Acupressure Points- The Long Term Relief Sources for Different Types of Body Pains

The schedules and the kind of lifestyle we possess lead to unnecessary yet too much stress and unexplained pains and aches. What keeps us going? It is the pain killers. We hardly have even the time to think about the effects it can have on our system, but we seek for the temporary relief knowing it is not something we require. This is the time we start preferring Acupressure for the permanent relief. Apart from that, acupressure strengthens the body from the core by keeping up the sensitive parts in order to showcase long term relief from pains. Stop relying on drugs blindly and take a moment to bask the wellness quotient in your body and start living in harmony with nature, not against it.

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Concept of Acupressure

The basic concept of Acupressure is to identify and release the energy centers that are congested in order to keep the flow of energy on a base. It involves applying mild physical pressure by hands and elbows. There are also several devices to aid. This is more of a kind of massage made through applying pressure in certain selected parts of the body. This is a method to bring related to greater balance. The places that are being selected for the pressure application are at far distant and this, as a whole, is called the meridian system. While the pressure is applied to the body, the blocks are released and the energy flow is made certain. The massage is done through rubbing the area or giving a vibrating feeling for around 5-10 minutes. Either way, this is a powerful technique. Apart from giving a soothing feeling, this also promotes calmness in the body and relaxing is 100% percent guaranteed.

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In addition to this, the healing process is quick and you can feel it in one instant. Here is where you need to know the difference between Acupuncture and Acupressure. Unlike Acupuncture, one doesn’t need to have needles placed on the body. In fact, a person himself can perform Acupressure, which makes this a reliable concept. This has been in existence for centuries and has been practiced in the regions of India and China. There is proof of its existence and the actual benefits one can attain on a scientific note by using sensitive electrical devices. You can also see that the mass from the East Asian Martial Arts group get to have an extensive study and they believe this to help them in self-defense and health-wise too.

The pressure is applied in a combination of points to manipulate or disable their opponents’ powers. This technique is learned from experts and no side effects can be seen as such.

Acupressure Working Method

Although it is advisable to learn from experts, there are a few points you can know. Acupressure starts with using a prolonged pressure on finger directly on the point and the pressure is gradually increased and continued for around three minutes. Each point will leave the person with a difference in feeling, while some points can make them feel tense. The pressure and its intensity completely lie on the fitness quotient of the person who is taking the Acupressure. If the muscles are developed enough, then the intensity should be increased and in case, the person feels extreme pain or the person is extremely sensitive, the pressure can slowly be decreased. Either way, doing things on a faster note is certainly out of the zone.

Understand that Acupressure is not the test you take to increase your tolerance level with respect to pain. Clearly, this is not an endurance test. So do not continue if you seem to get excruciating pain. Whichever point is chosen, two minutes is the count.

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Sometimes, you are prone to feel pressure in other places when you are working on a point from a completely different part of your body. This is termed as referred pain. As you can clearly analyze, those points are interconnected. You are doing the right massage on that point means you are releasing blockages from the other part from which you are feeling the pain on.

After repeated sessions with varying degrees of pressure, the person tends to feel a pulse at a point, which indicates that circulation has increased and the method has been done right.

Common points in Acupressure

The focus on points is the major thing one needs to know on Acupressure. The risk is always minimal but then, the cautions are to be seriously observed. When in a time of pregnancy, the points Spleen 6 and Large intestine 4 should never be touched and the entire abdomen area should be avoided. Also, in other cases, open wounds, varicose veins, tumors, infected skin or surgery sites (recent ones) or suspected areas containing broken bones are something to be strictly avoided for the pressure application process. However, these are the most popular points used for self-treatment:

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  • Hand Acupressure Points
  • Foot Acupressure Points
  • Leg Acupressure Points
  • Abdominal Acupressure Points
  • Face Acupressure Points

Health Benefits using Acupressure Points

The best of the health benefits you could get in the Acupressure is the healing. Simple headaches, tensions, and other emotion pains can be healed through this. In simple words, it keeps you physically and mentally relaxed promoting vibrant health. You start to look younger as fewer wrinkles will be spotted. This treatment enhances the muscle tone and obviously, an increase in the blood circulation promises younger finish on the skin. No drugs and no surgery, you will seem calm, beautiful and young.
If you are experiencing back pain or trauma, Acupressure is a solution. With the varieties of methods available, the energy and balance can be restored in your body through Acupressure.

Precautions to be while using Acupressure 

In spite of being the best therapy, Acupressure contains some contradictions and those are certainly to be paid proper attention to. Here is a list of precautions you might want to consider:

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  • People with life-threatening diseases or basically serious medical issues are advised to consult with the doctor before choosing acupressure.
  • You should inform regarding the medical surgeries to a person who is performing the therapy.
  • After a session, your body heat is lowered and so is your immunity to chillness, so, make sure to keep your body warm.
  • Never get the work done on serious burns or infections.
  • For pregnant women, special care should be taken. Do not try on anything.

With all of it given, make sure to get the best out of Acupressure and keep your life calm and healthy.

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