Best Alternatives Websites of Craiglist to Sell and Buy

If you are wondering what’s the Craiglist then it is one of the most popular and sought-after classified websites across the world where users can post their ads on a versatile range of categories comprising housing, jobs, real estate, gigs, electronics, services and many more. In the last couple of years, Craiglist gained a lot of fame for it’s exceptional range of personalized services including personal ad section. Everyone can find out his type of category on the website without beating around the bush.

However, it’s personal ad feature made it immensely popular all over the world especially among users for casual dating services. Due to it’s controversial personal ad section, the USA government took a big step to shut down it’s personal ad section to curb sex trafficking online. As per the official statements and reports by the US government, the Craiglist website are responsible for unlawful behaviors that are being made possible due to their personal ads section.

The move sent shivers down the spine among netizens and they started wondering what will happen without the personal ads section of Craiglist. But the good news is that there are many excellent alternatives of Craiglist where users can enjoy personal features and sections without any hesitation. In fact, these alternatives have several categories helping users to post their ads instantly without any restrictions.

These alternatives will help you to post ads or classifieds for buying, selling, finding a roommate, jobs, services, personals, merchandise, rentals, pets etc. So let’s quickly take a look at some of the best alternatives of Craiglist.

craigslist alternatives

1) Doublelist

The website came into existence in March 2018. Initially, it was a tiny site created as an alternative to Craiglist personals, but within a short period of time it gained huge popularity. Due to the overwhelming response, the makers decided to expand it’s categories and create a safe online space where netizens can post their ads on various categories apart from personal ad section. Now it enjoys average monthly visitors of over 10 million and a title of one of the most popular classified websites in the online world.

2) Adoos

It is yet another popular websites for Craiglist. It works on the same lines and offers a personal ads section. It is highly recommended to all the users seeking romance online. However, it has lower traffic compared to it’s competitors. But it works in favour of sellers as they will get lesser competition and their ads will be visible for longer durations without any limitation.

3) Locanto

It is also a very popular classified ad website all across the world and considered as one of the best alternatives to Craiglist. It has a widest range of categories ranging from jobs, cars, pets, rentals, real estate, sale, services and personal ads section. It has a good track record of visitors as well. The website has recorded an average monthly visits of over 1 million recently. If you are looking for best personal ads section along with various popular categories.

4) Bedpage

It is yet another powerful and popular alternative to Craiglist. Here one can find out personal ads section. However, before you start, the website will do the strict verification process for all users to prevent fake and spam content ads. The site came to fame for it’s personal ads section that users used to like on Craiglist.

5) Trove

Trove is a mobile application which works just like a popular dating application, Tinder. It is quite similar to the dating app and works just like that. However, Trove can be used for classifieds for normal categories as well. Apart from personal ads section, it offers various categories to buy and sell products followed by many more categories. Buyers just need to swipe right or left just like the Tinder app in order to proceed further. It is a great alternative to Craiglist and one can enjoy using it.

6) Facebook

Many of us don’t know that Facebook is also a potential alternative to Craiglist. In the last couple of years, Facebook has started the feature to buy and sell products online right on the home page quickly and more efficiently. All it’s users can easily get in touch with thousands of buyers on Facebook by posting ads along with pictures and price. In fact, users can also share their ads with friends in order to multiply the viewers to reach the potential buyers quickly.

7) Oodle

It is also a very famous alternative to Craiglist and is being used by millions of people all across the world. Oodle has gained popularity for it’s versatile range of categories including personal ads section, merchandise, rentals, pets, jobs, services, community, tickets etc. Currently, it is considered as one of the biggest competitors of Craiglist.

8) Backpage

Backpage is an immensely popular alternative to Craiglist. In fact, some people find it better than Craiglist for many reasons. The popular classifieds website covers the US, Canada, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe and Middle East. The website not only offers personal ads section but also Adult category. The website also offers a feature to re-post your ad automatically by paying a small amount. It offers various categories such as community, dating, adult, services, jobs, real estate and many more likewise.

9) Ads Globe

It is yet another popular classified website which automatically detects your location and allows you to log in from your Facebook account. Although it doesn’t has potential personal ads section, but one can find out popular categories like merchandise, real estate, pets, travel etc.

10) Ad to

Last but not least, Ad to Ad is the first website where you can find out the Aviation category including 5 ads in the Jet category. Apart from that, the website has several popular categories like personal, boats and Aviation, services, vehicles, home electronics, hobby, business directory and many more.

So these are the best alternatives to Craiglist where you can find out similar or better classified experience with advanced features and technology.

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