3 Successful Startups That Started With Just A Small Ideas

Starting a company or a business is not an easy task. One needs a lot of paperwork, prudent ideas, strong vision and resources to survive for a long period of time. Knowing the rising competition, it is very important to have a unique idea which can grow your business in the market. Thus, having a great and innovative idea is the most important part of any business model. Here are 5 successful start-ups that started with a unique idea and now leading the world market.

small business ideas
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It was started in 1989 by Marty Buckholt. It all started with one advert of an advertising balloon and he convinced his roommate to use his sales skills for generating income. Although his roommate left in between, still Marty continued to make efforts to generate $100000 in revenue in just first year. Now the company earns over $6 million every year.

Underdog:  It’s now a leading company which generates over $500000 per year and works with nearly 120 NYC startups. In the beginning it was a small technology startup started with a unique and simple idea by Josh Goldstein, who is the co-founder of the company.  He just made a simple form for candidates looking for jobs in startups. In return they pay them subscription fee. The simple idea has now become a leading and successful company.

Cheekd: It is a successful dating app which makes missed connections obsolete. This amazing application connects people from all across the world in real time and no virtual time. It’s founder Lori Cheek started as an architect but abandoned the career to build relationships. The New York Times has referred it to “The next generation of online dating”. Now the application has users in 47 states and 28 countries.

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