5 Most Disastrous Air Plane Accidents That Will Leave You In Shock

Airplane ride is the most convenient and enjoyable ride which also saves a lot of time. It is the quickest mode of transport which transfers us to a destination within a few hours. However, it also involves a lot risks. A lot of precautions have to be taken to ensure smooth air ride. One little mistake made by pilot or signal team on the ground can cause a fatal accident. In the last few decades, aviation industry has witnessed many air accidents caused due to many technical flaws. Here are some of the most fatal and disastrous ones that will leave you in shock.
Air Crash

  • Saudi Flight 163: It was the deadliest and very unfortunate air crash happened on 19th August, 1980 due to fire. The plane caught fire right after the take-off from the Riyadh International Airport. Unfortunately, all were killed in this tragic accident.
  • Turkish Airlines Flight 981: It was crashed on 3rd March, 1974 and killed over 346 people on board. Due to the cargo door failure which broke off led to a massive explosion and plane got crashed in the forest leaving all killed.
  • Nigeria Airways Flight 2120: This is yet another very dangerous crash happend on 11th July, 1991 and killed 261 people on board including passengers and crew. It was a chartered flight which got crashed while flying from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Sokoto, Nigeria. Due to the under inflated tire which got overheated and caused fire, the crash happened. As per the witnesses, bodies were falling from an altitude of 671 metres high
    air crash investigation
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  • China Airlines Flight 140: It was a Chinese passenger aircraft got crashed on 26th April, 1994 due to pilot’s blunder. Due to pilot negligence, over 256 passengers and crew lost their lives. However, 7 lucky passengers were survived including 3 kids.
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight #17: It was a tragic crash happened due to terrorists attack. The group of terrorists executed the crash with an air missile by pro-Russian insurgents. The flight was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 17th July, 2014 and the tragic attack killed all innocent passengers including crew members.

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