Best 12 Courier Services in Hyderabad

Speedy and safe delivery of packages is all that a client demands from a courier service company. However, with so many courier services to select from and poor experiences in the past, a consumer may be unsure which one to employ. Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 courier services in Hyderabad for your convenience.

courier services in hyderabad

Best Courier Services in Hyderabad

1) DTDC Courier Service
2) FedEX
3) DHLExpress
4) United Express
5) Wefast
8) UPS
10) Ezshipp
11) Shree Maruti Courier Services Pvt. Ltd.
12) ICLexpress

 1) DTDC Courier Service:

Founded in 1990 by first-generation entrepreneurs, DTDC is one of the most popular courier services in India and is currently a nationwide courier service with the greatest network of delivery locations. It has 176 owning and operating Regional and Branch Offices, as well as over 4,000 Franchisee Offices around the country. They offer courier services for both domestic and international destinations. To keep the customer up-to-date about the consignment status, the courier service allows two ways to track – SMS tracker, E-tracker.

The web tracker system allows the customer to track the shipment from any device connected to the internet without having the need to install any specific software.  The customer can follow the shipment online, via e-mail, or by SMS, depending on which option is most suitable for them.

The customer can track the consignment with the DTDC consignment number or the corresponding reference number. A maximum of 25 consignments separated by commas at a time can be tracked through the DTDC web tracker.

DTDC Courier Services specialises in: International Air Freight, International Courier Services, Import Express, Freight Cargo Specialists, and Door to Door Delivery & NRI Courier Service.

2) FedEX:

Established in 1973, FedEX has established itself as a leading name in the transportation and information industry. FedEx Express provides transcontinental and international express services to hundreds of locations and markets.

Thanks to unmatched air route authorities and transportation infrastructure, as well as cutting-edge information technology, FedEx Express is the world’s biggest express transportation provider, delivering quick and dependable services for more than 3.6 million packages each business day. The company provides a variety of shipping options to guarantee that your goods arrive on time and in a convenient manner. The FedEX pick-up options include: One-time pickup, Recurring FedEX pick-up and drop-off.

The company provides the customer with consignment tracking options to track the status of shipment or get the proof of delivery.

The various tracking options available are:

1) FedEX Tracking that helps you track the shipment near real time without logging in
2) FedEX advanced tracking that provides the customer with customisation features to track the shipment in the manner they want, lends enhanced visibility with a detailed view of all shipments, and choose from a wide range of notification options.
3) FedEX mobile tracking that helps you get the shipment status updates on the go so that you can stay on top of your shipments 24/7 from any location.
4) FedEX Insight that saves time by eliminating the need to track each shipment separately and provides the current information to the customer if a shipment is delayed to avoid customer complaints.

Lastly, FedEX also allows the customer to track their shipment via email or FedEX desktop.

3) DHLExpress:

Founded in 1969, DHL has revolutionized the world of logistics world over.  It covers over 220 countries and territories. From documents and parcels to pallets, containers and other cargo, DHL provides an array of shipping services to the customers. DHL Express provides fast and door-to-door delivery services. The company provides shipping advice (available on website) that helps you pack your material with proper materials and care to ensure your shipments arrive safely and intact.

The website lists packing guides for different kinds of shipment such as electronic goods, fashion apparel, large and palletized packing guide and temperature sensitive shipment. The website also facilitates end-to-end tracking visibility and provides proactive delivery notifications. DHL Express specialises in international shipping.

4) United Express:

Headquartered in Hyderabad, United Express is one of the best courier service suppliers in Hyderabad and across Asian countries. The company guarantees speedy and reliable consignment delivery service to over 220 countries. United Xpress international package services in Hyderabad’s main goal is to provide its overseas clients with on-time, customs-cleared, and door-to-door delivery services.

In India they provide next day delivery services and collect the consignment from the customer’s doorstep. They’ve served over 220 nations and territories, connecting markets that account for more than 90% of the global distribution industry to most countries in 2-4 business days. They also provide upto 5000 free insurance cover.

United Express Specialises in: international courier services and are specialists in large parcel delivery

 5) Wefast:

Wefast is revolutionising urgent deliveries in the city of Hyderabad. The delivery options offered by the company comprises cheap delivery services, special deliveries and moto deliveries. With Wefast you can deliver a range of products including mails, flowers and documents among other things across the region. The company offers timely, fast and safe delivery of courier.

To use Wefast services you need to download the mobile app available online, download and install it on your mobile phone. Next you can select your preferred delivery service, fill out the form, and submit it. Thereafter, the firm will assign you the highest-rated courier; this will take less than seven minutes.This low-priced same day delivery service also provides order tracking option to the customer.


Founded in the year 2014, PORTER is India’s largest marketplace for intra city logistics. It offers 2 wheeler local parcel and courier delivery service in Hyderabad which is ideal for on-demand courier pickup (door-to-door), delivery of samples and products to  customers anywhere in the city without any hassle.

With the two-wheeler service, you may get domestic courier service, parcel and package delivery up to 20 kg. Fares start at 37 rupees. The base cost includes 1.0 km of travel time as well as 25 minutes of waiting time. Prices may vary depending on where you live. Over and above the ride fee, there is GST, road tax, parking, and so on.


SHIPYAARI is an emerging leader in global logistics management. The delivery service can be used by social sellers, own shop/marketplace sellers and by high volume shippers. The consumer must make an order with the firm, and the smart API will automatically give data such as shipment date, price, and location. The customer-centric approach at SHIPYAARI aids with vendor selection, allowing you to choose the most cost-effective shipping partner.

The package is delivered to the client after the company receives it. The dash board may be used to keep track of the same information. Customers may also track their packages using the API. The moment the package is delivered, you will be alerted. If it is a COD payment, the company will send the funds to you as soon as possible.

The control panel allows you to keep track of the status of your orders and their payments. The company specialises in domestic shipping, int international shipping. It also provides COD facility, multiple address facility and free insurance facility.

 8) UPS:

UPS is one of the world’s largest and most reputable global shipping and logistics companies. The shipment tracking solutions offered by the company help you track the progress of the shipment every step of the way, across cities or globally. The tracking facility allows the customer to track the shipment via several ways and provides convenient ways to stay informed of current status, unexpected delays, and ultimately the delivery of your shipment.

The company offers a wide range of shipping services that are tailored to the customers business needs. The services include: low volume or occasional shipping, volume shipping, freight and multi-carrier shipping, returns and reverse logistics solutions.


OMNI EXPRESS International Courier and Cargo is known to be the fastest courier providing door to door delivery across the globe. The company offers unique services to send parcels to anywhere in the world from India. Apart from delivering regular documents and parcels, the company is India’s only international courier company, delivering Food Items, Express Baggage, Excess Luggage, Garments and Fabrics, Household items, Industrial items, Chemical Samples, Express Package Delivery, and other items to the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Dubai, France, and other countries.

The firm also specialises in carefully packaging your cargo so that you don’t have to employ the services of a third party. OMNI also collaborates with international couriers including DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT Aramex, and others. They specialise in International and domestic shipments. Like any responsible and customer-centric delivery company, OMNI offers a shipment tracking facility to help the customer track the progress of their shipments.

10) Ezshipp:

Founded in 2017, Ezshipp is the simplest and most cost-effective way to get your items delivered inside Hyderabad without having to leave your home. In only a few clicks, you can get delivered practically anything — clothing, papers, keys, laptops, and even meals – from one location in Hyderabad to another.

Simply download and install the delivery app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone and send whatever and anywhere you want. All packages weighing up to 5 kgs are delivered with lightning speed by the service. You can also track your order with their app while you’re on the go.

11) Shree Maruti Courier Services Pvt. Ltd.:

Shree Maruti is a leading courier and integrated express package distribution firm in Asia Pacific, with a high level of dependability and customer satisfaction. They have the largest domestic network, with over 2600 sites, and their group company serves more than 22 nations and territories across the world.

They have a fast and unparalleled domestic network providing best domestic cargo services in India. In India, SHREE MARUTI COURIER represents the fundamental services for managing express and cargo deliveries. There are two services available under this category: Domestic Express Services are used to transport documents and small packages inside the United States, and Domestic Cargo Services are used to carry heavier cargo that need specific preparations such as bigger vehicles, dedicated staff, and material handling equipment. In both air and surface modes, it assures priority delivery at the lowest possible cost.

The firm offers tracking services for shipments. The client must input the shipment number, and you may track up to five shipments at a time, separated by commas.

12) ICLexpress:

ICL is one of India’s fastest express and freight forwarding firms, with a mission to be recognised as the country’s top express logistics solutions provider. They’re a well-known overnight service provider. The company’s headquarters are in Hyderabad, and it has express centres throughout India. Overnight Delivery to important international locations, Domestic & Worldwide Express, Rapid Air Freight, and a unique Gift Delivery Service in certain markets are all part of their service offering.

ICL provides the following services: Domestic Express, Products in International Airport to Airport, DGR Cargo. The company provides advanced tracking of multiple shipments.

We hope the above list of best courier and cargo services in Hyderabad will help you ship your packages hassle-free and safely.

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