Check 41 Ways of Getting Backlinks for the Website for Rankings

Seo is one of the important source to drive traffic and have strong presence through online. To succeed with SEO,it is important to first optimize website with help of onsite audit and then comes offsite submission activity for building backlinks for the website. Due to algorithmic update from Google in the form of Penguin, it is more important to build quality backlinks for the website instead just building the links for the count to increase. There are different activities of link building to get backlinks for the website to increase ranking positions for the website. For the list of the backlinks that you are planning to acquire, ensure to check DA and PA to remain on safer side from Google updates.

seo backlinks
Check out the my favorite 101 activities of link building to gain backlinks for any of the website:

1) Guest blogging: Collect list of guest blogging websites based on DA and PA using Moz tool. Approach the webmaster of each of the website using contact form or email id and finalize the deal of having link in the website based on the DA and PA of their website. Most of them buy backlinks from the quality websites, as they don’t offer link for free.

2) Blog Commenting: Collect the list of blog commenting websites in your niche and do give comments to build trust rather than only for building links for the website.

3) Forum Submissions: First of all create account in your niche forums and start participating to gain trust on your website, if not you will banned for life. Webmaster of the forum start trusting you only once you have participated in more number of thread contributing valuable answers for the users. Once you have participated in more than 20 to 30 threads, enable the signature option to get the backlink for the website.

4) Social Bookmarking: Have quality list of social bookmarking websites and ensure to change the title while submission to ensure avoid repetitive anchor text for the backlinks to avoid penalization.

5) Question and Answers: Participate in different question and answers which we call it as discussion boards to gain backlink and traffic for the website. Few of the websites include Yahoo Answers, Quora and many more.

6) Participating in communities websites is other source of getting backlinks for the website i.e. for example in Google groups.

7) Directory submission is other which seems to be still working only when you choose quality directory submission websites for submission to get the backlink.

8) Reach out for influencers in your niche and ask them to share your content in their websites to get backlink and traffic for the website.

9) Press Release is other source of getting traffic and backlink for the website by contacting right press release webmaster to do the same.

10) Infographic Submission: This is one of the source for getting backlinks for the website, for which you have to create storyboard and make it in pictorial representation with interesting facts about your theme. Once it is ready then submit the same in Infographic submission websites to drive traffic and backlink for the website.

11) PDF Submission: Create interesting article related to theme of your website in a document and convert the same in to PDF to submit it in high quality PDF submission websites. This submission will help you to get backlink for the website.

12) Slide Share Submission: Create power point presentation with different slides which should have minimum of 6 slides to get the backlink enabled for you website.

13) Document Sharing Submission: Create documents in the form of articles which should interesting for the users to share with and submit the same in high quality document sharing websites to get backlink for the website.

14) Blog Submission: Though this outdated source of activity but still find out dofollow list of blog submission websites, for which you have to create an account and submit the quality content for getting the backlink for the website.

15) Image Submission: Create creative images related to your theme and submit the same in quality image sharing websites to get the backlink.

16) Get backlinks from .edu and .gov websites gives more value for the website.

17) Create account in web 2.0 to get the backlinks for the website.

18) Create Chrome and Firefox plugins.

19) Article Submission: Though this activity is not preferred but still works by creating quality article and submit the same in top quality article submission websites to get the backlink.

20) If you have quality logo for your website then submit the same in logo submission websites to get the backlink.

21) Submit your website to website feedback sites to acquire the backlink.

22) Get the backlink using broken linking building wherein this activity is done by approaching sites in which you want to have the link and intimate them about the broken links that they have of the website. Have a article written based on the theme of the article that is broken and ask the webmaster to replace the broken link  with your new article.

23) Approach coupon sites to place your coupons and to backlink for the website.

24) Go for controversial post that makes things viral as well as helps you to get comments.

25)  Go for giveways for the users at initial launch of your website.

26) Get deals with affiliate partners in your niche to get the backlinks and traffic for the website.

27) Create creative audio with help of your team and submit the same in audio sharing websites.

28) Video Sharing Submission: As you create audio, in the same way create viral video based on your theme and submit the same in quality video sharing websites like vimeo,youtube and others.

29) Ask your customers for testimonials so that you share it on the website to build more trust among the other users of your website.

30) Write more of How-To-Guide articles to get more of traffic as well as backlinks from different websites.

31) If  you are a company and want to have more promotion then google local listing is one of the best source.

32) Opt for podcast submission to get backlinks for the website.

33) Create a free E-Book and promote it using different sources to get backlinks for the website.

34) Competitive Analysis: This another activity that will help you to list out backlinks for the website, you can do this activity using tools live Moz Pro, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, SEMrush and many others.

35) Participate in Donation activity to get more of authoritative links for your website.

36) Classified Submission: This is another source of getting backlink for the website by listing out your product with best offer to attract customers to your website as well.

37) Write more of number based title posts like 101 ways, 25 tools and many more to get drive users to your website and getting linked.

38) Not only get backlinks from niche related websites but also from related or affinity related websites.

39) Create specific videos for Youtube,as it is the top portal for videos to more shares,traffic and backlinks.

40) Have separate blog within the website and update it regularly with interesting content trust among the users through which you have every chance of getting backlinks for your website.

41) Run contest for the users in your niche and offer the best in the industry to grab more traffic and backlinks for your website.


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