5 Most Massive & Notable Tech Acquisitions Happened Recently

Last year we saw some notable tech acquisitions that have brought potential changes in the market. And 2017 is no different as interesting and expensive tech acquisitions have already made headlines all over the world media. These acquisitions involve huge amounts and have a potential impact on the world market. Here are some of the gigantic and notable tech acquisitions of 2017 so far.

Tech acquisitions
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  • Intel acquires Mobileye: This is the first biggest tech acquisitions making headlines all across the world. The US chipmaker has acquired Israel based driverless car company for $15.3 billion. Now both the companies are working together to design a working fleet of 40 driverless cars for BMW 7 Series.
  • Verizon Acquires Yahoo: It is one of the most talked about tech acquisitions of 2017. A couple of months back, the US telecom company acquired Yahoo for $4.5 billion in order to create a subsidiary called Oath with it’s AOL business to capture over 50 media brands and nearly 1 billion people all over the world. Yahoo has sold it’s core internet operations to Verizon, aiming to avoid being crippled due to losses.
  • Cisco Acquires AppDynamics: It is another biggest tech acquisition of 2017 happened in the beginning of the year. San Francisco based AppDynamics was acquired by Cisco. The latter has acquired AppDynamics for $3.7 billion.
  • HPE acquires Nimble Storage: This is yet another biggest tech acquisition happened in the month of March this year. HPE bought hybrid storage provider Nimble storage for $1.09 billion. The acquisition aims at expanding the storage business.
  • Apple acquires Workflow: The year witnessed the notable tech acquisition wherein leading smart phone maker Apple acquired iPad and iPhone automation tool WorkFlow. Apple is also planning to hire it’s creators soon.

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