heavenly abode for you. It is located in the heart of the city and offers swankiest working space, lounges, free gym facility and coffee shop. One can also host creative and business events at this eye-catching place with beautiful setup. Since it’s arrival, the place has garnered a lot of attention and always been in the headlines for being the coolest co working space in Hyderabad.

  • Awfis

This is yet another spectacular coworking space with equally unique name. It has multiple branches in the tech cities and offers fully equipped coworking space with spectacular features. The interiors are inspired from the Silicon Valley and it offers premium lounges, conference and meeting rooms. One will also get separate storage lockers to keep their stuff and blazing fast internet connection to stay connected with their clients and work without facing any technical glitches. The best part is that the space offers a huge parking space so that you don’t need to hustle on a daily basis to park your car. Come to the coworking space without any tension.

  • Workaholic- Work Café

It is yet another enchanting coworking space located in Jubilee Hills where one can find multiple coworking spaces. But this particular space outshines many working spaces when it comes to overall ambience. It has white walls and cool décor with minimalistic designs and natural plants to create a serene and natural look. One can find common seating area and private cabins as well. With affordable prices, flexible membership plans and premium infrastructure, this work café is really one of the most-sought after co working spaces in Hyderabad.

  • CoKarma

It is also one of the best coworking spaces located in the heart of the city. Unlike regular office spaces, it offers informal shared office space with relaxing décor and design. It also has an outdoor terrace so that one can spend some fun time with friends. To relax you further, this coworking space also offers gym and some board games. It is an affordable coworking space with fun-loving ambience and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Apart from above coworking spaces in Hyderabad, there are many more equally beautiful and technology driven coworking spaces in the city that will give you quality facilities and amenities without causing a dent in your pockets.

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