35 Types of Sarees of India for Women for any Occasion

Saree MY LOVE ” you are the most beautiful attire, a timeless fashion, which refuses to retire ” ~ Anonymous~

Who doesn’t love saree? The 6 Yards of sheer elegance adds beauty to all the age groups for any occasions. Saree is most desirable outfit in southern and northern region parts of India. Many of us might have heard or have owned many varieties of sarees. This time we bring u the varieties of sarees in our blog. So, let’s take a saree tour today.

Types of Sarees of India for any Occasion:

Assam Silk Sarees – Assam: 

Assam Silk sarees are woven in the regions of Assam by the women weavers. Special care is taken in the production of the silk and it is famous for its glossy and softy texture. The beauty of this saree is increased by washing it regularly. The silk used in this saree is the finest quality. The shine along with golden colour are the best features of the saree and every wash enables the shine to enhance which increase life span of the same.

assam silk sarees

 Sarees – Gujarat: 

Ashavali Sarees are the famous sarees woven in the regions of Gujarat. These are light weight famous brocade sarees with intricate designs and the motifs inspired by the nature, flora, fauna and many others which adds richness to the Zari border. Ashavali sarees are distinguished based on the look of the border.
Ashavali Sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Banaras Sarees – Gujarat: 

Banaras Saree is a famous saree from the Varanasi city in Gujarat. These sarees are rich with heavy zari border and the motifs are inspired Mughal designs, floral, fauna etc. This is must in every bride’s trousseau. The Banaras sarees comes in 4 different types. They are pure silk, Organza(kota) with Zari& Silk, Georgette and Shattir.


Batik Sarees – Indonesia: 

Batik Saree is a famous type were dying and printing techniques used on sarees. The printing is done on both silk and cotton fabrics. In ancient times the Batik clothes are used to wrap the mummies. All the Vegetable dyes, bees wax is used for printing on the fabric. These days the craft from Indonesia is migrated to India which has gained a huge market.
batik sarees
Image: Pinterest.co.uk

Bhagalpuri Sarees – Bihar: 

Bhagalpuri Saree A.K.A Tussar saree is woven in the Bhagalpuri village of the Bihar region. The village produces special silk fabric named “tussur silk”. The technique used to produce Bhagalpuri saree is totally unique and has the superior best quality when compared to other silk and is been exported globally sarees and is known as queen of silk sarees.

bhagalpuri sarees
Image: Rediff.com

Bhomaki Sarees – Odisha:

Bhomaki Saree is a famous handloom saree which is woven in the Odisha region. It is woven on the cotton fabric with heavy motifs includes of  karela (bitter gourd), the atasi flower, the kanthi phul (small flower), macchi (fly), rui macchi (carp-fish) and many others. Usually these sarees are worn by Brahmins on the auspicious occasion.

Bhomaki Sarees

Bandhani Sarees – Ahmedabad, Rajasthan: 

Bandhani Sarees is a famous saree in and surroundings of the Ahmedabad and Rajasthan regions. Bandhan the name itself describes the technique used in it. The roots of the cloth are tied and died to attain the certain patterns & designs. Usually the Red colored Bhandani saree is worn by the brides to attain good luck in her life.

bandhani sarees
Image: Indianmart.com

Chanderi Sarees – Madhya Pradesh:

Chanderi Saree is a famous saree which is woven in the Chanderi region of Madhya Pradesh. It is woven Silk, Cotton and muslin fabrics. The Chanderi Saree is famous for its coin sized designs, peacock and many other motifs. The fabric of the saree is classified in to 3 types that includes Chanderi silk cotton, Chanderi cotton and pure silk. Chanderi saree is the best fit for wedding or auspicious occasions as well as option as summer wear.

chanderi sarees
Image: madhurya.com

Daboo Sarees – Rajasthan: 

Daboo Sarees is a famous printed or dying method which is used in and surroundings Of Rajasthan. All the natural dyes are used to print the designs on the fabric. The motifs are inspired by peacocks, mangoes, flowers and many other etc. The people are learning these techniques and imbibing their ideas too create the different patterns.
daboo sarees
Image: shopping.rediff.com

 Sarees – Andhra Pradesh:

Dharmavaram Sarees are famous sarees which are handcrafted or woven in and surroundings of the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. These sarees are quite similar too that of the Kanchepuram Sarees. The Mulberry Silk is used in weaving of this saree.

Dharmavaram Sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Dhakai Sarees – Bangladesh: 

Dhakai Saree is a famous saree which is woven in the Dhaka region of Bangladesh. It is woven on the cotton fabric with the designed inspired from the flora and fauna. This is considered one of the prized fabrics globally because of the efforts that is required to weave the saree, as it might take eight to nine months to weave.

dhakai sarees
Image: aadvikwear.com

Gota Sarees – Rajasthan: 

Gota Saree are the rich sarees worn by people of the Rajasthan. These sarees are very rich in look as it has heavy embroidery attached with pota or the golden border in the edges of the sarees, lehengas, turbans etc. The design includes the motifs nature, flowers, leaves and etc.

Gota Sarees
Image: indiamart.com

Kosa Sarees A.K.A Tussar Silk Saree: 

Kosa Saree A.K.A Tussar Silk Saree is a famous Silk Saree in Korba and Champa of Chhattisgarh state. The Sarees made with heavy border and motifs which needs heavy maintenance. Kosa sarees are the best fit for wedding occasions and religious ceremonies.

Kosa sarees
Image: sujatra.com

Kasuti Sarees – Karnataka: 

Kasuti Saree is a famous embroided saree in and surroundings of the Karnataka Region. The embroidery includes the rangoli patterns, mirror work, gopura, chariot, palanquin, lamps etc. On both the silk and cotton fabrics.

kasuti sarees
Image: clickhubli.com

Kasavu or Kerala Sarees – Kerala: 

Kasavu or Kerala Saree is a famous saree worn by the Malayalee women on the auspicious festival onam. The cream-colored saree with golden border or zari adds richness to the saree. These days it has become a trend that every women’s closet has this saree. Onam is one of the important festival and during this time young and older women opt for Kerala Kasavu saree while participating in their folk dances. This saree is best fit for any of the occasions.
kasavu sarees
Image: financialexpress.com

Kanchipuram Sarees – Tamilnadu

Kanchipuram saree is a famous saree, which is a must for every bride wedding trousseau. These sarees come with big and heavy borders with the motifs inspired the south Indian temples, nature, flowers & tales of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The silk of the kanchipuram is considered as the purest silk.

Image:  Pinterest.com

Kalamkari Sarees – Andhra Pradesh: 

Kalamkari is a famous handcrafted saree woven in the regions of Andhra Pradesh. These sarees are totally handcrafted by using five elements of the nature. All the natural dying technique is used and the sarees lasts longer for more than of 10 -15 years. Kalamkari is derived from the combination of “kalam” which means “pen” and “kari” which means “craftsmanship”. Basically there are two types of styles based on which kalamkari sarees are produced that include machlipatnam and srikalahasti sytles.

kalamkari sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Kota Sarees – Rajasthan : 

Kota Saree is a famous kata saree which is woven in the surroundings of the Rajasthan. It is named after the patterns on the sarees which is known as khats. Kota saree is made of pure cotton or silk and material used to make the same is of translucent. The best part of saree is that it is very light and easy to wear

kota sarees.
Image: Pinterest.com

Konard Sarees – South India : 

Konard sarees is a famous silk saree which is the woven in the south india. Unlike the Silk material this saree is very rich with zari border and the designs are inspired by the flora, fauna, peacock and the nature. This saree is must in the bride trousseau like the Kanchepuram, Dharamavaram sarees.
konard sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Leheriya Sarees – Rajasthan : 

Leheriya saree is named after the technique used to create on the Cotton or Silk Cloth. Leheriya Saree are famous for its wave type of designs. Most these techniques are used in making the turbans and it’s the famous Male Business in Rajasthan. The best part of Leheriya saree is that it gives you an option of  choosing different variants of designs and styles of the same.

leheriya sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Jamdani Sarees – West Bengal : 

Jamdhani Saree are the famous sarees woven on the muslin cloth with the different motifs or styles inspired by the mughal architecture. The name Jamdhani is named after the captial of Bangladesh Dhaka or Dhakai. During the british time these sarees have lost its way due to the powerloom but this industry is trying gain it’s market by the variety of the designs.

Jamdhani sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Mysore Silk Sarees – 
Karnataka : 

Mysore Silk Sarees is a famous saree which is handcrafted in the regions of mysore. Very special care is taken to produce the Silk. These saree are made in many vibrant colours with zari border comprises of pure silver and 0.65% of gold.
mysore silk sarees
Image : Pinterest.com

Mangalagiri Sarees – Andhra Pradesh : 

Mangalagiri sarees are woven in the Mangalagiri district of the Andhra Pradesh. This sarees are made on cotton fabric using the dye techniques including artificial and natural chemicals. Most of these sarees are preferred by elderly people during the summer season.

mangalagiri sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Muga Silk Sarees – Assam :

Muga Silk is softest silk saree which comes with a natural yellowish colour in the thread itself. These are very famous sarees in the Assam regions where its beauty increases with the number of washings. Assam Kings used to gift these Muga Silk Items to the delegates who visits their kingdom.

muga silk sarees
Image : Pinterest.com

Nauvari Sarees A.K.A Kastha Saree :

Kastha Saree is type of the draping a nine yards saree and is also as Navuri Saree. This saree is a mostly worn by Maharashtrian or Marathi Women for all the special occasions. The word Nauvari is derived from length of the saree i.e. 9 yards. The trouser pattern of Nauvari Saree perfectly fits in for traditional and modern women and are mostly worn by Maharashtrian Brahmin.
Nauvari Sarees
Image: mynauvari.com

Patola Sarees- Gujarat :

Patola Saree is double patterend ikkat saree which famous in and surroundings of the Patan in Gujarat. A group of weavers from karnataka have migrated to Gujarat to find their trade. Within no time these patola silk have won the hearts of the higher class society and King’s and after that there’s no looking back for this. The designs on this includes the parrots, flowers, elephants and many other figures which adds more richness to the entire look.
Patola sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Paithani Sarees – Maharastra : 

Paithani saree famous saree which woven in the districts of Aurangabad Maharastra. The palla comes with rich zari work of Peacocks, parrots or lotus flowers and comes in various vegetable colours. Paithani saree has different features that includes both sides of the saree remains the same, are available in basic colours red, yellow, sky blue, magenta, green, peach-pink and purple.

Paithani Sarees
Image: aajkinaari.com

Pattu Sarees :

Pattu Saree includes many varieties of sarees like kanchepuram,Uppada etc . These saree has a place special for all the age groups and a mandatory outfit for all the Special Occasions in both Northern and Southern Parts Of India. Pattu saree adds an elegance to the look with heavy zari border and motifs.

pattu sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Pochampally Sarees – Telangana :

Pochampally Sarees or Ikkat Sarees are famous in the Bhoodan Pochampally, yadadri districts of Telangana Region.These sarees are very well known for their classy designs, motifs in and through the Telangana regions which is gaining attention of the others parts by the exhibition stalls and many other forms. The speciality of the Pochampally saree is it can be customised based upon the taste.

pochampally silk sarees
Image : Pinterest.com

Sambalpuri Sarees :

Sambalpuri Sarees is a famous type of saree which ranges between 6 – 9mts used for different type of drapings. It is also a form of tie and die ikat type of saree in which the designs are inspired by the geometric patterns , animals and many instrument motif designs. Sambalphuri Sarees are of four types Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Barpali, and Bapta sarees.

Sambalpuri sarees
Image: Pinterest.co

Tant Sarees – West Bengal : 

Tant saree is a famous saree woven in the west bengal which is inspired from the bangladesh. Tant sarees are light sarees mostly woven by the cotton thread with the rich and heavy palla . These sarees are famous for it’s intricate designs and motifs which includes ansh(fish), hathi(elpehant), thambara(flute) , rajmahal(palaces) etc.

Tant Sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Uppada Sarees – Andhra Pradesh : 

Uppada sarees are the famous sarees woven by the Andhra Pradesh weavers. The weaving style is inspired by the Bangladesh weavers and which is mostly woven by the women weavers of Andhra Pradesh. The word uppada is named after one of the town named “Uppada” of East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The best part of the Uppada Saree is that it has lot of zari work and make it more special among the sarees that are produced in India.

uppada sarees
Image : Pinterest.com

Types of Embroidery On Sarees:

Phulkari Sarees – Punjab : 

Phulkari Saree is a heavy floral embroidery saree which is made in the regions of Punjab. Phulkari embroidery isn’t only used in Sarees but also used in bags, jutis, ghunghats and many other things. Phulkari Saree is a must essential in bride’s closet for the wedding. Different types of designs are used based on the occasions which is used to emote the exact theme of occasion.
phulkari sarees
Image: Pinterest.com

Chikankari Sarees :

Chikankari is a famous embroidery technique introduced by the Nur Jehan ,Wife Of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. This work is done on the fabrics like muslin, cotton, silk and etc. Different method of stitching techniques are used to make the patterns. Even the Chikankari kurtas,Salwars have gained its demand along with the Chikankari Sarees.

chikankari sarees
Image : Pinterest.com

Kantha Sarees – West Bengal : 

Kantha Work is a famous type embroidery technique used in and surroundings of West Bengal. Kantha saree are made in both cotton and silk with running stitches all over with the plants, flowers, hanimals and many others

.kantha sarees
Image : Pinterest.com

How To Drape A Saree:

Check out this links to learn saree draping

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msPQAG49FAY 

Check out this link to try the pleat waist pleats

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GhxOOQIkvk

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