Best 15 Gyms in Hyderabad to choose with for your Fitness

Health-conscious men and women are normally very concerned about maintaining their physique, which can be done by exercising daily. Thus, they visit local gyms, where they can undergo vigorous workout training with the guidance of expert physical trainers. There are many gyms in Hyderabad, where lots of people visit regularly for leading a healthy life. Some of the best gyms in Hyderabad are discussed here, with the specific qualities of each gym.

List of Best 15 Gyms in Hyderabad:

1) Fitness Lounge
2) Talwalkars
3) Pulse 8
4) Steel Gym
5) 360 Degree Fitness
6) Gold’s Gym
7) Proquest Fitness
8) Fitness 9 Gym
9) Fitplus Club
10) Kris Gethin Gyms
11) Pink Women’s Fitness Center
12) Quad- The Fitness Hub
13) F45 Fitness Training
14) Nakshatra Ladies Fitness Center
15) Warrior Dance Floor

1) Fitness Lounge – This gym is situated in Chintalakuntla and it is well-known for bodybuilding and weight training since its inauguration in 2014. It also conducts live classes so that members can work out from their homes, without visiting the gym premises.

The famous master trainer Satish Paryada is the partner and fitness coach of this gym, who holds international records of the physical transformation of many celebrities. Various services, like Zumba and weight loss training for women, are offered in this gym, under the guidance of qualified trainers.

2) Talwalkars – The branches of this gym are situated in different parts of Hyderabad, as it is one of the oldest gyms in this city. All the services of this gym are available at affordable prices for its members. The payments for Zumba, power yoga, cardio training, strength exercises, stress management, personal training, and weight management classes are also offered at EMI.

This gym was started in 1932 and now, it is known as one of the best fitness centers in Hyderabad due to its well-trained trainers.  The nutrition counseling offered in this gym is of the best quality. Daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual packages are offered to individual and corporate members of this gym, including women and even young ones.

3) Pulse 8 – This gym has been awarded the top ratings continuously since it was started in 2000. It has the best quality equipment for fitness training, handled by certified trainers. These experts teach Zumba, Power yoga, CrossFit, kickboxing, and functional training.

There are four branches of this gym in Hyderabad, where members are offered monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual packages. These members are offered a free steam bath and Zumba classes. Members are also benefitted from the nutrition counselling that can help in leading a healthy lifestyle.

4) Steel Gym – This is one of the most popular gyms in Hyderabad that is equipped with all the latest scientific facilities for workout regimes. This gym is built on a large area of 12000 square feet, where world-class tools are regularly cleaned and well-maintained. It provides various services in fitness training, strength training, bodybuilding, stress management, weight management, personal training, and nutrition coaching. Special arrangements are available here for strength training of aged people and sessions for stopping addictions to tobacco, alcohol, and harmful drugs.

5) 360 Degree Fitness – This gym in Jubilee Hills is another best gym in Hyderabad. It is very popular among rich people of this city, due to its world-class services and the best quality equipment. Highly experienced trainers take care of all customers arriving at this spacious gym for daily workout regimes, fitness training, and relaxation from work-related stress.

Trainers design all the workout programs to be quickly result-oriented, which is one of the prime reasons for immense customer satisfaction. People can get personal gym trainers here and they love the wonderful ambiance of this gym.

6) Gold’s Gym – This chain of gyms is widely acclaimed for their best quality equipment in all three branches in Hyderabad. Well-educated trainers can guide customers in all types of physical training. They suggest upgrading the training regimes of passionate customers, who are really good at workout training.

People love this gym for its clean ambiance, friendly nature of the staff, large changing room, hygienic condition of the washroom, and reasonable membership fees. As there are plenty of trainers, customers can always expect to find at least 4 to 5 trainers guiding them during their fitness training.  Members also enjoy the free steam bath and Zumba classes for relaxing their stressed muscles.

7) Proquest Fitness – Though this gym is located in the Sindhi Colony of Secunderabad, it is counted among the top gyms in Hyderabad. It maintains a world-class standard of fitness training, which satisfies all customers.

It has a Fitness Studio where people can learn kickboxing and cardio exercises in specific areas. There are a total of 36 cardio stations in this huge gym, equipped with the latest fitness tools that are purchased from internationally famous brands.

8) Fitness 9 Gym – This gym in Barkatpura can boast of holding world-class equipment and the best trainers. Its services are known for high-level customer satisfaction, due to the dedication and expertise of its trainers.

Cardio training, kickboxing, Cross-Fit regime, Zumba, Power yoga, and functional training are the special services of this gym. It has another branch in Dilsukhnagar and both branches are known for hygienic and serene ambiance, along with large washrooms and changing rooms.

9) Fitplus Club – This health club in Serilingampally is highly popular among young men and women, who find this place perfect for working out daily.  As it is located on Nallagandla Main Road, people can easily reach here for their regular workout training.

This gym also offers Zumba lessons, exercise regimes for weight loss, CrossFit regime, and steam bath for relaxation. The expert professionals associated with this gym pay special attention to the satisfaction of each of their customers.

10) Kris Gethin Gyms – This gym chain is developed recently in Hyderabad, by the famous global brand Kris Gethin that has 70 million followers worldwide. It has two branches in Hyderabad and both are run by qualified and experienced fitness trainers.

The members of this gym enjoy high-quality training sessions with the best equipment for personal training and group training. Members can also relax in the café after their workout sessions, relishing delicious protein-rich pancakes. The perfect functional nature of this spacious gym renders a great experience of fitness training.

11) Pink Women’s Fitness Center – It is a women’s fitness studio where only females are allowed to practice their workout regimes every day. There are expert trainers and knowledgeable nutritionists, to guide customers on successful weight management.

They can also take care of various health issues that only women experience and need expert advice. All members are provided free Zumba classes and steam baths for physical and mental relaxation. Apart from weight loss, women can expect overall physical fitness from the regular practice of power yoga, cardio exercises, and functional training in this gym.

12) Quad- The Fitness Hub – This gym is mainly famous for Zumba lessons, which is a unique fitness program that can be done by all. It is also well-known for aerobics and yoga courses since it was inaugurated in 2017 in Chintalakunta of Hyderabad. Thus, all men and women love to drop in here, for bodybuilding and weight training.

13) F45 Fitness Training – This gym started operation in 2016 and now, it is counted among the top gyms in Hyderabad for providing cardio training. It is also a high-level fitness center for ladies, where they can have all kinds of fitness regimes.

The expert team of this gym also offers great services in strength training, weight management, fat loss, stress management, and personal training.  Thus, people from all parts of this city and even neighboring areas flock to this gym for working out in the morning or evening, to burn their excess fats.

14) Nakshatra Ladies Fitness Center – It is a chain of fitness centers only dedicated to ladies in Hyderabad. It has the best female trainers who are knowledgeable about all the latest gym equipment.

They provide personal care to their lady customers so that they can relax here while attending the fitness training sessions. It is the best place for ladies who are passionate about weight loss and want to regain their physical fitness. They can also get advice on nutrition and wellness, along with Zumba and CrossFit training classes.

15) Warrior Dance Floor – According to the reviews of satisfied customers, this gym is heaven for beginners of vigorous workout training. It started its operation in 2017 in Balkampet in Hyderabad. Now, it is considered as a one-stop destination for all kinds of physical training.

Thus, people from all parts of the city visit this gym for restoring their healthy physique. It conducts dance classes for children, Zumba classes, and also teaches various dance forms, like Garba dance, contemporary dance, and freestyle dance. This gym has a weight loss centre and fitness centre for all members.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are plenty of gyms in Hyderabad. Health-freak people just need to check the features of their nearest gyms online. They can easily select the best ones by going through the customers’ reviews and ratings of the websites of these gyms. They can also compare the facilities offered in each gym and the membership fees of all gyms before joining a particular one. They also need to be clear about the reason for joining a gym so that they can start the type of fitness regime that will be most suitable for their health.

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