8 Weight Loss Plans Helps You to Remain Fit For Life

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” – William Shakespeare

Setting priorities right is key to success. Pen down your priorities and keep your health on top of the list. A healthy body houses a healthy mind and a peaceful soul.

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Weight gain and obesity takes a toll on our body both physically and mentally. On physical aspect, obesity is a dome of terrible diseases and on mental aspect, it plays villain to happiness by pushing us towards depression and anxiety. Great countries like US is also formulating different laws to curb obesity. The need of the hour is to recognize the source of unnecessary weight gain and knock it out. It has been stressed by every nutritionist and health doctor that staying active and consuming healthy diet bestows a fit body.

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Have you been struggling to shed those extra kilos? Does your weight gain keeps you away from your favourite dresses? Have you been feeling lonely due to obesity? Don’t Worry! Here is a fool proof plan to transport you back to your regime of fit body and happiness as by-product:

1. Avoid Junk Food: Its needless to say that of late junk food is playing a havoc on adults as well as children’s health. Junk foods like cake, pizza, fries, etc. may appear appealing and inviting but beware of the repercussions, that tasty bite is wrapped in huge amount of unsaturated fats and zero nutrition that your body has to deal with. Say no to junk food completely and see the result. You will feel much energetic and active. The guilt pangs will stop haunting you that you get after indulging in junk.

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2. Avoid Packaged Food: Nothing can replace hard work, similarly nothing can replace fresh food. Food comes under perishable goods which clearly states that any food cannot be stored for a very long time. As has been advised by nutrition experts ‘longer the shelf life of the food, lesser the benefits’. Consuming food with no nutrition value contributes extensively in weight gain as your body doesn’t get required amount of fuel to burn the calories. Avoid depending on packaged food. Fresh cooked food has infinite benefits. Eat plenty of fresh produces and give credit to the hands preparing meals for you every day.

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3. Exercise Regularly:
Exercise is as important as brushing and bathing every day. Inculcate good habits and include daily exercise in your routine for weight loss and for maintaining good health. God has designed our body in a way that it can work tirelessly for hours, the more you move it the more you reap benefits. A sedentary lifestyle is like stagnant water that eventually gets rotten. Get up and bring some enthusiasm in life! There are various ways of exercising viz. yoga, aerobic, etc. choose the form you enjoy the most. Even simple dancing or walking for half an hour everyday rejuvenates you thoroughly. It helps in reducing weight, increases your stamina, tones your body, improves metabolism and helps in building muscle. Stay active, stay fit!

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4. Stay Away from Sugary and Carbonated Calorie Drinks: Nature offers everything to mankind including food and drinks that replenish our body. Coconut water is packed with bountiful of nutrition comprising of electrolytes, bioactive enzymes, vitamins and probiotics with great taste. Then why do you need to reach out to those sugary and carbonated drinks which fill you up with harmful chemicals and sugar? A can of soft drink contains around eight heaped teaspoons of white sugar and about 136 calories. Does it ring a bell? aren’t eight spoons of sugar too much for your body that has to work hard to throw out waste? Such drinks gradually harm liver thereby giving way to diabetes and other such diseases. In-fact you must avoid any kind of drink and juice as long as you have teeth intact in your mouth. Juices and drinks release sugar instantly and hence increase the sugar level in your body.

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5. Eat Slowly for Weight Loss: Eat slowly and chew your food properly. Its recommended to chew every morsel for 32 times before swallowing them. Moreover, it takes around 20 minutes for your brain to send the signal of fullness. By eating hurriedly, you sabotage that signal much before 20 minutes and you end up consuming more calories than required for your body. Slow down and savour each bite to satiate hunger of food as well as hunger of losing extra weight.

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6. Losing Weight at a Quick Pace is Myth:
Do you get easily convinced by quick weight loss propaganda? Stop! Think for a while. Everything that glitters is not gold. The flashy Ads create an air of illusion. The quick weight loss usually comes from muscle and water but not fats. Weight loss by burning the main culprit called ‘fats’ is a slow process. The quick weight loss doesn’t stay permanent. You tend to gain those kilos back with same speed with which you shed them. Hence, focus on slow but permanent weight loss. It is advisable to count the calories you are gulping in to maintain the pace of weight loss without exerting yourself too much.

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7. Nibble on Low Calorie Snacks between Meals: Always keep a low calorie and healthy snack handy. It is best to snack on fruits and salads between the meals for not only they are rich in fibre and nutrients but are also quite satiating for those small hunger pangs. You can also sink your teeth in protein bars to satisfy those naught taste buds.

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8. Grab a Fitbit: Achieve weight loss by modern means. Fitbit helps you count your steps you need to put forth every day to stay fit. You can also set your daily and weekly goals as well and can track your progress through mobile apps. What could be easier and feasible than a Fitbit to attain weight loss! Weight gain and Obesity are not incurable diseases. You can easily shed those extra pounds by religiously following these eight tips.
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